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The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities chapter 1 The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities, meaning The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities, genre The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities, book cover The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities, flies The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities, The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities 9d4e1e5cb1319 What If You Were Given A Map To A Magic That Could Change The Worst Moment Of Your Lifefor A Price From Two All Stars Of Dark Fantasy, Christopher Golden And Tim Lebbon, Coauthors Of Mind The Gap , Comes This Terrifying New Thriller Of Magic And Dangerous Passions, Where An Ordinary Man Searches The Magical Landscape Of An Extraordinary City For The Chance Of A Lifetime Barely Six Months After Leaving New Orleans, History Professor Max Corbett Is Returning To A Place He Hardly Recognizes The Girl He D Loved And Lost Is Dead, And The Once Enchanted City Has Been Devastated By Hurricane Katrina Max Has Not Thought Much Beyond Gabrielle S Funeral Until A Strange Old Man Offers Him A Map, And An Insane PropositionForget All The Stories About Magic You Think You Know It Looks Like An Ordinary Tourist Map, But The Old Man Claims That It Is Marked With A Trail Of Magical Moments From New Orleans S History That Just Might Open A Door To The Past But It Is A Journey Fraught With Peril As Max Begins To Uncover Dark Secrets About Both His Dead Love And The City He Never Really Got To Know How Is Gabrielle Linked To An Evil Group From The City S Past And Can Max Evade Them Long Enough To Turn Back The Clock And Give Gabrielle One Last Chance At Life

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    Okay Here s the deal You get to go back in time to fix the worst, awfulest thing you ve ever experienced You have to go through some rancid goo to get there, and it will stick to you But you get to change something that s shredding your insides every day of your life.Do you do it Who could resist, right After reading this book, I d say you d hesitate a good long while before answering Change comes only at a price Prices have a way of changing, even though you think you know what they are Ever bid on something at an auction Do you honestly think for an instant about the commission, the taxes, the shipping, the added insurance, that winning the auction will entail No you don t, and don t lie, it s not nice.Max the forty year old falls in love with Gabrielle the nineteen year old Ewww, right She loves him right back, passionately and completely Right up until she screws another man and Max walks in on it.Oh, poor duped oldster Sniff boo hoo, at least you got some nineteen year olduhhh, well So what do you do Run away, go home, leave your job in New Orleans to go back to grim, unpleasantly stuffy Boston.Four months before Katrina Which kills Gabrielle.And back comes Max to bury the woman he loves, the woman he d do anything at all to save, to rescue, to ask why of and the answer is never, ever one you want to hear, why do people insist on asking it He meets Ray, a old man with a proposition Follow this map of moments, this guided tour of New Orleans s magical history, and you ll land up at a Moment where you can save Gabrielle s life She ll be alive Isn t that what you want, Max Oh, be careful what you ask for lest the answer be yesfor getting what we ask for isn t always ever, in my actual experience for the personal best Max gets a chance to see the hidden magic that sustains New Orleans, and he gets to put right some very basic wrongs, and the price he pays is breathtakingly high.And I will bet you large sums of money that he d do it all again He s that kind of a guy It s the reason I liked spending my rainy, gloomy Friday with him, and I ll bet you would too.

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    A very cool sequel to Mind the Gap, also by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon Although these two books are both part of the Hidden Cities series, they share neither characters or location It seems that each book in this series is to be set in a different city, and each story will be about the hidden heart , or spirit of the city Quite an interesting premise While the first book dealt with an actual hidden city beneath London, in old abandoned tube tunnels and bomb shelters the hidden city in Map of Moments is like a group of people who run the city New Orleans behind the scenes, or it could possibly be referring to the hidden moments in time that he gets to access throughout the city.We meet Max Corbett, a history professor who taught briefly at Tulane University in New Orleans, then abruptly left his position and the city a few months before hurricane Katrina hit due to a broken heart He is called back to the city by Corinne, the cousin of Gabrielle his ex girlfriend , asking him to please come back to the city for her funeral He learns that she died in the hurricane, and finds himself travelling back to the city which holds so many good and heartbreaking memories for him.However, as soon as Gaby s funeral is over, Max learns that there is perhaps another reason he was called back to the city He meets Ray, and old man professing to be a friend of Gabys, who tells him he knows of a conjure man who ccan possibly send Max back in time to save Gaby Max isn t sure whether or not he believes this crazy sounding man, but he is too hopeful to ignore the man After all, he reasons, his flight back to Boston isn t for another 2 days anyway, what could it hurt to follow the map of moments that Ray has given to him, and just see where it leads Max does not bargain on the map leading him to different moments in time throughout the history of the city While Max follows the map, he begins to pick up magic like static electricity all over and around his body And as he soon comes to find out, some dangerous people in the city have begun to notice him What is their role in the city its important moments Why does everyone seem to be afraid to even mention their name What do they have to do with Gaby And what do they want from him Max will try to find answers to these questions while following his map, and hopefully he can do it before they catch up with him

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    The Map of Moments is a beautifully rendered journey through the city of New Orleans The storytelling captures the mystery of the city, as well as provides a unique historical perspective The main character returns to New Orleans to attend a funeral post Katrina The aftermath of the bitch, as Katrina is called, is chilling but the spirit is enduring The reader must trust in the magic of the city in order to believe the adventure that occurs to the main character Through a series of moments, the life of New Orleans is revealed History and magic are intertwined and the past is a hue, rather than a defined black or white The language, flow and descriptions opened my eyes and I was able to feel like I was transporting back and forth in time Even though the story borders on fantasy and paranormal, the author keeps the tale grounded in concrete reality by connecting the impossible with actual events It is fantastical, but given the unique setting, very believable And, like the main character, I wanted to believe The tiniest thing caused a slight distraction It came down to money The main character is a teacher professor During his visit to New Orleans he is shelling out a lot of cash and tipping generously from place to place It wouldn t have mattered if the amount wasn t mentioned every time he paid I couldn t help but start doing the mental math and wondering how a teacher could afford it This could be rectified by simply stating that Max paid the bill etc It was a distracting detail and I couldn t figure out why it was necessary or important Secondly, the last line paragraph was rather lame I hate the type of implied dream inferences that were used on the last page I don t want to say , because it might spoil It doesn t change the outcome or overall enjoyment of the story, but it was a bit weak.

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    I have not read books by this author before, but the title caught my eye, along with a magical mysterious take on New Orleans post Katrina Compelling, but I found the writing to be less than stellar.

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    Max Corbett is a history professor at Tulane University in New Orleans There he meets a beautiful young girl and falls passionately in love with her until he catches her with another man He leave New Orleans to return to Boston just before hurricane Katrina strikes After that, Corinne, Gabrielle s cousin contacts Max to come back for Gabys funeral Just after the funeral Max is approached by a man that offers him a map of New Orleans magical moments If Max follows the map he will find himself at a monument that will let him change a moment in his past But as he travels the map he attracts the attention of some powerful people He also learns that changing the past comes with a high price to pay.This is a great sequel to Mind the Gap Although it is a different character and city, the tension and magic are the same I kinds felt bad for Max but at the same time I could see Gabys betrayal and following course to change time coming like a freight train But I loved the different moments Max found himself in Of course the bad guys are close behind and wanting to claim the prize for themselves I really enjoyed this book and think it s a great addition to the Hidden Cities series I can t wait to see what city is explored next.I received a complimentary copy of this book I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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    This book took me forever to read and really felt like a slog to get through, but if you ask me why it felt that way, I couldn t tell you The premise was really intriguing and it was a shorter book, but something fell very flat for me and I couldn t wait to finish it which I only did due to a reading challenge.

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    I really hated the main character in this book A white professor who took advantage of his student and fetishized her blackness, then after she dies the thing he thinks about most is how hot she looked naked Classy I couldn t really get past that in this story.

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    Donated to Friends of the Library 2019

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    Very good but that should be no surprise Golden makes writing look easy This pair of writers do good work together but it s Golden that has the magic.

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    A very interesting book, and I enjoyed the premise I m interested in reading the first in the series now and seeing where they take this idea in the future.It was dark but not overwhelming so and while magic was a huge part of the story, it was used quite subtly and was never overwhelming, it felt quite practical and believable.However, for a story set in New Orleans, the city itself never felt real, it could almost have been set ANYWHERE and was just labeled New Orleans.Also the characters were never quite fleshed out, though that isn t necessarily a detraction They served the story quite well as is and to me it felt as if that was what they were there for, not to be fully fleshed out people, but to simply propel the story forward and give a reason for it to be told.I m reading the first of the Hidden City books next, and look forward to future editions It will be interesting to see what cities they focus on.

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