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Discovery files Discovery , read online Discovery , free Discovery , free Discovery , Discovery 0baef6d32 First Contact Star Traveling Humans Pre Industrial Aliens Between Vacuum Leaks, Electrical Fires, Engine Overhauls, And Primitive Aliens That Wanted To Carve Him Up Like A Christmas Turkey, Life In The Imperial Navy Was Never Boring Machinist Mate Nick Barns Goes From Ship S Mechanic, To Bodyguard, To Mission Leader His Only Job, Keep Everyone Alive Until They Are Rescued A Task, The Primitive Eundai Are Determined To Make Difficult Xeno Sociologist Amanda Rogers Dreams Have Come True Humans Have Finally Found An Intelligent Species They May Be Primitives, Barely Out Of Their Own Bronze Age The Last Thing These Eundai Need Is To Be Overwhelmed With Human Technology History Is Filled With Examples Of Primitive Cultures Being Ruined After Initial Contact It Is Her Job To Make Sure That Doesn T Happen

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    Fascinating Read Author Nate Johnson can spin a yarn sure to hold the reader entranced through the very end Humans in space, a secret mission, space stations breaking down, alien races, a desperate stand, love and a great ending who could ask for

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    OK Little Story of A Future First Contact With More Romance Than SciFi Discovery Taurian Empire , authored by Mr Nate Johnson, is an ok little read simplistic story, of a future first contact theme, heavily laced with romance, and minuscule SciFi.In a far future, an economy class, Imperial human empire, separated from Earth, numbering roughly eighteen 18 worlds, has discovered the first, sentient alien life, on an Earth like planet An Imperial warship makes a rendezvous with a science vessel, its three 3 person team, as they orbit the planet, observing the Iron Age aliens below The science vessel has been experiencing multiple mechanical failures, and the MC, Petty Officer Nick Barns, is temporarily detached, to engage in repairs and make things shipshape Barns discovers that a inordinate number of critical systems have failed, indicating sabotage, a beautiful xenobiologist anthropologist, loses a battle against the cascading mechanical failures, is forced to evacuate all into a survival pod, and makes first contact with the aliens upon touchdown.Having read an earlier work by the author, Intrepid, an immature mess of a book, it was pleasurable to find that Discovery, was a step up The story is simple, teetering on simplistic, with the whole harlequin romance theme threatening to suffocate the character driven tale It reads quickly, in the main fun, with minimal defects A decent editor and proofreader would help greatly, along with less of the SJW self righteousness, of the feminist anthropologist, who has just met the aliens, literally an alien culture and species, is gung ho to start a suffragette movement It is arrogance personified Discovery, is recommended with the caveats and was fully read via Kindle Unlimited.

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    I liked this book and story Its a good tale But, you must disregard a bunch of things scientific and or science fiction for it to be believable First, you have to believe that a spaceship as far away from the Earth as this ship was could be there without a ship s pilot captain and crew The ship in the story had only 3 people on board and none of them were pilots Then you have to believe that a ship could be sabotaged by someone pouring a substance on hatch seal Every space ship I have ever read about had all metal hatches that sealed metal to metal And in my opinion a rubber seal would very quickly deteriorate just from the cold of space Then you have to believe that the engineer could pilot a shuttle craft to the ground and then quickly learn the language of the native aliens Then you have to believe that the foods that the aliens ate would not make the Earth people sick, or kill them And why didn t the ship or shuttle craft have any types of weapons They did not know before the reached the ground that the native aliens would not try to kill them all.If you can believe all of that and some other unexplained things then you ll like the story It has a rather hokey ending, a nice love story ending.

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    A remarkable story of regular men and women stepping up when the need arisesOnce again, Nate Johnson has shown that the Navy s Petty Officers are the equal to any Marine Sergeant when the chips are down Another well written tale of the Taurian Empire The entire series of standalone novels are well worth the time to read them This one, Discovery, is a great example of the stories

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I am especially honored to have had this book dedicated to me by the author Thanks, The story moves at a good pace and has many unexpected twists, a real departure from other reads in this genera If you have read other books by Nate you will have to agree that they keep on getting better.Get any of the books in this series and I am sure you will be hooked.

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    Great StandaloneIt s a great and quick read Same universe as the other novels but with no real major plot connections Overall it s the type of book perfect for an afternoon read

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    This story was not at all what I thought it was going to be It reminded me very much of several of the old Star Trek Voyager or Next Generation episodes By no means was it bad It just wasn t great and wasn t my cuppa , as they say.

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    I couldn t stop readingThis book reminded me of the old classic science fiction books I would read when I was young I really enjoyed it Reminded me of Andre Norton Wonderful reading experience

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    Interesting scifi story with a couple twists and turnsThe writing was decent and the character development was pretty good It kept me interested to the end Not a hard core scifi book, about discovery and interactions between people of different worlds.

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    Simplistic Fun Nice twist at the end.

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