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Asylum 54.0 (The Bionics Saga Book 1) quotes Asylum 54.0 (The Bionics Saga Book 1) , litcharts Asylum 54.0 (The Bionics Saga Book 1) , symbolism Asylum 54.0 (The Bionics Saga Book 1) , summary shmoop Asylum 54.0 (The Bionics Saga Book 1) , Asylum 54.0 (The Bionics Saga Book 1) 62f0dcc8 They Left Us Behind Some Say It Was A Mistake, While Others Say It Was A Purge As For Me Well, I Say It Was My Damned Liberation They Call Me Ari Three Years After Being Captured By The Reapers, I Am No Longer Human With The Y Virus Destroying What S Left Of Silo, No One Truly Is Any We Now Work For Them, These Things That Control Us We Kill For Them, Warding Off The Black Eyed Leviathans That Roam The Desert Hills In Return, We Get To Keep Some Piece Of Our Past But You See, Not All Of Us Are Compliant Not All Of Us Could Be Changed We Haven T Forgotten I M Different, And So Is Jonathus There Are Much Like Us They Took My Mother And Threatened The Life Of My Sister, Forcing Me Into A Life Of Exile I Am Hellbent On My Revenge Taking Back Silo One Asylum At A Time Is Our Means To An End Joining The Underground Is Only The Beginning My Name Is Mathai Porter The Invasion Starts Now

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    4.5 stars Guys GuysGuysI don t know where to start Honestly What a hidden gem I found in this book.The plot is amazing It s so big and intricate and fresh and I got serious hunger games vibes from it To me it definitely feels dystopian than sci fi, and I haven t read anything like this in such a long time, if ever There s action and fighting and blood There s a tough heroine and a tight and awesome crew.It s just so bad ass.And, side note, it would make an awesome movie I really enjoyed the entire crew s characters Mathai is our main protagonist at least in this instalment and we got to know her the best here, with the rest of the crew only being introduced later on at the halfway point and onwards , but apparently this is meant to be a seven book series so we ll have plenty of time to get to know the rest There s Les, Elektra, Lexyn, Cameron, and of course Jon, and all five of them are wonderful I can t wait to get to know them all better And I am so intrigued by these powers they all have a superhero ish crew of fantastic characters in a dystopian sci fi hunger games esque world Do you need anything else And did you know there are a handful of scenes in this that have been illustrated and the artwork is beautiful, I could stare are it for ages Such a nice touch My only problem with this book was that I was a bit confused here and there where I feel like I shouldn t have been Nothing major The main character starts the book with memory loss, and we kind of learn things along with her, which I didn t mind in fact I liked and enjoyed it and eventually everything that was meant to be confusing was explained and made clear, but there were parts scattered throughout the book that I feel like I should have been able to get, but didn t quite grasp I had the same feeling at the very very end of The Last Magician when things were being revealed and explained, but it was a bit hard to follow so maybe it s just the writing that could have been a bit clearer It doesn t actually bother me much it didn t with The Last Magician either BUT I fear not, because the author has said she heard that feedback and has been working on improving it in the sequel, so I m so so excited to see how she s done All in all this is one of THE MOST underrated books I have EVER read, and I feel like people should give it a chance Especially now, while the series is still so young since, like I said, there are supposed to be seven books in total, so start while it isn t intimidating I can t wait for the next book, which I believe should be coming out any day now GIMME

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    Well I wasn t sure just want this book was going to be going into it I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn t at all what I thought it was going to be Again Nad ge shows her skill with the written word yet again For somebody who s only been writing for a few years and is so young ,her books read like someone has been writing their entire life These characters were greatly developed they were very relatable and just bad ass There s a fierceness and her writing that comes out through the characters that she develops in the world is that she builds This book only highlights that yet again I was completely blown away by just how sucked into the story I got It just kept building and building and building and then there was an explosion like a Powderkeg and I was just like oh shit I can t really say much than that without spoiling it because I want to just tell you all the awesome things that happened but I don t ruin it for you I can t wait for the two I think it will be better than this one and they will only continue to get better this series will be one that everyone talks about and if not then they re stupid.Also check out her bleeding heart series

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    I ve had this book in my possession for a couple months but only began reading it a few weeks ago Because I am an idiot, apparently I absolutely loved it Like, shout it from the rooftops like a crazy person loved it Like, hand out copies to strangers on the street loved it It s been a while since I read a good sci fi novel, and this one has turned me on to the genre again We are thrown into the story naked and afraid, just like Ari There is a perfect mixture of confusion and world building that I really appreciated I feel like often times with sci fi books there is either not enough, or too ,much world building It s a hard balance to find I want to be able to follow the story, but not have to spend 5 chapters reading facts about the world while the plot remains motionless This book does a great job of finding that balance It also does a great job with pacing The plot pulls you along and keeps you guessing That was another strong point for me the plot twists I like to think I am some expert sleuth, and have a good eye for catching plot twists before they happen I have been put in my place And I absolutely LOVE when that happens I love being surprised, and surprised I was Bamboozled Flabbergasted SHOOKETH I never use that word, but it is so appropriate I would have liked some time for the Crater Knights to bond, but the way things play out makes sense with the plot line, so they are forgiven However, I do expect of that to come, as well as baCK STORY FOR THE BLUE LEGION BECAUSE I HAVE QUESTIONSSSS And Elektra, baby doll, keep kickin ass honey Mommy loves you3

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    Have you ever Have you ever picked up a book slow to start, which you read thinking that the whole book was going to be like that you wouldn t wanna finish And you push through hoping beyond hope that the next page is going to give you the better amount of excitement This is that book, and it delivers Absolutely and inconsolably it delivers The further I got the less I wanted to put it down and the this lovely novel devoured my soul Pulling me into a new world where all I wanted was for Mathai to achieve her goals, for our Legion to get what they deserved and for everyone to live happy ever after.I won t tell you if they do, but I will tell you this When you pick up this book be prepared to be taken on a ride of a lifetime And once the rollercoaster starts moving be prepared to never look back because the twists and turns this takes you on will leave you begging for .I absolutely cannot wait for book two, or three, or ten And I thank Nadge for taking me on this ride.

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    3.75 stars I liked this book, but I really wanted to LOVE it The plot has the potential to be an amazing story humans that were engineered to fight the virus that has been turning people into zombies Yes please It s like I Am Legend, but with an awesome and sassy female lead Some of the writing was so vivid and beautiful that it gave me goosebumps like the scene where Mathai stumbles upon a feeding leviathan zombie But overall, I thought that the story was rushed in some places, and the characters were coming to crazy conclusions about events that were unfolding with barely any information Thus, as the reader, I didn t buy some of the events Overall, it was a quick and enjoyable read, and I loved the inclusion of the comic pages That was so unique Bottom line Enjoyable read, hopefully the storyline unfolds better in the sequel.

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    I feel like I do not have the words to give this book the review it deserves, but here we go You had better have some free time when you first start reading Asylum 54.0 because you will NOT want to put it down This book is the first in the series and introduces the reader to Ari Mathai, a young lady who is much, much than she seems Her memories have been erased, she does not know who is friend or foe but Ari Mathai is determined to find out who she is and what happened to her Reapers, leviathans, white jackets and the virus Y 506 are just a few of the obstacles in her path to knowledge and truth I can t say any and not give anything away Trust me on this, you need to read this book If you choose not to, you will miss out on experiencing the talents of an amazing author and the world she has made.

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    can t wait to read this booki loved the bleeding heart trilogy and i would do anything to read this booknadege just gets to me win it or not i m sooo reading this book. D

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    I really enjoyed this story.I loved all the characters and the story of the main character.It was all kind of hard to get in to because at some points I thought there were things that weren t explained well I thought maybe it was because Mathai had lost all her memories so we were kind of learning with her, but it happened all throughout the book So the only thing that brought my rating down was personally I thought some parts needed a little bit explanation.I seriously cannot wait to see what happens in the next book

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    Actual Rating 3.5 I really enjoyed the storyline but I just wish the pace was a bit faster and not so drawn out Also at times I was a bit confused because some scenes just seemed to jump around and not everything was explained On the upside though, the writing of descriptions was freaking amazing and solid The characters were also really strong, I really really love Lexyn I can t wait to see what happens next.

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    I have mixed feelings about this book I like the concept, but after the beginning of the book when we ve gotten used to the world, I felt like the pace slowed down way too much, and didn t pick back up til the last portion of the book I also felt like the book just ended, it didn t have an overall Yes there s a solution moment, while there are reveals as Mathai learns information, the book seems like a set up for a good series than a story within the individual book.

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