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My Family Divided chapter 1 My Family Divided , meaning My Family Divided , genre My Family Divided , book cover My Family Divided , flies My Family Divided , My Family Divided 2a8f94972efce Before Landing A Spot On The Megahit Netflix Show Orange Is The New Black Before Wowing Audiences As Lina On Jane The Virgin And Before Her Incredible Activism And Work On Immigration Reform, Diane Guerrero Was A Young Girl Living In Boston One Day, While Guerrero Was At School, Her Undocumented Immigrant Parents Were Taken From Their Home, Detained, And Deported Guerrero S Life, Which Had Been Full Of The Support Of A Loving Family, Was Turned Upside Down

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    I won a copy via Goodreads giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own Confession Didn t know this was the edition for younger readers when I entered the giveaway. my bad haha.The good Her personal story is compelling, my heart broke for her and her family and what they had to endure I think she was brave for sharing her personal story, including all the warts and fears I love how passionate she is in her activism as well and I admire her for keeping on fighting.The bad so so indifferent The cover illustration drawing is nicely done, but a bit out of place Maybe it s better for the younger readers and all just think the creative team could have done better.The writing is good but sometimes felt a little awkward in this edition I m assuming some of those may have been re written for its intended audience It didn t pull me out of the narrative, but it did cross my mind from time to time.The last chapter seemed out of place with the rest of the book I m not wading into any political waters here but it seemed to stand out in Vibe from the rest of the book may have been the intention Worth the read, and I appreciate winning it but won t be buying a copy for myself.

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    It was really heartbreaking to read Diane Guerrero s story, though you could certainly tell it had been condensed down into this version friendly for a younger audience It s a story that shares the real experiences of many folks in our country, and I think the way it s told makes it a story that we can learn from, empathize with and be inspired by.

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    This book was so heart warming and beautiful I feel like some people take everything they have for granted, this book really does makes us think about things in our life we usually wouldn t think of Who is worried about their parents getting deported into a different country everyday, scared to wake up in the morning This book touched my heart, with tears, happiness and everything in between It is just amazing how many bumps Diane Guerrero went through to get where she is now At age 14, all alone with no one to take of her I don t know what I would have done if I was in her shoes Diane is the most persevered, hopeful person I know She is just amazing I have no words I can t believe many people in the world have to go through the same thing as her, even now as I type Somehow or somewhere right now there are kids all alone without hope, and I think this book is a real inspiration to them and everyone My Family Divided by Diane Guerrero is just the best book I have ever read.

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    A good, honest, important story just not one that s very well written It s a shame that a book meant to be about giving someone a voice has so little well, voice Still worth it, though Recommended, but it s not going to stand out.

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    ARC provided by publisher at ALA MidwinterActress Diane Guerrero s father and mother came to the United States from Colombia in the 1980s in order to make a better life for themselves and for their son They came on a ninety day tourist to visit a sister and did not leave While they struggled, they were able to hold down jobs and have places to live They tried to obtain citizenship, but were thwarted by the bureaucracy, as well as by a fraudulent lawyer who took a lot of money for little results Diane was born in the US and struggled a bit in school, but had a solid group of friends and enjoyed her life in Boston, eventually attending a performing arts school that got her started on her way to her eventual renown for television shows like Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin When she was 14, her parents were arrested and deported Luckily, she was able to stay with family friends, and even managed to go to a very nice private college, but her family s situation was never resolved to her satisfaction The book, which has a few black and white pictures of Guerrero, her family, and friends, shows the effect this had on her.Strengths This was a fast paced look at how immigration laws affected one family that also talks a bit about how this is a and common experience in the US Weaknesses I wish that the cover were a photo instead of an illustration, since this is nonfiction I m not sure how many children will be familiar with this actress.What I really think Will purchase this instead of Saedi s Americanized Rebel Without a Green Card as a timely book on a topic of interest and as a read along for books like Restrepo s Illegal.

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    Because this story is about her life I don t feel entitled to give this a star rating However I do want to say that I loved this book So much of my childhood life I see reflected in this story My parents and myself along with my cousin came from Colombia in 1999 The fear that she lives with about the immigration status is something that I faced myself I found this book to give a young audience an idea of what it s like to be children of immigrants and I m thankful that Diane made the decision to write her story for a younger audience I do want to give trigger warnings for depression, thoughts of suicide with a semi plan happening as well as self harm For the audience that this is intended I urge parents to read this with them specially the harder parts And talk about what it means for some children to actually live with this daily fear Thank you Diane for this book, thank you for sharing your story I love seeing you in OITNB and I will definitely pick up your other book as well.

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    Really compelling story I think this has a lot of appeal for older teens, so I wish they hadn t gone with a cover that looks so middle grade I liked that the writing was chatty, but some lines felt very hello, fellow kids And the last chapter about getting involved could have been general and less specific with the talk about the upcoming 2018 midterm election, it is already dated.

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    Conversational story tells of Diane s family and their struggle to stay in the U.S legally The latter half of the story is Guerrero sharing the challenges she faced with college and early adulthood with very little family support system What a timely book.

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    This autobiography of actress and activist Diane Guerrero chronicles her life from childhood to present day, opening with the deportation of her parents when she was in high school Although the writing is sometimes choppy, this is an inspiring story with an appealing cover that should resonate with middle schoolers I hovered between rating it 3 or 4 stars, but the hopeful story and helpful immigration reform resources tipped the scales.

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    I truly enjoyed experiencing this story through the eyes of child whose parents were deported It helped me understand the feelings and emotions, the fears and hopes of a child facing family separation.

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