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Death at Wolfs Nick files Death at Wolfs Nick , read online Death at Wolfs Nick , free Death at Wolfs Nick , free Death at Wolfs Nick , Death at Wolfs Nick 81753e029 In January , On A Lonely Stretch Of Northumberland Road Known As Wolf S Nick, Flames Rose Up Into The Night Sky From The Neighbouring Moorland Beyond Anyone S Help, Evelyn Foster Lay Near Her Burning Car Herself Engulfed In Flames Desperately Hoping To Be Found By A Passing Vehicle With Her Last Breath She Described Her Assailant A Mysterious Man With A Bowler Hat Who Had Asked Her To Drive Him To The Next Village, Then Attacked Her And Left Her To Die What Followed Was A Remarkable Effort By Some Members Of The Police To Track Down Evelyn S Killer While Other Members Of The Force Questioned The Circumstances, Evelyn S Character And If There Was Even A Man At All Professional Crime Writer And Lecturer Diane Janes Gained Unprecedented Access To Evelyn S Case Files Through Her Evocative Description, Gift For Storytelling And Detailed Factual Narrative, Diane Takes The Reader Back To The Scene Of The Crime, Painting A Vivid Picture Of Village Life And The Social Attitudes Of The S Central To This Tragic Tale, Is A Daughter, Sister And Friend Who Lost Her Life In An Unspeakably Horrific Way, And The Likely Name Of Her Murderer, Revealed For The First Time Years After Her Death

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    Death At Wolf s Nick The Killing of Evelyn FosterBy Diane JanesEvelyn Foster was sexually assaulted, set alright, and left for dead on a remote moor named Wolf s Nick, not far from her home in Otterburn, a small village in Northumberland.Her murder took place in January of 1931 The murder went unsolved The author of the book gets an exclusive peek at the police files and looks back at the case and tries to solve the mystery of her killer.It was a good read Diane clearly spent an awful lot of time researching for this book There s pictures in the middle of the book, including two of Evelyn, which adds to the story, and her dreadful demise Anyone interested in real life crime, and evidence based, will particularly enjoy this read.

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    A very good read Although I have enjoyed the novels by Diane Janes before, I have not previously tried her books which deal with true crimes This book is her examination of the Evelyn Foster murder, an intriguing and unsolved true story from the early 1930s.The case itself is interesting Evelyn Foster dies from injuries she sustains when she is found beside her burnt out car in a Northumberland location which is remote, but also not far from the main routes north At the time the police were not only unable to identify the killer, but also had doubts about the type of crime that had taken place Diane Janes tells the story clearly, with the focus on contemporary witness statements, police records and the conduct of the inquest She cuts underneath a mountain of speculation to provide a convincing timeline of the crime, and although her suggestion at the end of the book as to a potential assailant is necessarily speculative, her views on the nature of the crime are clear and compelling I can see that there has been at least one other publication about the Evelyn Foster case, and can t comment on whether this is a better examination of the likely solution But the storytelling is clear, fast paced, with interesting comments on the social history and attitudes of the time which influenced how aspects of the case were viewed by the police, the public and the press I have found some of my recent crime novels a bit middling, 3 star at best, and this was a welcome departure into true crime I have given this 4 stars and i d recommend this book if you enjoy detective stories, mysteries, and police procedurals.

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    Death at Wolf s nick by Diane James was a Goodreads winI thought this book was going to be a detective novel, but it was the story of a real life murder investigation, set in the 30 s A young women, Evelyn, is burned and dying besides her burnt out car in a remote area of Northumberland Before she dies, she accuses a mysterious bowler headed man of assaulting her The case was never solved, and the book goes over the Evelyn case files to try and find out why What emerges is that police investigations of the time where inadequate The police were very few in number and lacked things we now take for granted cars, phones, internet, or scientific backup Procedures were not in place to gather evidence from Evelyn before she died, or from the scene of the crime, which was contaminated by non police people visiting it The police tried to piece together a time line to see were people and vehicles were, but this was an almost impossible task due to witnesses conflicting statements and no computer analysis They completely failed to pick up negative time, when something could have happened with no witnesses Lack of control over information given to the press, and misleading police appeals muddied the investigation even further.1930 s social attitudes affected the case too Evelyn was a taxi driver, and used to driving strangers around, even men The chief constable thought this invited trouble, and decided from the start that she was delusional or involved in an insurance scam and so looked for evidence to support this theory, rather than pursuing the case with an open mind Her mother was the only one asking questions of her daughter, and not in a very sympathetic way She tried to find out if she had been raped, without realising that the innocent girl was not clear about the distinction between assault and rape When the post mortem showed she was a virgin, it was taken that Evelyn had been lying about the assault The police did not realise she was dying until it was too late to question her.The book was an interesting cold case analysis rather than a detective novel, and I got a bit bogged down with too many details in places It did deduce that there had been a murder, and how it could have occurred, but not who had been responsible.The excellent cover picture gives an idea of murder, intrigue and an innocent life burned to death I think this a bit at odds with the analytical approach taken by the book.

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    What an excellent real murder story Diane has painstaking detailed this cold case and come up with a good suspect for the first time Takes you back to the thirties and with illustrated crime photo s it is a must read Nowadays there are a lot of TV programmes covering past unsolved cases Hopefully this may be on the screen.

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    An interesting cold case review.

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