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A Ladys Deception txt A Ladys Deception , text ebook A Ladys Deception , adobe reader A Ladys Deception , chapter 2 A Ladys Deception , A Ladys Deception 6dc7a9 Mr Hugh Grey And Miss Eleanor Broxton Share A Scintillating Liaison The Night Before He Leaves For War In Canada The Memory Sustained Him For The Years He Was Away Now, The Reputed Rake Is Back, Knighted, And He S Got Enough Money To Right The Estate His Father Left In Ruins What Would Make Sir Hugh Grey S World Perfect Is The Lovely Eleanor By His Side Their Attraction Is Sizzling, And The Sweet Way Hugh Is Wooing Her A Kitten, Kisses In The Moonlight, And Expert Help In Lighting Her Dreary Work Space Makes Eleanor Dream Of Forever With Her Strapping Knight But She Will Not Risk A Scandal, Which Could Ruin His Newfound Respectability And Esteem, Especially In Her Father S Eyes When Hugh Discovers What She S Been Hiding, It Could Drive Them Apart Forever

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    A Lady s Decption by Pamela Mingle is Book Two in the Haslemere Men Series This is the story of Mr Hugh Grey and Miss Eleanor Broxton I have read the previous book but feel this can easily be a standalone book Hugh and Eleanor had been friends when they were younger and on the Eve of him leaving for Canada he wanted to say goodbye to Eleanor They had an encounter in the barn that meant everything to Eleanor and she hoped it meant something to Hugh But for about three years she never heard from him and now his is back in town trying to fix up his old childhood home Eleanor is working as a seamstress trying to earn money much to her parents upset but her and her parents have a secret that they are keeping Eleanor feels this money will help her start a new life but now Hugh is back and she knows she has to stay away from him to keep her secret Eleanor is also somewhat upset that he never contacted her in all those years he was gone and he has been back in town for all most a month and he hasn t reach out to her Hugh is trying to fix up his home and his life before moving forward with someone and he finds that he still has feelings for Eleanor but she seems distant and sad to him This was a great second chance at love story My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

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    New author to me The writing is entertaining enough but I had major issues with the main characters and there were also loads of unexplained plotlines Hero and heroine had a passionate encounter in a stable after a brief courtship and both knowing fully well, he was to depart for war in Canada war the next day So off he went and she remained behind, knocked up and with little options but to foster out her bub He comes back two and a bit years later, knighted for his heroic wartime services and taking over the family estate after the passing of his father He tries to pick up with the heroine where they left off in terms of physical fooling around stuff and becomes annoyed when she puts up her token resistance Accuses her of being a bit of a tease basically, never mind that she is a gentlewoman to be courted respectfully and not treated like a two bit whore The heroine also severely needs reminding that she must behave like a lady, because in enthusiastically responding to his advances, she certainly has learnt nothing in the last few years despite her little secret, which threatens to implode at any time The hero is estranged from his mother and brother, a major component of the plot, yet we never really learnt why the mother upped and left Upon finally finding out the existence of his little girl, did he rush to find out where she is and sought her out Nope, he spent a day sulking, then another talking to his lawyer, his employee, his brother etc bemoaning the fact that he has been kept in the dark and planning the daughter s future Dude, you got knighted for your actions, so be the action man and see her already This was an ARC from NetGalley.

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    So much for the heroine s fair hair gives the cover designer a dirty look I don t consider it a spoiler to say that this is a secret baby book The information is right there in the blurb, and it is information we learn very early on.I m going to say this at the start a skunk is an American animal There was some US English in this book I overlooked because the writing was good, but the suggestion of skunks in the forests of 1810s England made me groan.I was really excited when I started reading Despite belatedly noticing the book dealt with my most hated trope that secret baby , I was enjoying this so much I stayed up until sunrise reading.However, as the story continued and continued it became quite clear this was yet another secret baby book where the hero wouldn t find out he was a father until too late for the woman to be redeemed in my eyes She had no good reason for her secrets and lies They were back together, lovers, declaring their love, no barriers between them and she STILL didn t tell him.When they again started having sex at the halfway mark, I thought he should already have known But it wasn t until 63% in that she finally confessed while crying again There was no reason they couldn t have been together and happy There were no other barriers to their relationship.I had one other issue the short scenes Each chapter features lots of little snippets of things, two or three pages of characters doing stuff, before we jump ahead in time to the next Additionally, each of these time jumps comes with three days later, two weeks later, the next morning, the next evening written at the top of them I felt like I was reading a film script.I don t know what happened that a book I was enjoying so much became a book that made me so frustrated I gave the heroine until beyond the halfway point to come clean, and she didn t This is why I dislike secret babies so much.On the other hand, I d be happy to try another book by this author provided the theme is different Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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    Hugh and Eleanor s story was sigh worthy And, I mean that in a good way Hugh was so romantic and sweet He gave Eleanor a kitten, for Heaven s sake That was a swoon worthy move in my opinion Eleanor can t help but be swept off of her feet by Hugh, again But, the secret she is hiding from him could destroy everything I was instantly drawn into this tale of second chances, and I did not want to put my Kindle down The characters were written with such heart and depth The plot was interesting and fast moving The descriptions of people, scenery and clothing were rich and vivid And, in addition to everything else, I think I may have found a new book boyfriend in the dashing, handsome and romantic Sir Hugh I received a complimentary ARC of this book from NetGalley Entangled Publishing, LLC in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

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    My Opinion I like both of these characters and they did have plenty of passion between them I just felt like someone should smack some sense into both of them Hugh for not acting like a grown up and putting the past behind him to move forward and Eleanor for not telling the truth from the start With the back and forth throughout the book, it just made me want to shake them The writing was good and I didn t get bored reading this story I just felt that there was just to much back and forth and it annoyed me Yes, annoyed me Overall, the book was good and I enjoyed it I love the fact that Hugh gave Eleanor a kitten I thought how sweet can one person be But, at the end when he was the one to crawl back to her cause of things he saidWell, I felt it should have maybe been the other way around Eleanor should have because she lied about the baby But, then that would not have been to romantic I don t know I am not a writer, I am just a reader I give this book 3 of 5 stars.

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    I received this book from net galley for an honest review Thank you This novel was a nice read The story begins with what happened with the couple two years ago and where they are two years later It gave some incite on how each character progressed, but the past always has a way of returning Unless you confront it, you cannot move forward in life.Miss Eleanor Broxton is a shy young lady who got to know Mr Hugh Grey before he left for Canada She liked Hugh and was sad to see him leave, but they had a passionate night together before Hugh left Hugh liked Eleanor and when he returns, has plans to marry her However, Eleanor has changed in the last two years She designs dresses for the ton even though her father has money What purpose does she have for doing this Hugh returns to take over his responsibilities of running the estate after the death of his father He was a rogue in the past, but after meeting Eleanor, he realized he wanted her Hugh became wealthy from Canada and plans on fixing his estate He has issues with his mother and brother, which hinders his relationship with them and impacts his reactions in various situations Eleanor has her own secrets as well, and due to Hugh s new status, wants to avoid him in a scandal But Hugh finds ways to see Eleanor and their passion once again ignites However, there are those who will indirectly get in the way of their happiness and could destroy their budding relationship with their knowledge Can Eleanor and Hugh overcome their pasts and what they discover about the other in the present to realize their love began two years ago and since then as grown

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    A Lady s Deception by Pamela MingleHaslemere Men 2One night of abandon between Hugh and Eleanor before he left for war in Canada changed their lives in ways than one His return found him knighted, restoring the family residence, still estranged from his mother and brother and also still interested in Eleanor The story is in keeping with the early 1800 s and at times I felt I was reading one of the books that I enjoyed as a teen that had been printed in the early 1900 s I understood why things happened as they did in the book and it made me thankful that I do not live in that time period I felt that Eleanor should have been honest with Hugh from the first especially since he asked her to be and then on his return she missed many opportunities to tell him her secret that would have made some of the turmoil avoidable I admired her desire to run a business but wondered at her inability to stand up to her parents though that is not doubt in keeping with that time period Hugh, though likable in some ways, seemed very rigid and though that rigidity was formed in his childhood I questioned it at times if he truly loved Eleanor Though most of the story is in keeping with the time period there are things like insta lust in a barn that didn t seem plausible I also questioned Eleanor s father being so unaware of what Mr Abbott was truly like I also wondered why he let his wife get away with so very much I would be interested in reading another book by this author I did enjoy the story and would like to thank NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC This is my honest review.

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    I enjoyed reading A Lady s Deception It was a fast paced book that read very easily The characters had personality that I could understand and sympathize with Eleanor struggles to support her desire for independence among the dissatisfaction from her family Sir Hugh fights to understand the clashing emotions from Eleanor as well as his own towards his own family Then Eleanor s secret and how it changed everyone s world A really good book I would definitely recommend it I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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    Hugh Grey and Eleanor Broxton shared an amorous dalliance the night before he left to join the war forces in Canada They didn t have any communication in the years they were apart Sir Hugh Grey came back form the war, knighted and financially able to restore their old house to its former glory Eleanor and Hugh have realised that their deep affection for each other hasn t abated They eventually laid bare their ardent feelings for each other but Eleanor have some misgivings She hasn t been truthful to Hugh and dreads for that moment when Hugh uncovers her deception.There was a time in the past where a whiff of scandal could irreparably ruin the family s reputation, where society dictates how people should lead their lives Thus, secrets were rife, where they leave a trail of shattered hearts, weary souls and broken spirits This is one of those heartbreaking stories Fortunately for our knight and our seamstress they have their happy ever after.This is an advance reader s copy from the publisher through NetGalley This is my honest review All opinions are mine.

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    Hugh Grey brought a commission and was leaving for Canada in a day or two Eleanor Broxton, he had meet at a house party He felt an instant connection, as did she They ended having a liason and then he left She started a dressmakers business and worked very hard After two years, he returned and started working on his house.It seems to me, that if he cared about her, it would have taken less than three weeks to go see her Makes you wonder The author has taken an interesting plot and made it so, descriptions are vivid and you feel your self transported into the story The characters are sweet, kind and so willing to help Except what a stinker her mom was The plot was amazing, complex, read easily and was even paced It grabbed you attention from the start and held you till you had finished It is racy I highly recommend this book and hope you enjoy.I received this book from Net Galley and voluntarily reviewed.

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