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Your New Best Friend summary Your New Best Friend , series Your New Best Friend , book Your New Best Friend , pdf Your New Best Friend , Your New Best Friend d140888fdd Jane Austen S Emma Made A Habit Of Meddling In Other People S Lives, But Melanie Abbott Has Turned It Into A Cottage Industry As Modern American Royalty Living In Abbott S Bay, Massachusetts, A Town Founded By Her Ancestor, Melanie Abbott Feels It S Her Right Even Her Duty To Employ Her Uncanny Knack For Knowing Exactly What Everyone Needs To Improve Their Lives She Eagerly Shares Her Wisdom And Insight With Her Friends And Neighbors Whether They Ask For It Or Not If Only Conn Garvey, Her Dearest Friend, Agreed With Her Connacht Garvey Has Been Keeping An Eye On Melanie Since They Were Kids A Bit Older, Far Level Headed, And Infinitely Patient, Conn Feels It S His Duty To Pull Melanie Back From Whatever Cliff S Edge She S About To Wander Off Conn Thinks Melanie Is Egotistical, Self Centered, Irritating, Infuriating, Relentless, Ridiculous And Irresistible Not That Conn S Confessed To That Last One Yet When Melanie Impulsively Starts Up A New Advice Giving Business, It S An Instant Hit Conn Doesn T Approve, As Usual, Which Is Too Bad, Because Melanie S Convinced He Needs Her VIP Package Of Advice His Coffeehouse Is Showing Signs Of Financial Trouble, Plus His Toxic Ex Is Suddenly Sniffing Around, Acting Like She S Having Second Thoughts About Their Breakup Will Their Friendship Be Blown To Bits Because Of Melanie S Meddling Or Will It Become Something Good Intentions Go Awry In This Delicious Romantic Comedy In Addition To Melanie S Lively First Person Narrative, There Are A Few Surprises That Keep This Sweet Story About Social Graces Entertaining Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Love The Story Five Stars Sandra S Book Club Definitely A Light Read That Is Great For Summer There Were Some Scenes That Made Me Laugh, Some That Made Me Swoon, And A Few That Made Me Want To Cry The Author Did A Great Job Of Giving Me Feels The Slanted Bookshelf I Would Recommendto Romance Readers Who Want To Be Entertained Enormously, And Feel That Heart Squeeze Only Great Main Characters Can Give You Four Stars Harlequin Junkie Reviews

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    Your New Best Friend is an incredibly clever and entertaining homage to Jane Austen s Emma Like her Regency Era predecessor, Melanie Abbott fancies herself a fixer who has the answers to everyone s problems, be they relationship, career, or lifestyle related At the urging of her new friend, Hannah, Melanie decides to parlay this talent into an advice giving business, which results in lots of happy clients, as well as some media attention However, not everyone in her life is thrilled by this turn of events Her childhood pal, local restaurant owner, Conn Garvey, thinks Melanie is sticking her nose in where it doesn t belong especially in his life , and it s just a matter of time before things go south Are Conn s concerns warranted, and what s really motivating Melanie to poke around in both his personal and professional lives I got such a kick out of the characters in this book Melanie is a flawed heroine, but she s nonetheless very likable And Conn SWOON He is definitely book boyfriend material, and I was drooling over him just as much as Melanie was throughout the story He s not perfect either as Melanie likes to point out, but that just makes him interesting I love a good friends turn to lovers storyline, and the chemistry between Melanie and Conn crackled right from the first page Their snappy dialogue made me smile, and when they lashed out at each other, I felt the same sting the characters did The supporting characters populating the book are equally well drawn and intriguing, from Conn s trust fund bestie, Jack, and too perfect to be true ex wife, Sasha, to the aforementioned Hannah Melanie s first makeover project and Mr Abbott, Melanie s hypochondriac father And the way Ms Denker describes the quaint seaside town of Abbott s Bay, Mass made me want to go there on my next summer vacation It sounds like a little slice of heaven.Your New Best Friend is a must read for Austen fans, as well as modern day RomCom lovers You ll be glad you spent time with Melanie and all her friends in Abbott s Bay.

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    A story about being in love with your best friend, I liked it but thought it could have been better.

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    I loved this book So much chemistry and humor Great read.

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    Jayne Denker is one of my favorite authors Her books are filled with charm, humor, and just the right amount of steam Knowing what was in store for me, I couldn t buy this one fast enough From the first chapter, I found myself captivated by the scintillating combination of Melanie s sass and Conn s grumpy smolder Ms Denker keeps you hooked with a delightful cast of characters, a beautiful setting, highly entertaining antics, and the uncertainty of the fate of Melanie and Conn s relationship Once you sit down with this marvelous book, you won t want to get up So, grab a cup of espresso Melanie demands it , find yourself a comfy high backed chair, and prepare to lose yourself in the wonder of Abbott s Bay.

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    If you are looking for an entertaining romance, especially when you need an escape, pick up this book The story is about Melanie and Conn Melanie is all about giving advise , whether you want it or not Sometimes getting into trouble for doing so Conn is her dear friend and her opposite He is one of those older and wiser characters that seems to have appointed himself as her rescuer He ends up being a project for her when she decides to start an advise business and he needs her VIP package.To add to the pot in the midst of all this, his ex is back and causes conflicts It s a fun book , that will have you laughing, but also a sweet story that will make you fall in love with both Melanie and Conn.I was gifted this copy The opinions expressed are solelmy my own.

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    This book was a 3.5, but I veered towards the 4 star because it was clean, good fun and I appreciate a book with good chemistry between the leading characters and can do that without going too much into sexy bits I honestly picked this book up because it referenced Emma in the synopsis and I love a Jane Austen reference and Mr Knightly is almost on the same league as Darcy, but this book is not a modern day adaption but it borrows the themes from the original and creates an entertaining version This was a first world book, the huge problems here seemed to be that of the heart and all of them were wealthy with no sorrowful back stories or dark pasts I enjoyed the first half of the book, I liked the declaration of love and was left scratching my head when that came somewhere past the midway mark and I was left wondering what will happen in remainder of the book I am all for good books with great sub stories about careers and friendships apart from just the main romance but here there weren t a lot of career and friendships stories and soon we realize why That behind the happy, sunny facade Melanie has been a bit of loner with abandonment issues It took her awhile to come to terms with that that TV detour felt a bit tedious and long , she could have done her soul searching without really embarrassing herself and her lovely quaint townsfolk Jack and Sasha were other obstacles that didn t really feel like one Hannah was lovely and her father was funny and sweet rounding out the remaining characters of the book Overall a happy, pleasant read P.S I really liked Deep Brew C , I almost want to steal that name for my imaginary coffee shop

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    I received this book for free from Booksends.com in exchange for an honest review.As always, I try to avoid spoilers to allow you to pick up the book and see for yourself So let s talk about the reason for four stars 1 I liked the main character, Melanie, a lot She was flawed and very much like a real person Her decisions remained true to how she was developed and caused some definitely cringeworthy moments 2 I liked the plot It moved along well and stayed true to the characters 3 This would make a great beach read Light and fun Nothing beyond the traditional romance which is the reason for four stars instead of five , but a great read nonetheless.

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    This was kinda fun It had some good, silly moments A nice beach read.

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    I really enjoyed this book I wish there was a sequel to see what happens next Hint hint The characters are great and so is the story.

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