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    I met Mike Addington as a member of where he has been a regular contributor He s kept his light hidden under the proverbial bushel basket Because I discovered he s one of our group authors You may read about him at is a born storyteller He generously sent me a signed copy of his novel, The Home Place To cut to the chase, it s a Jim Dandy read that brings a by gone era to life Road houses, bootleggers, moonshiners, a crooked Assistant District Attorney named Sullivan EGAD , and a cut throat killer named Buel Hollins that will do away with anyone who gets in the way of his illegal liquor business, make this a page turner Toss in a bit Thunder Road, the old Broderick Crawford series Highway Patrol, and a writing style reminiscent of Run with the Horsemen by Ferrol Sams and you have a taste of what Addington has produced image error

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    Forget Cormac McCarthy Forget Michael Stipe Forget MJ Nickolls Mike Addington is the Future of Fiction Mike s opus, like No Country for Old Men, has a Bad Man who strikes fear into the heart of a rural family Not since MJ Nicccols s A Breastmolten Perch or Maney Ronner s What the Gnu Said to John Fante has a novel shot an arrow into the Beating Heart of Fiction like this Masterful Opus to Top All Opuses published by Mike Addington by Mike Addington Wowch.

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    Let us pause in life s pleasures and count its many tears,While we all sup sorrow with the poor.There s a song that will linger forever in our earsOh, hard times, come again no .Matt Downey has a whole passel of kids, for the reasons most people used to have large families no birth control, and a need for plenty of farm hands.But, how are you gonna keep em down on the farm once they ve seen the Sears Roebuck catalog The kids trickle away, one by one, seeking their fortunes elsewhere through marriage, jobs and the war Unfortunately, the lure of easy money to be made from moonshining and gambling will prove too strong a temptation for some Hard times and tragedy will be the reward.In the end, the Downey family will prove that blood is thicker than water Tis a sigh that is wafted across the troubled wave, Tis a wail that is heard upon the shore Tis a dirge that is murmured around the lowly grave,Oh, hard times, come again no . Lyrics by Stephen Foster

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    What a ride The Home Place is an incredible story set in Northern Georgia about a poor farming family, the Downeys , that struggle to make ends meet in the 1940 s 1960 s It starts out by introducing each character and follows them throughout their lives Attachment to each character is inevitable Matt Downey was the stern, hard headed, unemotional father that everyone around town knew, liked, but didn t want to mess with His loving wife Cora, was a spiritual, nurturing mother who loved her kids than anything else They do a good job of instilling admirable values in their children Franklin, the oldest son that helps out the most on the farm, was adamant about joining the military after the attack on Pearl Harbor Martha and June are the two daughters They worked and lived at the farm until they are grown and married themselves Glenn and Russ were the other two sons that stayed on the farm as long as they could After telling their father they were leaving, both at a young age, their relationship became strained As the story progresses, the kids become grown and venture out to better themselves This is when things start to get messy, as is the case when the real world takes over In a series of events involving gamblers, moonshiners, whiskey runners, corruption, theft, and murder, these kids fight to maintain their values and fight for each other The story is perfectly paced with conflict and conflict resolution that keeps the reader overly intrigued and needing to know What happens next Mike Addington has done a great job with this story and I look forward to reading of his work in the future I highly recommend this book to anyone

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    The Home PlaceBy Mike AddingtonMike Addington s The Home Place opens like a wide angle photograph in grainy black and white reflecting the novel s homespun Georgia setting and prohibition years of the last century The scene a hard scrabble farm worked by a sprawling goodhearted family, and a hamfisted patriarchal figure, Matt, riding herd on everyone As the century progresses, the book s wide angle focus narrows like a pair of hardened slit eyes The close ups involve Matt s strapping sons and a filthy gambling joint owned by a bootlegging villain This evocative story of earth s cyclical cruelty offers readers fast paced dialogue and gritty details the fight scenes in this prize winning novel are especially excellent I look forward to reading much of Addington s work.

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    Based loosely on the mysterious deaths of author Mike Addington s uncles The Home Place tells the compelling story about what happens when local criminal Buel Hollins crosses paths with the Downey family Headed by a no nonsense, somewhat tyrannical father the Downey s try to make a living farming a few hundred acres in rural Georgia As the father pushes his family harder and harder the children finally push back sending in to motion events that will test and nearly destroy their family.I really enjoyed this book If I have one quibble, it s that it took a third of the book to get to the action Once Buel Hollins enters the picture the story is a riveting, page turner Addington has a promising career as a writer and I look forward to reading his upcoming works.

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    Getting to know this family highs, lows, tragedy, exhilerations, their perserverence spans generations We are joined to them through a relaxed dialog You know the kind that real people have No fancy words just genuine caring Tensions build and come to a climax during the bottom half of the story Mr Addington tells a story in a relaxed fashion, sparse of word but stimulating to the imagination I was particularly stricken with evocative images of the mental hospital Events keep our interest The author moves forward in time smoothly and efficiently without confusion The hero, if in fact there is one, comes from an unforseen corner Well worth the read, I was sorry to come to the end I look forward to his next endeavour.

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    Review of the Home Place by S WallaceThis is indeed a very good read The Home Place, written by Mike Addington, is a gripping family tragedy set in the South His characters are compelling, his dialogue authentic, and his story line is well written This book is paced well as the intensity builds to its shocking ending The story begins quietly as the members of a farm family living in poverty are introduced The reader gets to know the family through stories of their relationships with each other, the values they live by, and their struggles to survive and cope with the hardships they face As the children grow into adulthood and leave the farm, seeking to make better lives for themselves, they are exposed to divergent values, lifestyles, dangers, and temptations as their paths cross with some seedy characters of questionable moral values, placing them in some difficult situations In an almost inevitable sequence of events, they are exposed to an evil beyond their understanding, in the guise of a despicable antisocial moonshiner whose grip on their town is extensive and whose impact on their lives is deadly Events crescendo into violence and trauma as their paths intersect with the man who nearly destroys their family, but the family s loyalty and love for each other sustains them in the end, helping the survivors cope with the horror that transpires All the characters, from the family members to the judge, the doctor, law enforcement, the moonshiner and town people, are familiar people that we have known of or known in our lives, making it easy to relate to them Thomas Wolfe wrote a book entitled You Can t Go Home Again This is not true of The Home Place, a book you will definitely want to come home to and read again and again I enjoyed every page of this book and highly recommend it Mike Addington is a talented Southern writer who spins a fine yarn.

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    I WON THIS BOOK FOR FREE ON GOODREADS FIRST READS GIVEAWAY I really liked this book, I couldn t put it down The Home Place by Mike Addington is the tale of Matt Downey, a poor farmer from north Georgia, and his family It begins around the time of World War 2 and follows Matt s children as they grow up and leave the farm Matt s boys get caught up in the illegal moonshine and whiskey business, and a lot of bad things start happening Matt loves his children, but has a hard time showing it, as was common in this time period Addington did a great job of keeping the story interesting, throughout, with plenty of suspense You feel like you are there witnessing everything that happens I also liked how you didn t feel so far removed from the era, that you couldn t relate I think this book would be wonderful as a movie I definitely recommend this book

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    Mr Addington s writing is so vivid it transports you to another time and place, to the agrarian America most of us city or younger folks know little or nothing about On a rural Georgia farm in the late 1930 s and 40 s, hard work and sweat is the lot of even the youngest members of the family This marvelous book tells the story of the children being called away from the farming life, first by WWII, then by the lure of a better easier life.The writing will so thoroughly take you to this time, and place, that even if you re a Yankee like me, you won t be able to help yourself from reading the dialogue in a Southern accent Opening the front cover of this book is like opening the front door to The Home Place.

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The Home Place download The Home Place, read online The Home Place, kindle ebook The Home Place, The Home Place b3574c9d099b The Home Place Is A Story In Which A Local Criminal Enters The Lives Of A Rural Family, Changing Them Forever As The Children Of The Family Grow And Leave Home, Taking With Them The Conflicting Values Of A Stern Father And A Saintly Mother, They Are Confronted With Choices They Are Not Equipped To Handle Some Seemingly Innocuous Choices Bring Them Into Contact With A Sinister Character, The Likes Of Which They Didn T Know Existed Can They Escape The Darkness He Brings With Him Can Good Overcome His Evil Will A Mother S Faith Prevail Over The Father S Harshness