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The Tiara Mystery quotes The Tiara Mystery , litcharts The Tiara Mystery , symbolism The Tiara Mystery , summary shmoop The Tiara Mystery , The Tiara Mystery 8c20b5ee Claire Russell S Family Will Be Evicted In Two Months If Papa Can T Pay The Bank He Says To Trust The Lord, But Claire Is Desperately Worried When Her Twin Brother Reuben Writes A Play, He And Claire Enlist Their Boarders, Their Neighbors, An D Young Orville Wright To Act In It The Countess Has So Much Enthusiasm For Her Role As The Queen, She Even Agrees To Wear Her Valuable Tiara As Part Of Her Costume Will The Ticket Sales Be Enough To Save The Family S Victorian Boarding House One By One Strange Things Continue To Happen Until The Night Of The Play, When The Biggest Catastrophe Of All Unfolds When The Thief Catchers, Claire, Reuben, And Orville, Unite To Follow The Thief S Trail, They Face Some Big Surprises Can Mr Drummond Be Trusted And Will Claire Ever Learn To Give Her Fears To God

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    This Christian story carries a strong theme of the need to give your troubles over to God Claire, the main character, internalizes her worries Even when she tries to give them over to God, or to let her parents do the worrying, she can t help but dig into that trouble and hold it tight Since her parents board other Dayton residents, the evening meal brings them all together.Meyer unveils the mysteries one at a time, and makes sure to include Snowball, Claire s cat, in the strange doings The kids have their work cut out for them in hosting the play they hope will help them save their family home, but the mysteries tug at them, too When the house creaks, is it settling, or is someone lurking in the night It s enough to set poor Claire on edge Add in Reuben s ideas for figuring out who s stealing their silverware and , and it s almost than Claire can take as the kids take steps to catch the thief She must find a way to give her cares over to God, though, or she ll worry herself sick For the most part, the prose flowed in this third person narrative from Claire s point of view The story weaves in elements of older days, like coal deliveries, boarding houses, a young Orville Wright the famous Dayton inventor , and the foods Mama and the kids cook cabbage is a staple For a historical piece, I would have expected period words to cement that older feeling, but I can t say any jumped out at me.Claire s twin brother, Reuben, plays a strong role in the story, from his writing of the play to the steps he takes to pull it off and his ideas about investigating the mysteries plaguing Russell House He s the courage of the equation, but it s Claire s story And Claire s the one who forms connections whether friendships with kids or adults with the house she knows as home.The ending felt rushed to tie up the last threads, Claire writes a letter to a friend That seemed odd, because that s the only place in the book where Meyer uses a letter to tell the story An Epilogue ends the novel, I think so Meyer can continue the Christian thread of the story Claire s storyline doesn t need it.If you enjoy historical fiction, or want to imagine some of the things young Orville Wright did, before he earned his fame, settle in to read The Tiara Mystery.

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