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The Beatles summary The Beatles , series The Beatles , book The Beatles , pdf The Beatles , The Beatles 4d45814f73 With Fabulous Photographs Selected From The Archives Of The Daily Mail, The Beatles Unseen Archives, Comprehensively Chronicles The Heady Years In Which The Group Bestrode The World Like A Colossus The Collection Includes Over Photographs From Negatives Never Previously Printed And They Are Published Here For The First Time

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    There weren t enough photos of the boys in short shorts.This was my first review ever on goodreads I can do better than that now.

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    This book is almost all photographs, your memories provide the text.

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    The Beatles Unseen Archives is a coffee table book with 600 photos of The Beatles throughout their career and thereafter The big selling point for the book is 200 of these photos were never previously printed The book itself comes with descriptions of each photo and also comes with both a chronology of events with dates Each chapter is broken down by each year The Beatles were together, with one chapter dedicated to their early years and one chapter dedicated to life after The Beatles.There s not much to say about this book other than the photos that were chosen were wonderful I think the opening page or two of what happened with The Beatles that year was a bit unnecessary since the picture descriptions described the events as they occurred My only problem with this book is the story being told through pictures at the end never particularly mention Linda McCartney s death So anyone picking it up for the first time has no clue why McCartney had what looked like to be a happy and joyous marriage then suddenly was getting married to someone Overall though, definitely picking up for an afternoon if you consider yourself a Beatles fan.

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    I LOVE this book Almost completely photographs, usually accompanied by brief text Gorgeous black and white photos Today I found it at my local library and made many prints of my favorite photos I plan to completely cover the walls of my room in Beatles glory

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    We do not appreciate, rotten apples A hashtag is fasterthan an apple flag

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    A quick, good read for all writers You will feel buoyed and validated in Goldberg s hands.

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    The Daily Fail proves it doesn t always live up to its flippant nickname with this collection of photos of my second favorite subject matter after animals, of course There are some familiar pics as well as rare ones I hadn t seen before I agree with others who say that there are a lot of holes in this collection, particularly after the break up The last pages are mainly Paul on stage and at various official functions and so forth I will say I was rather stunned by the images of Maureen Starkey in the 1970s She went from a typical 60s Mod girl to some sort of proto Goth with black lipstick, a belt made of bullets and other strange accessories.

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    someone who knows I m a Beatles fan has left this in my intray at work Nice of them..don t know who yet..Have found out, thanks Christian Anyway a lovely book with lots of pictures I hadn t seen, surprising for a Beatles fan since 1964, taking in the days of Beatlemania through to the post Beatles years, up to 2008 when it was published There are also chronologies and articles on each year A hardened fan probably won t learn anything new, but still a pleasant read picture view As these are photos from the Daily Mail and therefore British based, there are few of Lennon post Beatles as he went off to America, and few of Beatley things outside of the UK in general here s a sample

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    This was kind of an odd collection of photos of the Beatles A lot of them were quite interesting, but since they were only taken from one source the Daily Mail archives the content is actually quite limited The book could have been improved by tighter editing choices, since there s no reason to print a whole run of photos rather than the best image or two from the set By trying to tell the story of the Beatles using a single source it often felt like the captions were stretching it a bit, and that a lot of the important parts of the story their early years, international performances, behind the scenes family life, etc were missing entirely, even though I will concede that it is interesting to see the depth of reportage on the Beatles from a single news source.

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    What can one say about a beautiful compilation of Beatles photos and a chronological narrative of their time together and beyond, but WOW This gorgeous volume documents the amazing career of my favorite band, and there were tidbits that were new to me I loved that the last few chapters included their lives after The Beatles, too, with family photos and Travelling Wilburys and The Anthology Sitting with the hefty book in my lap looking at the familiar faces that I have come to adore was such fun

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