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    What a truly cracking read this was Jason Rampling is determined to have a better life than the one he had as a child His mother was completely lacking in maternal instincts and hit the bottle at every opportunity, leaving her kids to drag themselves up in whichever way they could manage.Jason is a ducker and a diver think Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses he s not inherently bad, but he s no angel either When we meet him, he and his daughter Shay are living with his mother and three siblings in a high rise flat on one of the worst council estates in the area this place really is the pits He believes his only way out is to find himself a decent woman, someone who ll make a good wife, but also someone who s happy to treat Shay as her own When he meets single mum Melissa, he thinks he s found the perfect person, she s not his usual type, but otherwise she fits the bill perfectly There s an added bonus too her father owns a very successful construction firm, and appears to be extremely wealthy.Melissa, for her part, is grateful that someone is interested in her, but Melissa s father Johnny, isn t so sure about Jason he s done some checking up and discovers that Jason is a bit of a wheeler dealer, but importantly, that he has a reputation as a womaniser Johnny does give Jason and Melissa his blessing, but it comes with a warning, that if Jason ever hurts his daughter he ll make him pay for it I won t give anything away at all because this compelling novel deserves to be read and judged on its own merits, without any spoilers, but seriously it was just awesome At the core of this novel is the relationship between Jason and Melissa To some degree they need each other, and we get to know both of them equally well, but it s Jason who remains the primary interest for the reader, and I now feel as if I m leaving behind people that I ve come to know really well, such is the author s talent in literally giving them life The narrative was raw and gritty, there was some clever plotting, meticulous detail, and an all too credible cast of characters, many with a wry sense of humour, and let s not forget some neat little twists along the way, and then perhaps you ll see why this made for a truly terrific read Thank you to HarperCollins UK for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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    Dragged up on a council estate, Jason Rampling is determined to change his lot Melissa thought she had struck gold marrying Jason But there is no glamour in waiting on your husband coming home or waiting on a knock at the door After a stretch inside Jason wants to pull off one last job, the biggest job of all but will it cost them everything Kimberley Chambers has another best seller on her hands I don t know how she keeps coming up with the fantastic plots The book is action packed, gritty and suspenseful There are characters you will love and some you will love to hate I really liked how the book ended Never saw that coming The bad points there isn t any I would like to thank NetGalley, HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction and the author Kimberley Chambers for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Fucking Brilliant I did have an inkling of the twist and the ending but it didn t take away from my enjoyment of the book She sure can spin a fucking tale.

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    Oh dear lord This woman is simply crazy She is also brilliant What a story that was It always takes me a little while to settle into one of Kimberley Chambers books But when I do there is no turning back She has a knack for keeping you on your toes What a cast of characters and crazy events.I LOVED The Butlers series Fucking Vinny No one will top that guy but Jason Rampling was a bit of a prick himself And this is his story.My head is still spinning

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    This book annoyed me For several reasons, I was relieved once I had finally reached the Epilogue and, whilst the ending surprised me, I was too far gone with my judgement to award this novel anything than three stars Allow me to explain No one, and I repeat, no one, in this novel appears to be straight The whole cast are crooked, criminals, chancers if you life all committing some form of deception and involved in a type of illegal activity And if they don t fall into this category, then they are off performing adultery none of the characters appear to have a loyal bone in their body Frustratingly, the females all fall under the male spell and are forever weak and in need of saving sexually or physically All in all, it felt so dated and cliched that this was one of the main reasons that the novel lost my interest This book was published last year, so I can only imagine that the retroactive attitudes are supposed to reflect Melissa s traditional upbringing The protagonist, Jason, is the man living the life of crime He is dodgy from the beginning and the tale follows as he gets involved in deeper crimes, no thanks to his inability to keep it in his trousers , have unfavourable friends and a terrible mother who has allowed Jason s brothers and sister to fall into similar difficult situations Wanting to give Jason a good slap and seeing to, it was no surprise when it is revealed that he intends to use Melissa as a means of providing a mother figure to his daughter, Shay Mel is in a similar situation also a single mother and feels Jason can fulfil the role missing from her son s life Plot development was predictable and obvious and, at times, a little cringe worthy The awkwardness of reading how Melissa s wedding day occurred was awful and she also needed a good shake to make her realise how naive and stupid she was being.Melissa, Jason s ever suffering wife, appears to have no clue about Jason s background and infidelities She is described as preferring ignorance to how Jason earns his money yet, seems surprised when the law eventually catches up with them Instead, she is happy to spend, spend, spend, making her no better, in my opinion, than her dodgy husband Not intending to lift a finger and contribute to the house finances, she expects Jason to keep an expensive roof over her head, allow her to live a life of luxury, and send the two children to private schools Materialistic and dozy, I was glad when life started to fall apart around her.These two characters embodied many principles that I disagree with and, as a result, it felt uncomfortable reading I do realise that reading allows you to immerse yourself into an imaginary world, but this was too far fetched for my liking The naivety of the characters was incredible, particularly with the forever absent police Seeing where the plot would go was a further disappointment, although the final twist was satisfying and I really did not see it coming.I felt like this was a dated crime story that abandoned so many literary principles It is a shame there weren t stronger female characters and morality absent Crooked and corrupt, whilst there were some chuckles at the dialogue, for the most part I was left feeling frustrated Refreshingly, this is a stand alone novel, I find it difficult to come across crime novels that are not part of a series and I would be interested to read another of Chambers s works, just to see if it tickles my literary taste buds a little better.

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    My thoughts to follow.

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    OMG Kimberley Chambers is back with a Life Of Crime let me tell you it s a blinder , I m a huge fan of this author and have read every book she has ever written Last year the author ended the hugely popular Butler series and although I was left feeling bereft after saying goodbye to some of my all time favourite characters, I was also excited by the prospect the author would be publishing a standalone in the shape of a Life Of Crime If your a fan of this author and were concerned she wouldn t be able to top her last book, let me allay your fears, Life Of Crime is definitely the authors best standalone novel so far, a diamond amid the numerous crime thrillers on the market at the moment.A Life Of Crime is the story of Jason and Melissa Rampling, Jason wants a better life for his family than the one he had, and if that means breaking the law so be it, as Jason becomes embroiled in the murky crime world, treachery, lies and violence become part of his every day life Anyone who has ever read a book by Kimberley Chambers will not be surprised to hear there s plenty of swearing in this book, personally I feel it adds authenticity to her characters and very much fits their personalities One thing I love about this authors writing are her characters they are vibrant and larger than life, there are so many characters in Life Of Crime that I could write about, the good, the bad and the down right ugly but in doing so I would be in danger of giving away spoilers, what I will say love them or hate them Kimberley Chambers has created another set of characters that are memorable.Life Of Crime is a story of violence, treachery, loyalty and family ties and although these are familiar themes in the authors book, she still manages to write an exciting tale, with surprises galore Kimberley Chambers has a unique knack of adding her own style of humour to her plot with her one liners , which constantly made me chuckle From the first page of this exceptional crime thriller I was hooked you could not have prised this book away from me for love nor money, in fact I pretty much read it in one hugely satisfying sitting Fast paced, gripping and with twist and turns than a roller coaster, it s a thrill a minute Kimberley Chambers has once again reminded me why she continues to be one of the best crime thriller authors out there Highly recommended

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    I really enjoyed Life of Crime The scenes were set well and good gritty characterisation kept me turning the pages quickly The twist was perfect and the ending really made the story.A book I would highly recommend.

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    The plan was to read 10 books while I was away, in reality I ve read 1 so far as I ve been too busy eating, drinking, walking and catching the sun Will have to think on this one re my review and final rating.

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    Time taken to read as and when I could over 2 daysPages 528Publisher HarperCollinsSource Review copyBlurb from GoodreadsIf you could get away with the perfect crime would you HEAVEN HAS NO RAGE, LIKE LOVE TO HATRED TURNED.NOR HELL A FURY, LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED.My Review Meet Jason Rampling, this is his story, a bit of a jack the lad, fingers in many pies, ducking and diving and looking for a mother for his kid When he is zeroed in on by the flighty Tracey it is her quiet plain friend who catches his eye There begins the story of Jason and Melissa, Melissa can t believe he would pick her over Tracey, she is used to playing second fiddle to her friend But pick her he did, his Shay needs a mother and Melissa could be the answer to all his prayers.So this is a different kind of story from Chambers, still skulduggery, crime, relationship woes and some very steamy graphic sexual scenes However, she doesn t fall into the formulaic pattern some writers do when they write a fair amount of books of the same genre The characters are fresh, the story lines hook you from the get go and provoke emotions and responses from the reader, well it did for me Fury at how Melissa is treated by a few of her so called loved ones and friends The story is original, fresh, keeps you on the edge of your seat to find out what skulduggery is coming next I have never been one of those readers who guesses everything, I think even those who do will be kept on their toes with this one I think one of the reasons I like Chambers work so much is because she never disappoints, that said I always have the fear picking up her newest offerings, just in case lol Humour, sex, anger, violence, secrets, betrayal and don t forget the swearing are all included in Life of Crime, if you enjoyed Chambers previous offerings you will love this 5 5 for me this time, I am sure I have read all her books and eagerly await her next Life of Crime is out to buy from 11 01 18 from all good retailers.

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