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Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4) chapter 1 Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4), meaning Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4), genre Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4), book cover Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4), flies Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4), Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4) 550395f529a4f DK Readers LevelRead The Thrilling Story Of The Clone Wars, From The First Battles To The Dramatic Events In Revenge Of The Sith Stunning Photographs Combine With Lively Illustrations And Engaging, Age Appropriate Stories In DK READERS, A Multilevel Reading Program Guaranteed To Capture Children S Interest While Developing Their Reading Skills And General Knowledge

10 thoughts on “Star Wars: Galactic Crisis! (Dk Readers, Level 4)

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    wow as someone not interested in star wars, this book was chock full of information and a little hard to follow I m assuming the kids who read this already have knowledge of all things star wars it s a fairly dense book with straight forward plot lines.

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    i really like this book because it talks about how people defended and cares where they were born of evil people who wanted to destroy the land many years ago, and the only way to protect themselves was fighting the evil on page 14 palpatine the king of evil, was planning an attack on naboo and his queen amidala naboo is a kingdom of good people and amadala was crowned queen at just 14 years.then palpatine, decided to attack and he did attack amidala and his people were for the war and fighting with dignity and for what belongs to them, once and for life naboo won the war on page 34 anakin for love at his wife and children decided to join palpatine that does not give up, takes advantage of anakin, promising not to hurt his family you would like this book if you like galactic, revenge,fiction,if you like people fighting and if you like A New tomorrow, then you will like this book one challenge of this book was when obi wan had to fight his best friend anakin that change to the dark side, he have to do it because if he does not fight with anakin his kingdom will become a land over the evil there were many characters in the story amidala is a sweet person,helpul, good,nice,pretty, adorable and useful.

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    STAR WARS GALACTIC CRISIS is a Level 4 DK Readers children s book It was written for youngsters who have a proficient reading level in mind.The book tells the story told in the first three episodes of George Lucas Star Wars saga THE PHANTOM MENACE, ATTACK OF THE CLONES, and REVENGE OF THE SITH The book is filled with pictures from all three movies and includes a vocabulary at the end of the book This book is intended for children, but adults who are Star Wars fans can enjoy it, too.Overall, a great gift for young Star Wars fans.

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    This book is great for young Star Wars fans who want to Read the thrilling story of the Clone Wars, from the first battles to the dramatic events in Revenge of the Sith Intended for proficient readers, Level 4, this book has rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure, additional information and alphabetical glossary, and comprehensive index, also age appropriate Beware the dark side young reader

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    Star Wars Galactic Crisis Is a good recap of the whole Star Wars saga This book is great for older elementary kids The main theme includes rivalry, honor, and peace I give this book 4 5 because it has great pictures and it gives a detailed summary of everything that lead to Anakin s transformation from good to evil.

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    an early reader associated with the star wars series, and interest piece that invites children to read

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    I really liked it.

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