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Genius chapter 1 Genius , meaning Genius , genre Genius , book cover Genius , flies Genius , Genius 3dd4f95ee4c9a Three Teen Geniuses From Diverse Backgrounds Must Take Down An Online Terrorist Ring, Rescue An Imprisoned Father, And Prepare For Their Final Showdown With A Misguided Mastermind In This Third And Final Book In The Genius YA Trilogy By Leopoldo GoutHow Do We Stop Him We Beat Him At His Own Game Painted Wolf Mysterious Activist Blogger And Strategist From China Faces Off Against Dangerous Online Terrorists In An Attempt To Free Her Father From PrisonTunde Fourteen Year Old Engineering Genius Liberated His Nigerian Village From A Vicious Warlord Only To Discover A Much Dangerous ThreatRex Sixteen Year Old Mexican American Programmer And Hacker Bands Together With His Friends And Long Lost Brother To Stop A Mastermind From Destroying The InternetThe Revolution Outwit Evil Organizations Expose The Truth Rescue Their Families Save The World If We Work Together, We Can Change The World Genius Is Exciting, Provocative, Fresh, Innovative, And Smart, Smart, Smart Please Don T Wait Until Genius Is A Cult Classic To Read It James Patterson On Genius The Game

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    Rex, sixteen year old programmer from Santa Cruz, has spent the last two years, after his brother left in the middle of the night, creating a program to find his missing brother The only problem is that he needs a quantum computer to run the program Tunde, fourteen year old self taught engineer from Akika village in Nigeria, repurposes items he finds in the village junkyard and builds amazing creations to benefit his small village But when a warlord who controls Nigeria comes to him with an offer, and threatens his village, there is no choice but to accept.Cai, sixteen year old Beijing based activist blogger known by the alias Painted Wolf, hunts down corrupt businessmen in China and reveals them to the world through her videos She has the ability to socially engineer her way out of any situation But when her father becomes involved in this corruption she has to take the biggest risk of her life to find out the truth.These three make up the online community called the LODGE, where they share their creations with the world When India s youngest CEO, eighteen year old Kiran Biswas, proposes the Game, a competition where the world s young geniuses go head to head, the members of the LODGE are swept up into the world of corruption.What they have to do Win the Game Escape the country America as wanted criminals Con an African warlord Find a missing brother Get a father out of a detention centre Defeat a hactivist group whose only goal is destruction And finally, outwit a delusional CEO bent on throwing the world into chaos to achieve his goalThese books are an amazing trip across the globe with the three young genius This book wraps the story up in the best way possible and creates a way for the characters to move beyond where they were I loved all three of the books

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    The book Genius The Revolution is the third and final book in the Genius series It follows the final segment of the three protagonists journey for freedom on all fronts The book is excellent in the way that each individual is developed throughout it Even in the final 400 pages of the series, the characters are still growing and improving The ability to cycle through perspectives of three completely unique characters and still captivate the audience with a truly entertaining story is just a testament to the great writing of Leopoldo Gout This amazing storytelling and great writing is showcased in this excerpt What s bothering you, brother I asked Teo stopped pacing and cracked his neck He said, I think it s a bit foolish to waste time on Terminal This is just the same as wasting time trying to get Wolf s dad out of that detention center Kiran is the focus here Kiran is the larger issue If we don t stop him, no one will I think you re all being too simplistic and emotional No one s thinking Logically Cai turned to me, concerned I stood up and walked over to Teo What re you trying to tell us Teo s face was a snarl of stress His eyes burned with an anger and confusion I hadn t seen in forever It was like he was hiding a terrible secret Something he needed to get out otherwise he d burst into flames Please, Teo, I said in Spanish It s okay Teo sighed long and hard Brace yourself, Rex I m with Terminal, he said This is just a brief showcase of the tension that is constantly built throughout this series I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good story wants to be taken on a great wild ride.

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    Cai, Rex, and Tunde are in the final part of their battle of wits with Kiran Biswas Kiran is about to unleash his Shiva program that will end the world as they know it Kiran may have noble motives but his methods will bring harm than good So Cai, Rex, and Tunde, with the help of Teo and some others must figure out how to stop the Shiva program while also rescuing Cai s father from prison and Rex s family from their deportation But Kiran is smart and there s also other groups out there with their own agendas to contend with Can they save the world or will they have to decide between the world and their families Another globe trotting high stakes adventure with the three prodigies Cai, Rex, and Tunde In this one they are in China, Mexico, the USA, and Argentina The action and the smart twists and turns in the plot keep coming in this final book of the series The extremely elaborate chess game is brought to a very satisfying conclusion And I can t say much than that without spoiling some things, but I really liked how it ended and what Cai, Rex, and Tunde go on to do next Those who loved the first two books in the series shouldn t be disappointed And anyone who likes smart matches of minds in spy like international thrilling adventures should enjoy the whole series.Notes on content 3 minor swear words that I remember No sexual content beyond a few kisses Perilous situations but no one gets hurt in this one.

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    Mo e ci si wydaje, e najlepiej zwalcza ogie ogniem, ale to najprostszy spos b, eby si poparzy W ostatnim tomie serii Geniusz znowu spotykamy Cai, Tundego i Rexa, kt rzy musz upora si z przeszkodami staj cymi im na drodze oraz powstrzyma plan Kirana w zaledwie kilka dni Mo emy tu pozna rodzic w Cai i Rexa, ledzimy poczynania Lo y, zg biamy tajemnice Teo Musz przyzna , e przeczyta am t cz szybciej od pozosta ych bardziej mnie wci gn a, a akcja nie m czy a swoim tempem Jednak bior c pod uwag , e razem z t ksi k ko cz si nasze przygody z tr jk m odych geniuszy, spodziewa am si wielkiego fina u Fina by , ale jak dla mnie troch zabrak o w nim jakiej wi kszej akcji, budowania napi cia, gry na emocjach Nic mnie tu szczeg lnie nie zaskoczy o, ale chyba wszystkie w tki zosta y adnie domkni te Zako czenie niesie ze sob wietny przekaz dla m odych ludzi i u wiadamia, e nie trzeba napisa programu w dwie minuty ani zbudowa super urz dzenia z niczego, eby m c zmienia wiat Wydanie ksi ki znowu mnie zachwyci o, lektura by a bardzo przyjemna bez sza u, ale naprawd podoba a mi si ta powie Szczerze zach cam do zapoznania si z histori stworzon przez Leopolda Gouta

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    In Genius The Revolution by Leopoldo Gout the three main characters Painted wolf, Tunde, and Rex who are teen geniuses from very diverse backgrounds that must take down an online terrorist ring and rescue an imprisoned father Painted wolf who is Chinese blogger and strategist faces off against terrorists to free her father from prison Tunde is a 14 year engineering genius able to do than professionals can, and he also liberated his Nigerian village that he used to live in which was bring controlled by a warlord Rex is a 16 year old Mexican American programmer and hacker who can decrypt almost anything he comes across The quote of this book is If we work together, we can change the world.This book Genius The Revolution is the 3rd book in the series I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure.

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    Predictable to easy ending

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    A good conclusion to the series While I grant that parts of it are a bit unlikely, it s a testament to a belief in the intellectual 1% One can only hope it s truly tech fiction.

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