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High Voltage chapter 1 High Voltage, meaning High Voltage, genre High Voltage, book cover High Voltage, flies High Voltage, High Voltage 09f08793a7e23 There Is No Action Without Consequence Dani O Malley Was Nine Years Old When The Delusional, Sadistic Rowena Transformed Her Into A Ruthless Killer Years Later, She S Tough, Hardened, Yet Achingly Vulnerable And Fiercely Compassionate, Living Alone By Her Own Exacting Code Despite The Scars On Her Body, Driven By Deeper Ones Carved Into Her Soul, No One Is Committed To Protecting Dublin By Day, She Ensures The Safety Of Those She Rescues, By Night She Hunts Evil, Dispensing Justice Swiftly And Without Mercy, Determined To Give Those She Cares For The Peace She Has Never KnownThere Is No Power Without Price When The Faerie Queen Used The Dangerously Powerful Song Of Making To Heal The World From The Damage Done By The Hoar Frost King, Catastrophic Magic Seeped Deep Into The Earth, Giving Rise To Horrifying, Unforeseen Consequences And Now Deadly Enemies Plot In The Darkness, Preparing To Enslave The Human Race And Unleash An Ancient Reign Of Hell On EarthThere Is No Future Without Sacrifice With The Lethal, Immortal Ryodan At Her Side, Armed With The Epic Sword Of Light, Dani Once Again Battles To Save The World But Her Past Comes Back To Haunt Her With A Vengeance, Demanding An Unspeakable Price For The Power She Needs To Save The Human Race And No One Not Even Ryodan Who D Move The Very Stars For Her Can Save Her This Time

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    Ok so it s officialBefore I start my review I gotta write a disclaimer so y all know where I am coming from that I am like an OG hardcore Dani fangirl from way back I ain t just some loser hater who is shitting on this book needlessly Dani is literally my fave heroine of all time I will always love Dani, that brilliant girl imprinted on my heart way back in iced I have got hardcore emotional investment in Dani s story yo so this review is about to be like 10 pages Ryodan and Dani were literally my OTP, my fave couple of all time I loved these two characters with all my heart and soul Like soooo much, and I went in expecting, as well as wanting to love High Voltage SOOOOOO BAD Disappointed doesn t even begin to cover what I am feeling right now I honestly feel LOST This is real time footage of me after reading this book It hurts my soul to have to give this book a mediocre rating but it is what it is, I d be lying if I said it was an amazing book This book is like 2 stars but cause of my impartial hardcore dani investment I gave it 3 stars cause i literally can t stand giving her book a negative rating lol Ok now that that s out of the way here comes the actual review Reading this book was like watching a car crash happen before my eyes I thought the power of my positive thoughts would eventually make the book good but alas that did not happen The book literally read like weird fanfiction KMM s usually elegant and graceful writing style and fantastic characterization were completely missing from this book For one the book felt filled to the brim with tacky pop culture references and songs, like quick someone take away kmm s Spotify she s gone wild lmao I personally don t mind her chapter title song playlist thing since it usually, in my opinion, enhances her books but this book I felt like she went way to over the top with how much pop culture homegurl was tryna fit into the pages There was also a lot of telling but no showing in this book It was filled to the brim with lengthy monologues about how amazing, sexy and brilliant every single character was with no real proof At one point during the book, I started wondering whether Kmm had actually even written this book or whether she got kidnapped by an alien or some shit How can the same person who wrote Iced have written this book Everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING in this book felt off Like someone had literally stolen the souls of the characters and was forcing them to perform a spiritless play with their bodies as puppets or something view spoiler Maybe Balor got the main characters souls after all lmao hide spoiler

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    As one of my most anticipated books this year, I had some really high expectations for HIGH VOLTAGE This is the tenth book in the Fever series and it marks the beginning of a new journey for Dani She walks alone in this book after Ryodan, Mac and Barrons have left Without any of her friends, she feels lost and alone.I ll admit, I wasn t a huge fan of Dani when she was first introduced into the series but already she has made so much progress with her character If you ve never read a KMM book before, you re seriously missing out Her heroines alone are worth the read Strong and independent, they are perfect role models for any women Despite being set in a dystopian world filled with magic and fae, the obstacles that these characters go through are very much humanlike and relatable Dani s biggest obstacle here is grief and I found that KMM did such a good job of conveying the emotions and dealing with it.Ryodan and Dani s relationship is just beginning and every time a fight occurs between them, I have to smile For some reason, it comforts me and makes me happy because it means that things are all right in the world despite things falling apart around them.I cried while reading this novel KMM s words always manage to do that to me The emotions that her characters feel come across as very real and I d be surprised if you weren t affected by them I m glad Dani is back and we get to see the whole through her eyes again Because as bleak as it can be, she remains to be the light that brings in hope.I absolutely cannot wait to see where KMM takes this series next KMM has made me her bitch and you won t ever see my complaining about it.

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    Hiii helloo apparently people are going crazy over this book I say it here even tho I didn t like this book, doesn t mean you will not either I m honestly glad for my friends who loved this but people who didn t are being attacked about it xD holy fucking shit so I repeat this is only my personal opinion and I m not some sort of Troll I m actually a goblin and I m not trying to influence anybody, I wish you all happy reading Everybody ignore me, who gives a flying fuck about my opinion XDD it s pointless to argue anyway, we all like different books for different reasons.This did not work for me at all SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS view spoiler The plot was weak Mostly no action Apparently the Old Gods have awakened but all I found, was the God of Boredom The book was full of inner monologue, Dani had constant life and relationship revelations blah blah blah it got so fucking old I wanted to bash my skull against the wall And really, was it necessary to re live everything from the former books I was at least hoping for some epic sex scenes and many, many brain exploding orgasms I was prepared to roll around in my bed with extreme horniness whilst listening to the Audiobook My body was so ready after all the endless teasing and sexual tension from the former books Ryodan would let his inner Beast go and rip Dani s clothes apart and they were going have savage, filthy sex and set the world on fire And most importantly Me On Fire.NOOOOOOOOOTInstead I feel like someone merely tickled my balls I don t have balls but seems fitting Honestly, Mac and Barrons got like a hundred sex scenes and Dani and Ryodan only that Are you fucking kidding me The scenes were so lame Over in a second, almost no details You know what that equals a very cranky Tinja This whole book was just so over the top and yet not enough at the same time Oh and Dani became a Hunter and she couldn t be touched for awhile And I despise the Can t Touch This Trope, you know those PNR romances when the other MC is a fucking ghost or is poisonous to the touch I m looking at you Kresley Cole and then in the end, they find a magical solutions for that and everyone lived Happily Ever After Yeah that s what happened here as well But so I ve been waiting for this couple to happen for like forever and then that gets thrown into the mix as well Are you serious At this point I fantasized about spanking the author s ass And then Shazam apparently Shazam is also the Hunter Dani thought she killed Oh and Shazam is a Male Hellcat but when he is a Hunter, he is a SHE Oh And now he, I mean she is kinda Dani s mother but only when they are in the Hunter form When Shazam is in the Cat form, he is Dani s baby The Hellcat who was both her mother and her child Wuuuuuut Are you as confused as I am So Dani is A Hunter which is basically a Dragon and now she has to be a Hunter half of the time and roam the Universe with her Hunter Family and spend the other half with Ryodan and her friends on Earth Now Dani is Immortal and if she one day wants to die she ll become a Planet Fabulous So Ryodan lives forever and she does too but doesn t that mean she won t ever see Dancer again in the Afterlife or Ryodan since if she dies she is going TO BECOME A FUCKING PLANET I feel like throwing my phone out of the fucking window.This Love Triangle with Dancer Dani Ryodan didn t work at all She said she could not have chosen between them, well if Dancer really was like a soulmate to Dani, this ending to their story was utter bullshit I wanted some sort of Afterlife HEA for all of them At least SINCE DANCER IS FUCKING DEAD A fucking Planet screams I will never get over this And really, Dani Ryodan romance is much epic which is unfair and again, there for it does not work You pull the 2 soulmate shit, it needs to be equally epic Now I wish she hadn t paired Dani and Dancer together, it should have been only Ryodan and Dani from the beginning Sighs And about Ryodan Ryodan was nothing like he was before He turned completely cheesy And really, the 2 years he was away, he was actually in Dublin IN A CAGE so he wouldn t kill all the men Dani would fuck Are you shitting me The ACTUAL Ryodan wouldn t give a damn When you think about it, Ryodan the immortal killing machine, his character has been described as so ruthless and now I m SUPPOSED to believe this No way can I.And where the fuck was Lor AT LEAST GIMME MY SEXY VIKING DAMNIT I swear he only got like 2 scenes And what was the point with Kat and Sean no smut there either I m so disappointed with this hide spoiler

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    As a stand alone read, I loved it I loved Moning s imagination, the way she twists us up into the characters emotionally and for the characters as they are now Butas a continuation of Dani and Ryodan, we come to already knowI m conflicted The vacillation from the base characters was difficult to justify but in the end I managed I got caught up in the telling and enjoyed the heck out of it anyways

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    1 Darkfever The Alpha Alternative JZB Sex Scene 2 Bloodfever 3 Faefever 4 Dreamfever 5 Shadowfever Fever Moon The Fear Dorcha 6 Iced 7 Burned 8 Feverborn 9 Feversong The gods and Fae are going to war again High Voltage was the last book I completed in 2018 And, Lord, did it really end the year off on a low note I had so much faith after Feversong But it just seems like KMM cannot write a book that stars Dani without it feeling skeezy I was so uncomfortable over so many parts of the Jacob and Renesmee storyline that was going on in this installment Like, I actually thought I was happy shipping Dani and Ryoden together after everything in Feversong, but I finished this book and felt like I needed to take a shower Darkfever is such a special book to me, and it always will be, because it was the first sexy time Fae book I ever read, and high school Melanie became addicted to these characters and world so damn quickly But, it s been ten years and I need to learn to let go, because this was a damn train wreck and it wasn t even a train wreck that was enjoyable to see happen I actually felt like I had to be on the train, because I am literally in pain, friends Basically, in this tenth installment of a series that should have only been five books long , Mac is still missing after the events of Feversong Dani is patrolling the streets of Dublin, protecting the city she loves, while also still battling the trauma that she experienced as a child She also has her trusty new sidekick, Shazam, while she is trying to figure out why parts of her body are turning black after she stabbed a Hunter so long ago But pretty much nothing happens in this book It is so ungodly wink boring, that I had to bribe myself to pick it up all through the month of December Inner angsty monologue, after inner antsy monologue Dani and Ryoden s actions were childish and ignorant throughout the entirety of this story It actually made me anti ship them, which I guess is a feat in itself And once we get to the end of the book and get actual answers about what is happening to Dani Like, I want whatever KMM is sipping because this story is truly out of this world, and not in a good way I just can t I truly can t, friends This Fae series, with my favorite romance of all time, has turned into something so damn convoluted that I am at a loss of words just trying to review it Overall, I m going to take a hard pass on whatever the fuck comes next, because I love myself I m just going to live in my little imaginary Barrons Books Baubles with Mac and Barrons and pretend I never read High Voltage Some people have churches I have BBB Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchContent and trigger warnings for child abuse, captivity, loss of a loved one, grief depictions, talk of suicide, fatphobic comments, attempted rape, sexual assault, a nasty comment about bipolarism, and some weird age gap romance themes that I don t want to think about.

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    Darkfever Bloodfever Faefever Dreamfever Shadowfever Iced Burned Feverborn Feversong Disclaimer I am completely 100% biased where this series is concerned I am a baby about it and overly sensitive about haterade I know, I m working on it 3 So, my review is clearly clouded with the eyes of a total fangirl although I have had criticisms about the series in the past.SO GOOD Ugly cry because of good feels I love Dani so much I think people who are into mysticism and spirituality, reincarnation, basically new age woo woo stuff will like this book I m ALL ABOUT the idea of being in the stars and creating planets and threads connecting you to other significant people in your life This book is very feely and emotional and introspective and philosophical We spend a lot of time in Dani s head Being in her head is much better for me Dani is a deep thinker and I have often spent hours wondering about what comes next, what else is out there This book just worked for me on so many levels and it was a huge bonus that it was so, for lack of a less cheesy word, deep There is just SO much emotion that KMM poured out into this book and into Dani and her story.I think this is the most romantically worded book in the Fever series If you don t ship Dani and Ryodan, you will not like the romance It is epic I thought it was, anyways I think they are finally ready and perfect for each other.I kind of liked the old gods coming back thing I much prefer this version than American Gods Blasphemy, I know It just feels like the start of something new and fresh to me I am so in for whatever happens next.I felt very MEH about the last few books, but was over the moon about this one It s a little long, but I adored it I m such a huge Dani fangirl now I love who she has become She truly is the superhero she wanted to be and got the love she always deserved.SPOILERS through end of book view spoiler I LOVE that Dani became a Hunter I want to become a Hunter What they do is so moving All the feels.I used to ship Dancer, but I am Team Ryodan all the way after this I loved their romance and finally communicating and becoming eternal partners I don t mind at all the things that have been added that might not tie with previous books It still worked for me.I m curious to find out if Rae is Cruce s or Sean s I loved finding out about the Nine they don t need to breathe much and can go over a year with out eating hide spoiler

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    Ahhhhhhmazing I loved it So incredibly good The audio was fantastic like always I have really grown to love Danni these past few books She was really grown and come into her own person I really loved where she took this story with Dani Ryodan oh how I love Ryodan Him and Barrons are right up there together I love the alpha male beasts she has created in this Fever World Definitely one of my favorite series ever This was definitely not a disappointment

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    So. this is it Dani s long awaited HEA I ll preface my review by saying I am a huge fan of Dani, she s one of my all time favorite characters I ve been desperately waiting for Dani to take the main stage again since Burned I was so disappointed about the direction change but I had faith K Mo would see it through I have a lot of respect for her as an author and I have no desire to bash her I wanted to absolutely love this book.That being said this book was bad Shockingly bad It read like fanfiction than a work by THE Karen Marie Moning The characterization is it s biggest downfall, with beloved characters becoming cartoonish over the top versions of themselves The character that takes the absolute biggest hit as a result of this is Ryodan Ryodan transforms from the cold calculating man who cares about his world deep down to some sort of perverted horndog eternally chasing after Dani with multiple declarations of his love It s offensive It was your cookie cutter angsty eternally tortured romance hero That may work for some people but I m not buying it I could go into a bunch of examples of this but honestly I m too sad and disappointed to even go back and look for them Kat turns holier than thou, wise in an over the top way, Christian turns into a harmless angel with not a single ounce of bad in him, Lor an absolute dummy etc etc Reading this book felt so utterly strange like it wasn t real I love Dani I will always love her character But as the story goes on her voice was lost in this one, often times sounding like Mac than herself The second biggest issue with this book is the plot There is none lol Dani sits around lonely and sad doing her laundry for half of the book and the other half. she s dealing with changes Not exactly riveting content lol There is a villain in the book but it absolutely takes a backseat to a bunch of fuckery lmao This book is 100% a romance and not even a good one Like there s just no other way to say it. view spoiler There is absolutely no gradual working up to the romance it s just Ryodan comes back and he s in love and ready TO BANG Dani somewhere along the line decides she s madly in love with him and ready to bang too There was no natural progression It s shocking the woman who wrote Mac Barrons slow burning romance also wrote this hide spoiler

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    07.03.2018I actually loved this book And Ryodan I mean can he be real and come to my doorstep please lolI agree everyone about Mac and Barrons having 8 books about them It is not fair at all, since the last 3 of them made me hate BM Also, I would love to see of this sexual tension between Ryo and Dani tbh I m a sucker for UST and since we all know how KMM is master at writing UST, it is a little dissapointing that we did only get that just a tiny bit And one thing I really love about Ryo, he owned his relationship and feelings in a way Barrons never did He always wanted best for Dani, he never insulted her, while Barrons always talkes about how stupid Mac is which she is btw, she is getting my nerves too And the best part of the book is, there was no Mac lol I really can t stand her bimbo attitude any, so I m really glad that her whiny ass wasn t around.Shazam s secret got me surprised, I never expected something like that and found it a little forced actually But it didn t bothered me much.Overall, I loved the book but I was expecting for Dani actually Her new becoming didn t get me excited at all but at least she have a choice to leave it all behind any time she wants shrughs And I remember KMM s contract She signed for the book 11 too So we will definitely get another book, lets just hope Mac stays wherever she is now till the end of that book fingers crossed I wish KMM didn t finish Dani s arch with HiVo, and finish it with Fever 11 instead I need at least a hundred Dani books 06.03.2018Damn it Karen Here, take it Take all the stars 04.02.2017And we have a name from Moning Maniacs Dani book title High VoltageETA Ooh I forgot to say that she also told us that this book does not pick up where Fever song left off It will be at a different time.

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    Splendid Breathtaking My heart is so full This very well may be my favorite of Moning s stories Dani s story is epic, though I expected nothing less.

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