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    This book reminded me of the time when my prostitute twin sister let me be mistaken for her when I had amenesia after being attacked by her angry john and father of her unborn baby I was saved by an angry policeman who thought I was the hooker that once spurned him no amount of money in the world Not for every loose Canadian coin in the couch, etc Luckily, he had seen Overboard with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn a classic film and let me think we had a relationship where he wore the pants and I wore the lingerie When we were kids, we d have to apologize and kiss and make up to solve fights That solution works very well for what hero Grant did to his heroine Real life isn t that easy Not for all the tea in china, or the Boston harbor either, would I have forgiven Grant that easily.

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    She was sore in places she had never been sore before Is this an awesome quote, or what I think OD ed on this girly porn, I had a good reason but I need to stop now and read some James Joyce or something.Spoilers ahead I am not going to even officially mark it as a spoiler because if you didn t see that coming from the very first page then you don t deserve to be warned A certain tall, strapping Bow Street Runner named Grant finds a nearly dead woman fished out of Thames To his surprise and delight it is Vivien most expensive and most desired courtesan of London And Grant has a bone to pick with her, so he takes her to his house where he intends to have his little revenge Vivien regains her consciousness but sadly can t remember a thing, so she can t provide any clues as to who might want to kill her She also appears very shy, modest, weirdly into books and absolutely mortified when she finds out she is supposed to be this high flying prostitute Anyone who has ever seen at least half an episode of any soap opera knows damn well that amnesia goes hand in hand with people having secret twin siblings Only Grant has never seen any soap opera so he is convinced Vivian playing some silly game And, of course, how will he find out how wrong he was Don t tell me you don t see it coming He will have sex with her and bam, realizes she can t possibly by nation wide famous prostitute, as she is or was, now, thanks to him very much a virgin.So yeah, a bit out there, non But probability is not what I want from my girly porn Neither do I want historical accuracy If I wanted historical accuracy I would read Dickens As it is, the setting of Regency romances is a fantasy world, that has its rules, but they don t really have to be historically accurate It is something like Middle earth, if you like Eventually Vivien learns the truth, finds out that Grant was a bit of a dick who lied to her and is angry at him for like half a page It goes like this You , you. Hey, wanna go down on me again The ending of the book was spoiled with too much mushiness, with Grant promising things like I will never be apart from for than two hours , and all sort of nonsense on and on For pages I thought Ok, lady, enough You re beating a dead horse here.

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    3.5 5I ve been indulging myself in Lisa Kleypas books for the past few weeks and have come to appreciate her story telling talents Perhaps because this is the first book in the Bow Street Runners series, it didn t grab me quite the way her Wallflower series did I didn t find the characters quite as charismatic as those in her other books.It has an interesting plot a courtesan with amnesia being pursued by someone who is trying to kill her and the man who saved her life and is now protecting her, bent on revenge for some wrong she did him in the past There was definitely a lot to keep the pace of the story moving quickly which is a plus because it can be tough to lay the ground work for a new series and still keep the reader s attention There were only a couple of instances when I wanted to skip through some of the foundation details and get back down to the nitty gritty of the story.Someone To Watch Over Me is a story filled with likable characters, though with the exception of Sir Ross but that s another story I didn t feel a connection or attachment to any of them Honestly it wasn t until the very end of the book that I had my first Awwww, how sweet sigh moment It occurred when Grant showed up unexpectedly at White Rose Cottage, surprising Victoria What are you doing here You took too long, he muttered with a scowl.That statement brought a surprised laugh from her We agreed I would stay here a week It s been a week It s been precisely two and a half days, she informed him It seemed like a bloody year They exchange a few words then he asks, And our engagement, he asked with a set face Do you have an answer for me I loved those few sentences than any others in the entire book because it gave me a real glimpse into him an overgrown boy used to getting his own way and not sure what he would do if he didn t I could really see that frown scowl on his face as he nervously though he masked it well awaited her answer I wish we had been given candid peeks into the man who is Grant Morgan I didn t find him exceptionally charming but the sexual tension in this book was amazing Their intimate encounters had me fanning myself and checking to make sure no one was reading over my shoulder and what Grant Morgan lacked in charisma, he than made up for in heat He is one sensual, sexual man.

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    OK, the big twist was obvious as was the bad guy Maybe I have read too many Romantic Suspense books over the years that I can pick up on these things I loved Grant, a commoner, vowed never to wed but he is attracted to the lovely Vivien.I am really interested in the next book Sir Ross Cannon sounds like an intriguing character His lips pressed against her forehead and she felt him smile against her skin Believe methe only place in the world I want to be is wherever you are.

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    Love Hate Love Hate Love HateBut one cannot deny the ultimate apparent hotness of the hero So, he gets a Daniel Craig I mean he goes tearing after the bad guy, beats said bad guy up and is torn between giving said bad guy his final look at the world Yea, he s alpha hot But he s also an a hole Don t be fooled Setting Time Genre RegencySeries Yep and I think I very well may need to read the restSexy times Yes, and in comparison to a Joanna Shupe being a 5 and Julia Quinn being a 1, this is a 3 Plan on reading by the author yesSynopsis The H is a Bow Street Runner, and I have to say it sure was fun to hit Regency land without the Ton breathing down your neck Anyway, H finds h and think she s one person when it turns out view spoiler she s not hide spoiler

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    3.5 Stars Not an all time favorite by this author, but that endingRIGHT IN THE FEELS I wasn t sure I d like a story about a famous London hooker I m not one to be very forgiving of overly promiscuous leads, especially females Those midwestern roots of mine are showing But this heroine won me over very quickly She was a nice little mystery to unveil The hero wasn t as charismatic as Kleypas other men, so maybe that s why the story didn t grab me as much Still, a nice HR with a great messageone thing I ve noticed about LK is that she is one of the most non judgemental author out there She creates some secondary characters that are not imminently likeable, and yet her heroes and heroines are supremely tolerant of their sins and oddities I like the books all the for it.

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    This is my first historical romance book by Lisa Kleypas I found a certain ease about her writing and I have to say I rather enjoyed it Even though Grant was a bit of a brut sometimes I found him to be charming And Vivien was sweet and kind A perfect match for him It had an interesting plot and I loved the ending I m certainly looking forward to reading of her historical romance books.

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    Estoy rogando a Dios que este sea uno de los primeros libros de la Kleypas pues a m no me la ha recordado en NADA.Me pareci soso, aburrido y sin el sello caracter stico de la autora A los personajes les faltaba alma y la historia deja mucho que desear.El intento de intriga suspenso fue solo eso un intento.No s , amo a la Kleypas pero sus libros los que he le do ltimamente me est n dejando m s bien fr a y con grandes sentimientos de decepci n.Por cierto la traducci n LAMENTABLE Me repitieron un p rrafo completo, Cambiaban palabras por otras y con dem s errores Uffff Quer a reclamar en pero me dicen que ya la editorial est enterada y les vale que se puede hacer en esas circunstancias Solo espero que el pr ximo St Vicent est a la altura del padre, que aunque s que es muy probable que no me guste no puedo evitar las expectativas ay dios Si hasta cuanto los d as para que salga

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    Una delicia de lectura Lo he disfrutado much simo y se me ha hecho hasta corto Es una historia muy bonita y entretenida.Me encanta como escribe Lisa Ahora a por el segundo libro de esta serie y con este empiezo el reto intimo de este a o.

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    3.5 The twist was everything stars Not one of LK s best,but nevertheless a well written read.

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Someone to Watch Over Me download Someone to Watch Over Me, read online Someone to Watch Over Me, kindle ebook Someone to Watch Over Me, Someone to Watch Over Me 60cddf2bce29 Alt Cover For ISBN Grant Morgan Is One Of London S Most Eligible And Unattainable Bachelors He S Also A Powerful Member Of The Bow Street Runners, And When He S Called To The Waterfront Late One Night To Investigate A Drowning Victim, Grant Is Stunned To Recognize The Face Of Vivien Rose Duvall, A Well Known Woman Of The Night He S Even Startled When He Realizes That She S Alive With No One To Care For Her, Grant Carries Vivien To His Home And Revives Her, Only To Learn That She Is Suffering From AmnesiaVivien Hesitantly Accepts Her Handsome Rescuer S Claim That She Is His Mistress, Despite Her Misgivings About Her True Identity Nevertheless, She Can T Deny The Marks On Her Throat That Prove Her Near Drowning In The Thames Was Not An Accident, And Now She Must Trust The Man Who Claims Her As His Paramour, For Her Life Is In Danger As Grant Searches For Vivien S Attacker, The Two Find Themselves Falling In Love, All The While Struggling To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Evil Forces That Will Stop At Nothing To See Vivien Dead