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The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter files The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, read online The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, free The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, free The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter 612aa67f0 Saved By Her Grandmother From Being Killed At Birth For Having Been Born A Female, Shilpa S Life Took Many Unexpected Turns And Twists Through Her Early Years She Faced Abandonment By Her Mother, The Formidable Constraints Placed On Her By Her Family, And The Barbs Of Village Elders Bound By Hundreds Of Years Of Oppressive Practices And Customs That Subjugate Women Shilpa Is Torn Between The Contrasting Lives She Leads One Of Servitude And Injustice Experienced By Her Family The Other Of Opportunity And Empowerment Offered By A Good Education In A School Started By A PhilanthropistJust When All Seems Settled, An Unforeseen Death Under Mysterious Circumstances Shatters Whatever Stability Remains In Her Life Pulled In Opposite Directions, And Torn Between Despair And Dreams, Shilpa Finally Makes A Choice For Her Future Is She Strong Enough To Stand Up To The People She Loves, And Pursue What She Wants At Its Heart The Elephant Chaser S Daughter Is About Hope, When All Seems Lost Written With Raw Honesty And Grit, This Is A Deeply Moving Memoir Of A Young Girl Confronting Her Untouchable Status In A Caste Based Society, And Her Aspirations For ModernityReviews So Far Kirkus Review Shilpa Was Given The Chance To Transcend Her Family History And Perhaps Her Own Karma A Deft Portrayal Of A Young Woman S Growth And Courageous Transformation Through EducationSir Ken Robinson Shilpa Raj Is A Powerful New Voice For Human Dignity And Opportunity And Against The Appalling And Demeaning Mistreatment Of Women Worldwide An Important And Deeply Affecting Book Narrated In A Moving And Intimate StyleSir Ken Robinson, Author And EducatorSri Vishwanath The Elephant Chaser S Daughter Unveils The Secret Of Transcendence Shilpa Raj Is The Future Voice For The Poor And Deprived, Uncovering The Diamond In The Rubble Read Herwell Known AuthorVanessa Roth Shilpa S Story Speaks For Millions Of Families In A Way That Is Immediate, Intimate And Personal Her Book Will Have A Powerful Impact On The Lives And Minds Of Young People Around The Worldlm Director, And Winner Of Academy AwardMadhu Trehan Shilpa S Searing, Penetrating Honesty In The Account Of Her Life Will Change Perspectives And Impact Every Reader It Gives Hope To The Under Privileged And Sensitizes The PrivilegedEditor In Chief, Newslaundry

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    This is not the first time that a Dalit woman is writing However, this is surely the first ever bold step of writing the things as they are writing a memoir for nothing less than a debut I am impressed with the writing style, the theme and the handling of the narrative by Shilpa She did not let me feel anytime that this is her very first work And now I see why the book has attracted all the positive reviews from the institutions like Kirkus review and eminent personalities The book chronicles the events of Shilpa s life and focuses on a somewhat a murder in dubious conditions of her sister Kavya Nevertheless, Shilpa Raj makes the use of her narratives from the past to highlight the troubles, the torment and the torture that the people in the untouchable community have to undergo every day mentally and physically She takes up the bitter truth of class difference in Indian society she talks about the issues of feminism she talks about the issues of education she does everything which is required to make the debut impressive and establish Shilpa among the forerunners in Indian writing.

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    Shilpa s book is not just a memoir, this is the work which speaks for those who are almost voiceless En route her exploration to the roots of her family and ancestors, Shilpa digs out the deep rooted troubles and orthodox problems of Indian society The gender discrimination, the class discrimination, the rich and the poor and many other things Her memoir will surely be a landmark in the long road of the Dalit writing in India I really liked reading what she wrote in her very debut work I hope others will also like her work and appreciate the good job that she has done as an author with a motive.

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    Note A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own, I would like to thank the author and publisher Review I want to believe that life outlives death Shilpa Raj is a phenomenal writer The tone, setting and imagery in the book is perfect and reading about her life, through her own evocative words made the effect than real She can transport you to the exact location through her writing.This is a memoir It is filled with specific details about her life and where and how she grew up She dwells a bit on her village s past as well and everything is placed out for you, which makes it easy for the reader to navigate through the story There are no sudden epiphanies, or plot twists It starts with a tragedy that takes place in her present time, and circles back to it in the end The ups and downs that she and her family have faced are enough to make you rethink the situation of the poor in the country I was glad to read about someone from South India, as voices like these are hard to come by.Even though she is Christian her family is not free from the caste binaries Raj has been true to herself and her family, by not painting an unrealistic picture The paternal grandfather is an alcoholic, so is the father, both are cheap flirts, who like to beat their women The women are married young, the mother abandons the family to work as a maid, and even marriage inside the family is addressed with pure honesty and has not been sugar coated What I really liked about the narrative was the way in which her maturity and honesty seemed to be real She was not a perfect observer herself she made mistakes in judging people, in demanding things that weren t rightfully hers She sometimes sold off her self esteem just to be someone she was not, but in the end it was how she came through these tough times is what made this memoir work for me Food, for us, was a means of survival, not a source of enjoyment Penury, child marriage and survival through making Sayaram alcohol are described in detail She does acknowledge that these things aren t ideal but she also focuses on how the poor can t choose morality over money The realistic quality of the book really hit me these weren t thing unfolding in fiction but real incidents with real consequence and real threat of lives especially for young girls This isn t a political memoir, she focuses on herself and her family but much like everything else, politics tends to be entwined in the lives of people.I would recommend this magnificent piece of work to anyone who wishes to read it It won t bore you, or make you feel like you re read non fiction instead it will stay with you and make you question the privilege that you take for granted When we die, no pujari comes near us Appa said, The elephant must have been from the high caste Samidha Kalia

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    From Poverty to PossibilityFrom Invisible to Unstoppable Daughters of destiny, NetflixA memoir can t be judged Hence, I ll put forth the details of the books It s about the author s journey from the life in a small village in Karnataka to a finally getting a Masters Degree in Psychological Counselling, the first one in her village to do so A journey that hasn t been easy And the sacrifices have been numerous The memoir has been written with precision, the persona of each of the characters has been described, jotting down the tiniest of habit each one had The tone of their voice, the way they walk, their talking style etc makes it easier to live the whole scenario in one s mind These details make the events life like It also tells us about the author s personality and nature She might have had the golden opportunity to dictate her life, but she has always been humble and down to earth.The memoir is about all the elements in life the happy, the sad, the remorseful ones and well as the mental struggles It s not easy, it s never been As readers we tend to critique every tiny detail is a book, but a memoir gives us the raw truth of life.

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    My rating 4.5 5 Have you ever read a book that leaves you with a strange sense of completeness, as if you could have touched the sky, experienced how it felt like being over the moon and then come back to earth Well, I just did and now I will tell you why did this book make me feel like that.It is a memoir, like a lot of other memoirs flooding the markets in the recent few months It is about the struggles of life, like many others you might argue What sets this book apart is the language Brilliantly narrated with words arranged beautifully to create a masterpiece is how I saw this book The words bring out the right emotions at the right place and time, not making you feel overtly done at all Though we all admire strong and gutsy women, I loved Shilpa for the way she decided to look back at her life She had two choices To keep looking back with a constant complaint as to why was God so unkind to her And the other was to observe Observe it all, take all the good that came along and pave way for a better future That is exactly what she did.When you tip toe to see the future and can see nothing but darkness it is human to feel disappointed But Shilpa comes across as a person who on seeing darkness ahead thought of walking few steps further to see if she got any close to light Read the whole review here

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    Books don t usually make me cry, but Shilpa s carefully chosen words and her strength in writing this story had me in tears throughout A must read for every Indian who thinks we know anything about the reality of poverty in our country In a land where justice is often bought, poor people can only hope for mercy Unfortunately, mercy, too, comes at a price Who could have ever imagined that the girl in the far corner of the stage once begged on the streets, that the boy in the black tie smartly turning his partner was the son of a construction labourer, or that the tall, slender girl dancing off to the side had watched her murdered father s body burn on a pyre None of those things mattered on this day We danced with all the fervour and grace we could muster, as in the old Hollywood movies of our dreams I see myself as a product of two disparate worlds, and each has given me a reason to love, to be kind, and to grow strong My education has given me the ability to choose what I want for myself and the confidence to aspire to greater goodness I have chosen to favour my new world, and hope to change the one I left behind.

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    This book can be thought of as a compilation of gleeful days and sorrowful recollection of memories The chapters evinced a mixture of hopefulness, detestation, desire and a craving for being able to decide the fate of one s own life Also, Shilpa Raj gives an insight into the lives of people who are ruled by poverty and are discarded as untouchables by the society and what it truly means to be born in one such family The hardships, the constant despair and piping dreams of achieving the riches were remarkably pronounced in Raj s narrative skills The way she has articulated her feelings into words is sure to leave the readers in awe Her depiction of her memories coupled with the expansive vocabulary with no grammar glitches makes this book all the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious yes, that s the exact word I would be using to describe what I felt reading this book to read.

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    A story of hope A story of a girl who made use of a chance given to her battling all odds and made it bigger in life than her peers Simple writing but hard hitting

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    Writing is definitely not for the weak, and writing a book like this one takes some serious courage.In this book, Shilpa lays bare her life s story Troubles, for her, begin at birth In a world where female idols are worshiped, yet real women are abused at every stage of their lives, there is little space for a girl child in a village known to few There is no money, no comfort and a lot of chaos She beautifully articulates the complications of her family and the troubles they face, without any bias It takes a lot of a person to admit that the ones we hold most dear, our family, can be flawed and wrong The truth with which she describes her situation is commendable She is bestowed with an opportunity which changes the trajectory of her life Shanti Bhawan The school is an escape from a life destined for misery and discrimination Yet, it is not an easy gift She lives with the guilt of having deprived her siblings of the same Living away from her family, her people and her culture, and accepting a whole new world does create distance even among the closest of relations She is a part of the family but not, a part of their struggles but not She is able to enjoy sumptuous meals while her family gets by on Ragi rolls As she grows up, things get chaotic Her new world view and that of her people clash It leads to a lot of pressure on her and her relationships It is a test of ones strength to stand up to the people who raised them, even when they are wrong Breaking the shackles of prejudice and tradition is not an easy task and it does take its toll Raj, in her story, tries to present not only her perspective but also of others around her Her narrative is neutral and she does not fail to accept her own shortcomings and flaws This is not just a story of Shilpa, it could easily be a story of any girl living in less than ideal situations Raj s writing is honest and insightful It brings to light the life which is often lived and forgotten in the shadows.

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    This memoir meanders through social, class, economic and gender discriminations Shilpa Raj takes us into her one roomed hut and the love, care, sexual abuse, domestic violence and illegal activities that happen inside and around it.Shilpa was the chosen one the chosen one to be brought up within the academic corridors of the residential school Shanthi Bhavan It is a school that selects one child from a challenged family and takes her him in in plate to slate model of education.The author is honest about her family issues how she was abandoned by her Appa because she was a girl, but rescued by her grandmother how tgat same Appa was her advocate for her to join Shanti Bhavan how the men flirt and have affairs, the family business of making sarayam, the domestic violence and family feuds, the debts, her own sexual encounters and her sister s mysterious death There is no apology, no guilt she says it as it is

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