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Flash pdf Flash, ebook Flash, epub Flash, doc Flash, e-pub Flash, Flash 03993bbbdd1 They Woke Up In The Trunk Of A Car,with No Idea Where They Were,or Why,or When Imagine THE BOURNE IDENTITY Meets THE FIRMTWO BLOOD SPATTERED STRANGERS Awake, Locked In The Trunk Of A Car With A Murdered Cop And The Smoking Gun Aside From Raging Headaches And No Idea What S Happened, They Appear To Have Nothing In Common Troy Thinks It S And He S Still A Combat Surgeon Fighting Terrorists In Afghanistan Emmy Believes It S And She S Still Grifting A Living From The Streets Of LAAre They Archenemies Or Coconspirators Lovers Or Friends What Are They Doing In The Caribbean, And Why Is A Croatian Assassin Determined To Kill Them The Only Thing They Know For Certain Is That They Ll Be Spending The Rest Of Their Lives In Prison If The Police Catch Them Before They Learn The Truth

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    SURPRISED ME WOW I liked the reviews but noticed there weren t a lot written by females and I m not normally a big spy or what sounds a little like vicious actionbut this was sooo good It really grabbed and entertained me to the point that I m still thinking about the character even after I ve finished the book In fact, although I feel like I have to write this so others get the chance to read it, I really want to start the next book by him I that I just bought Quick and short this story is the kind that takes you away and totally entertains I highly recommend you get this book It s really enthralling HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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    The Flash by Tim Tigner was an Awesome ending for my reading adventures in 2015 Tigner s writing kept the story line twisting and turning till the very end I have to give Tim a big thumbs up on the plot, it was very original In this genre, there is always good versus evil, but Tim s use of The Flash is a fresh idea that made this novel worth reading till the end.The two main character have their memory erased, they are being chased by the police for a murder, they don t think they committed The only clue they have to go on, is a tattoo From this clue, they follow each additional clue to triumph over evil and some good in this world.Since this is the first novel I ve by Tim, I will definitely seek out the rest of his published works.

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    Two strangers, covered in blood, wake up in a trunk beside a dead police officer They ve also lost their memories of the last several years Now they re on the run, trying to figure out what s happening, when an assassin get on their trail as well.From there it basically becomes a romantic suspense novel, only with a little action than usual.Pretty good stuff, even if it s different than Tigner s usual work.

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    The story started out well but became less interesting.The characters lacked real chemistry as the story became contrived.

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    NOTES FROM THE AUTHORFLASH is a novel about desperation The desperation that puts previously decent people on a slippery slope, and the desperate circumstances in which their victims wind up The plot of FLASH evolves from a failed innovation I have a lot of experience with these, having spent 20 years on the cutting edge of the medical technology industry A man goes deeply into debt to develop a promising product that ends up making the target condition worse rather than better In his desperation, he realizes that there s a market for that product too Like my other thrillers, Flash is told both from both the victims and the perpetrators points of view In all my novels, the perpetrators start with good intentions, and then circumstances intervene This is something that happens all to often in life I suspect that most politicians, for example, start out wanting to make the world a better place, but eventually settle for just making their own lives better Often shamelessly Politicians usually end up in my thrillers as well I hope you enjoy FLASH.I ll respond promptly to comments or questions posted below, or you can feel free to reach me directly at timtigner.com

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    A solid action thriller Fast paced and interesting, it s a good solid debut novel for Tim Tigner Some of the dialogue seemed a little stiff, and the resolution seemed a little abrupt a couple plot twists towards the end and of a final confrontation I think would have served the book well but all in all a good book and I ll read of his at some point for sure.

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    Oh what an entertaining book that was Totally implausible, and I know I ve criticised some books for that very thing, but with certain books you just kind of expect it and if you park your disbelief and go along for the ride you can have a lot of fun I think my problem is with books that try to be hard hitting and realistic and then lead you down Alice s rabbit hole.S0 how would you feel if you came to in the boot of a car with a dead man whose blood is all over you And in the car is a woman you ve never seen before with blood spray on her She is holding a gum This is the situation that Dr Troy and Emmy find themselves in They have no idea where they are However, when they examine the car and the dead man s belongings they find they are in the Cayman Islands and are missing 7 and 6 years of memories respectively Freaky much It just gets crazier from there They go on the run and try to discover what the bleep is going on Of course they are being hunted by forces unknown to them But Troy and Emmy are nothing if not resourceful so they fight back with sneakiness and their wits Its a mad caper, highly enjoyable escapism.

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    I was looking for another lone operator series, and accidentally purchased this book.Intriguing idea of the situation where two strangers with their memories wiped to some degree, are thrown into a framing situation and they have to struggle to survive.Simply put way too far fetched, and not really well presented delivered.I would not recommend this, unless you were sitting on a beach and wanted some light reading, and don t mind seriously suspending disbelief.

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    This one of the best, most enjoyable reads ever, particularly for a first offering The author has crafted a very good story with two wonderful and engaging main characters Tight writing and witty dialogue had me hooked from the opening chapter well done Definitely recommended.

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