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    3.5 StarsHmmWell, I enjoyed it ButHugely ripped off style in the form of KA biker speak and the chin liftsHugely simplistic in a lot of waysHugely forgettable in a lot of ways Perhaps.Regardless, a decent way to pass an evening and good enough for me to grab the second one You know I can t deny a 19 year age gap, people.

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    LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK SO SO FORBIDDEN Stand aloneLIVE AMZ US AMZ UK Blurb He was eighteen The heir to a notorious, criminal MC And my student There was no way I could get involved No way I could stay involved Then, no way I could get out alive Books in The Fallen Men series are stand alones Book 1 Lessons in CorruptionBook 2 Welcome to the Dark SideBook 3 Good Gone Bad

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    NOTE This coming year I have set a challenge for myself of reading one book a week that takes me out of my comfort zone A book that may include one or tropes scenarios that I avoid like the plague Cheating Older women younger man OW drama Just to name a few Nothing is off limits I am taking a HUGE step out of the box I usually live in and charting a course into the unknown HaHa My reviews for these books will differ slightly from my usual as I will focus on whether the author wowed me despite it having content I avoid That said, I will go into each book with an open mind and an open heart and who knows, maybe I will discover a new favorite author on the way THIS BOOK INCLUDED THE FOLLOWING TROPES SCENARIOS I USUALLY AVOID Older Woman Younger Man WRITING PLOT PACE So apparently hell has officially frozen over because I LOVED this book L O V E D it, and I usually HATE the whole older woman younger man trope That said, King acted WAY older than he was supposed to be and the heroine acted younger than 26 Both of which I am sure helped me forget the age difference On top of that, this was very similar to a KA book The writing The way they spoke Certain things that take place And since I adore early KA, I loved that aspect of this book as well The writing was fantastic The pace was perfect The plot was super engaging Last, it was all wrapped up in a very good happy for now ending HERO KINGI adored KING He was smokin hot He was sexy He was smart He wrote poetry He was alpha He knew what he wanted, and he went all out to get it I felt a little pervy lusting after an 18 year old, but like I said he acted older so I am just going to pretend he was lol King rates up there as one of my favorite book boyfriends ever HEROINE CRESS liked Cress a lot as well She was a teensy bit annoying sometimes with how judgy she was and all the push pulling she did But I did like that she always apologized straight away and knew the way she was acting wasn t fair or right SECONDARY CHARACTERS There were SO many awesome secondary characters in this book I LOVED Daddy Zeus I loved so many of the MC brothers I loved Cress s students I loved the biker babes I loved Officer Danner I sort of even liked Cress s brother Sander and I am hella curious to see what this author is going to do with his character especially after reading book two of this series HEAT LEVEL This was pretty insta lust, but it takes a bit until we get to the sexy times 50% That said, this couple has an excellent on page chemistry, and when we do get to the sex scenes, they are super hot and plentiful ANGST LEVEL SEXUAL HISTORIES Low to Medium There is a bit of push and pull from the heroine I am not usually a fan of that, but it didn t overly bother me here I kind of got where Cress was coming from The student teacher thing wasn t as big a deal as I thought it would be Of course, we have some drama from a rival MC that causes some angst Neither were virgins There was a bit of OW drama with I guess some MC chick that took King s virginity, and she and heroine get into it a bit It is never really made clear if the stuff she was telling the heroine actually took place or not, so I am going to assume it did There was also some OM drama in the form of Cress s husband some to be ex IN THE END I ended up loving this book WAY than I ever thought possible lol In fact, I would go so far as to say that out of the very few older woman younger man books I have read, this was by FAR my favorite Of course, again, I am chalking it up to the characters not really acting the ages that the author assigned to them But honestly, who cares I loved it I will probably reread it I can t wait to read book three Therefore yours truly is going to give this one two HUGE thumbs up

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    Admittedly I didn t get very far, but the bit I read seemed unreal and dated Like King was channeling a 1970s movie character, and I legit expected him to break out his comb to do a Danny Zuko Parallel to that, the Alpha male thing is reminiscent of Kristen Ashley who, by the way, is one of my least fave authors Anyways, it s a DNF for me.

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    I mean, how could I not give my own book 5 stars lolLessons In Corruption is LIVE Make sure you check out Giana Darling on Facebook for a chance to win a signed copy and join in the release party extravaganzas taking place today 3 I hope you all enjoy King and Cressida as much as I did

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    UPDATE Reread this in 2019 and am bumping it up to a 5 star read Loved it so much It s no secret that I love a good motorcycle romance, so when one of my instagram friends recommended this series to me, I went to and immediately downloaded it from KU After finally leaving her husband, Cress finds herself living for herself for the first time And that means starting a fling with a hot biker she met at the grocery store Cress is finally giving into the desires she s hidden deep inside of herself, even though her parents are determined to make her see the error in her ways When Cress realizes that her new student happens to be the biker she s started an intense relationship with, she freaks Can she really be the kind of woman who breaks all of the rules just to finally be herself I had super high expectations going into this one and, I will say, the beginning was a little slow for me We got to meet Cress and watch her make new friends with the other teachers at school and slowly learn about the biker way of life When we finally got halfway through the story, though, and we got to follow Cress and King closely as a couple, I really loved this book I loved how she became friends with people in the gang and really became a part of their family I will say, Cress definitely had a very wishy washy attitude towards her relationship with King because he was one of her students It was a little annoying at times how she constantly pulled back with the same excuse, but King was soooo swoon worthy and did everything he could to show Cress he was serious Half the time, I forgot that King was 18 years old because he was so mature and had such a big role in the gang I really ended up enjoying this motorcycle romance and I am DYING to read Zues s story King s dad in the second book If you re a motorcycle romance fan who likes their romances on the taboo side, you need to check out Lessons in Corruption

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    I should be ashamed crushing on an 18 year old but Surprisingly I have feel no shame King is

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    Giana Darling blew me away with this forbidden tale between a teacher and a student But he s not just any student As soon as I saw the blurb for this book, I knew in my gut I would love it and devour it It was so unique and hot and romantic I couldn t stop reading Giana s prose is so elegant and detailed I seriously can t wait to read of her work and especially get to know Daddy Zeus in her next book

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    4.5 STARS King was my apple, my Satan, my ultimate fall from grace WAIT Before I start this review, I just want to say that I think we should form a new group here on GR I m thinking we should call it King Kyle Garro Annonymous or maybe The Pervy Woman s Support Group Our introductions could go something like Hello, my name is Melanie I m 45 years old and I m in lust with 18 year old King Kyle Garro LOL.but seriously, you guys, there is nary a straight woman alive who wouldn t want some Lessons in Corruption with the hero of this book I kid you not HOT HOT HOT Ok, now for the actual review This was good, REALLY good The first 80% was a VERY solid good girl meets bad boy 5 star read Cressida s life was slowly grinding her down I was a twenty six year old woman acting like a depressed housewife Why was I lying in the dark like a victim Because I was ashamed that my perfect life and husband didn t make me happy Pathetic Deciding to take back control, she leaves her husband and moves to a small town to be closer to her job There, she meets After years of pining for my dream man, I d found him A tall, golden blond Adonis, cool in a way only true rebels can be, kind in a way I d never known a man could be, totally into me, and completely off limits After spending significant time with him, she finds out that not only is he only 18, but worse, she s his teacher.Don t roll your eyes Giana Darling did an amazing job of making Cressida and King s relationship believable These two lit up the pages physically, mentally, emotionally with their connection There was sweetness, great dialogue, and SIZZLING, off the charts heat between them I empathized with Cressida Some may say that her waffling between wanting and not wanting King was excessive, but I disagree I felt the tenuousness of her position and it wasn t one where she could just say what the hell, I m going for it without some serious thought.King was definitely the driving force behind them And oh man, he was completely swoon worthy I got it that this could get you fired, that this could cause you embarrassment but what I got to say to that is this whatever pain and ugliness I bring you by bein with you, I promise I ll bring you double that in sweetness and beauty and he had the most deliciously dirty mouth I want to hear my Queen beg for her King, you hear me I m telling you, Giana Darling can write It was irritating that King always pushed me, forced me up against the boundaries of my propriety like he wanted to fuck me from behind in front of an audience of my personal demons As for the last 20% of the story I was a bit disappointed, but that s just because it didn t center on their relationship, and as some of you know action suspense is not my jam.But if you re into a lovingly crafted romance that revolves around a situation that is neither black nor white AND has you fanning yourself, READ THIS BOOK Just one quote I had the ridiculous urge to ask him to bind my body with his rope like words, to bend it and secure it into new shapes using just the weight of that tone

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    Reading this again made me fall deeper in love with King and Cressida I would give it than 5 stars, if I could Never met a woman like you Know I won t again You find somethin worth keepin , you find a way to f ckin keep itI may be a man without a normal moral compass, but I m a man who makes a woman a promise, and I ll die before I break it I would like to introduce you all to my newest obsession King Kyle Garro I am sooooo in love with him.I love an age gap story, but usually its older man younger woman Ive not read many like this, but WOW, Giana Darling had me hooked It also mixes in another of my favourite tropes student teacher, and with a student like King, I can totally see how Cressida fell in love with him I loved all the secondary characters too, but special mention has to go to Daddy Zeus sighs I cannot wait for his book

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