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The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter files The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter, read online The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter, free The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter, free The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter, The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter dc08cc859 Mary Jekyll, Alone And Penniless Following Her Parents Death, Is Curious About The Secrets Of Her Father S Mysterious Past One Clue In Particular Hints That Edward Hyde, Her Father S Former Friend And A Murderer, May Be Nearby, And There Is A Reward For Information Leading To His Capture A Reward That Would Solve All Of Her Immediate Financial WoesBut Her Hunt Leads Her To Hyde S Daughter, Diana, A Feral Child Left To Be Raised By Nuns With The Assistance Of Sherlock Holmes And Dr Watson, Mary Continues Her Search For The Elusive Hyde, And Soon Befriends Women, All Of Whom Have Been Created Through Terrifying Experimentation Beatrice Rappaccini, Catherin Moreau, And Justine FrankensteinWhen Their Investigations Lead Them To The Discovery Of A Secret Society Of Immoral And Power Crazed Scientists, The Horrors Of Their Past Return Now It Is Up To The Monsters To Finally Triumph Over The Monstrous

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    Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature I ve read several of Arthur Conan Doyle s original Sherlock Holmes works in the last few years, as well as The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson In my college days not long after the Victorian age I also read Mary Shelley s Frankenstein and H.G Wells The Island of Dr Moreau Would it be sacrilege to say that I enjoyed this delightful pastiche and tribute to Holmes and other Victorian era fantasy better than most of the originals What The Strange Case of the Alchemist s Daughter lacks in literary depth, it makes up for in humor and accessibility.Mary Jekyll, daughter of Dr Jekyll, who has been gone for many years, is facing a penniless life on her own after her mother s death Mary comes across some mysterious papers in her mother s desk that lead her to believe that Mr Hyde may still be around she has no idea he was her father s alter ego The reward for Hyde s capture for his murder of Sir Carew many years ago is very appealing, but Mary s not certain whether that the reward is still being offered, or who she can trust with her potentially valuable information So she decides to go to 221B Baker Street, to enlist the help of Sherlock Holmes.One thing leads to another, and gradually we assemble a very appealing and fascinating cast of characters Diana Hyde, a wild and irrepressible 14 year old Beatrice Rappaccini from Nathaniel Hawthorne s short story Rappaccini s Daughter , with poisonous breath and a burning touch Catherine Moreau, a woman with disturbingly cat like qualities and Justine Frankenstein, an extremely tall and gentle woman who was assembled to be the bride of Frankenstein all women who might be considered monsters by society.These young women, with the help of Sherlock Holmes and some additional characters it s nice to see a servant play a substantive role in the plot , work together to solve a series of creepy murders, in which young prostitutes have been found dead with various parts of their bodies missing To make matters worse, the murders are tied to a secretive society of scientists, the Soci t des Alchimistes, to which all of these women have a connection as well The Strange Case of the Alchemist s Daughter is, on a higher level, faithful to the Victorian era and the works that inspired, but takes some intriguing and necessary liberties with the original stories Mary Shelley deliberately misled her readers when she wrote that Dr Frankenstein had destroyed his woman creation before giving it life, and Beatrice relates a different ending to Rappachini s Daughter While these women are generally well grounded in Victorian times, we see aspects of that society that often don t appear in literature Beatrice supports Votes for Women and Dress Reform, Catherine s atheism is counterbalanced by Justine s deep religious faith, Diana has been raised by prostitutes and mistrusts men on principle, and Mary finds herself wondering how much women could accomplish if they were permitted to wear trousers.These women are a diverse group, each with a distinct and memorable personality and unexpected talents Though they ve experienced rejection and cruelty in their lives, and some of them even sexual and other types of abuse, in the process of working together they find support and friendship They eventually name their group the Athena Club We claim the wisdom of Athena, but we identify with her dubious parentage It s refreshing to see these familiar stories through the eyes of the female characters, rather than the men who used and mistreated them.The sometimes dark plot of The Strange Case of the Alchemist s Daughter is lightened by the humorous banter between these women, especially as in a rather meta feature of the book they continually interrupt Catherine s writing of their story with snarky comments and arguments about how the book is being written These side conversations do sap a little of the tension from the story, since it s clear that all of these young women have survived the investigation and are still together, but they add a fun and creative twist to the story.Though a part of the mystery is resolved, there are lingering questions about the the Soci t des Alchimistes, and another mystery raises its head in the end Here s hoping for many adventures and mysteries for the Athena Club I received a free copy of this book for review from the publisher through NetGalley Thanks

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    The Unfortunate Case of the Gimmicks That Took Over the Story This was disappointing Hard to see how anyone could write a mash up of so many Victorian monster stories and make it boring, but that s what Goss has succeeded in doing here.The business of having the characters interjecting comments into the narrative wasn t exactly a problem, but it didn t really add anything, and it was a bit of a distraction from the narrative The real problem is that the author, in her eagerness to include references to so many Victorian characters, both literary and historical, completely neglected to write an interesting story We have Jekyll and Hyde, Van Helsing and Renfield, Rappaccini and Moreau, Mary Shelley and her mad scientist, Darwin and Lamarck, Jack the Ripper, Holmes and Watson, and , but the story holding them all together was, apparently, barely an afterthought Characterization, also, was neglected, and most of the characters are completely flat.The conclusion, after the brief flare of activity that serves as a climax, is utterly interminable Absolutely nothing happens in the last hundred pages, which are mind bogglingly dull and repetitious Reading the Kindle version, I kept supposing that something had to happen, or that maybe the final 10% would be a sample of the next in in the series, but, nope Two stars, and one of those is for the pretty cover.

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    3.5 starsClever and witty in the vein of many Victorian classics but much accessible, if not necessarily as sophisticated There s a colorful cast of women based on said classics who are often charming and enjoyable to follow Mary, the eponymous Alchemist s Daughter, is especially lovely and admirable Her foil and half sister Diana, is sometimes one note in her perpetual disagreeableness, but always entertaining in her interactions with Mary The inclusion of the reputable duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson adds another fun element, even so because they are mainly relegated to supporting character status allowing the female cast to shine Goss employs the literary device of allowing her cast to interject their thoughts and reactions during the writing of the novel by Catherine, one of Dr Moreau s creations While it s cute and sometimes provides insight into the thoughts of the characters, it s not strictly necessary and comes off as of a frivolous conceit The pacing is disjointed, the last third basically all conclusion especially, although I actually did enjoy Justine s lengthy monologue It shows Goss s connection, love, and understanding of the source material and ended up being quite touching Overall not incredible, but with the possibility of a sequel left wide open, view spoiler the strange case of the alchemist s daughter is never actually solved hide spoiler

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum That was the first meeting of the Athena Club Readers who remember their classical mythology will immediately realize its significance Athena, born from the head of her father, Zeus We do not claim the wisdom of Athena, but we identify with her dubious parentage The Strange Case of the Alchemist s Daughter may be the latest in a long line of mashups based off of some of literature s most famous horror and sci fi classics, but it possesses a charm you don t find in a lot of retellings today The awesome quote above is one of my favorites from the book which I just had to use to begin my review, because it manages to capture the essence of this book so perfectly, as well as the strength and spirit of the women in it.As the story begins, we are introduced to Mary Jekyll who is in mourning for her mother, dead after years of suffering from a debilitating madness Left with nothing to her name, Mary has no choice but to sort through some of her family s old accounts, only to find that for years her mother had been sending money to a halfway house for fallen women Following this trail, our protagonist is led to Diana Hyde, daughter of Edward Hyde, the man Mary only knows as her father s former employee and murderer Mr Hyde has been wanted for his crimes for years, and with this new development, Mary has hopes that helping the authorities capture him would mean the end of her financial troubles once she collects the reward.It is while following up on the case that Mary ends up meeting with the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson As it so happens, the two men are also currently helping Scotland Yard investigate a string of gruesome murders in Whitechapel Some of the victims, all street women, were brutally dismembered and one even had her brain removed Could these murders be related to the Edward Hyde Further digging leads Mary and Diana to find and befriend women, all of whom have been created through experimentation by a shadowy group known as the Soci t des Alchimistes Beatrice Rappaccini, raised by her father to tend to a garden of poisonous plants until she herself became poisonous to others Catherine Moreau, a beast woman brought to life by her creator s human animal hybridization experiments and last but not least, Justine Frankenstein, reanimated from the corpse of a dead girl by Dr Frankenstein to be a female companion to his monster.One part creative re imagining and one part loving homage, my favorite aspect of this book is most definitely its premise, or the idea of getting the daughters of some of gothic literature s most famous characters together to solve a mystery Goss gives all the women personalities that let them stand out as unique individuals, like sensible Mary Jekyll who is the de facto leader of the group, Justine whose great physical strength and stature belies her gentle soul, or Catherine whose irreverence and independence reflects the fact she used to be a puma My absolute favorite, however, was probably Diana the lovable hellion who just does and says whatever she pleases, much to the chagrin of Mrs Poole the housekeeper Then there are of course the nods to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes and even some to Dracula by Bram Stoker Indeed, if you are a fan of any of the referenced classics, you should have a lot of fun with this novel It was also very clever how the story even incorporated Jack the Ripper even though it was done in a very oblique and subtle way, the location and details behind the murders are clearly meant to make you think in that direction.The structure and format of this tale is also interesting The book, as we find out early on, is an account of events as told by Catherine Moreau, who among other things is an aspiring writer For better or worse, she has also allowed her companions to chime in in reaction to everything going on in her manuscript, meaning we frequently get interruptions in the narrative ranging from humorous remarks made by the characters objecting to the way they are being portrayed, to snarky comments about the quality of Catherine s writing While this is all done in good fun, I admit that sometimes these asides can get a little excessive and distracting, and it took me a while to get used to them Granted though, I can still say these are vastly preferable to pesky footnotes.In terms of pacing, my only complaint was the drawn out conclusion Goss had it so that each of the women were able to tell their individual stories, and for the most part, these were spread out nicely throughout the book and came in at appropriate times The only exception was Justine Her backstory was left until the end after the plot s climax, piggybacked onto the denouement which I thought was a little awkward The wrap up section explaining the formation of the Athena Club could have been shortened too, along with the setup for their next adventure but I m not going to grumble too hard on this point After all, it is foreshadowing that bodes well for the possibility of a sequel, and it s safe to say I wouldn t mind seeing from this world and its characters.A delightfully vibrant fusion of mystery and adventure, The Strange Case of the Alchemist s Daughter will make you think about your favorite literary classics in a whole new light I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and will be looking forward to by Theodora Goss.

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    Ok I m going to be incredibly enthusiastic here I LOVE THIS BOOK.Like I love it SO HARD.I LOVE IT.I want in this universe I want of this series immediately.MONSTER GIRLS MONSTER GIRLS WHO LOVE AND PROTECT EACH OTHER AND COME TOGETHER TO STOP A SOCIETY OF MEN WHO TREATED THEM AS INHUMAN LIKE I LOVE THISI mean I could offer criticisms I suppose but I don t want to Because THIS BOOK is the kind of book we need of it We need books about girls have adventures together, girls being friends and confidants, girls who are feminine and girls who aren t, girls who are bold and girls who are shy, girls who are allowed to make mistakes, girls who are allowed to be all sorts of different things THIS BOOK HAS SO MANY GIRLS HAVING ADVENTURES and I can t stop screaming about how much I love it.Like the girls in this story are so well rounded, so well defined, and they MAKE SENSE What they do, how they thinkit all makes sense within the context of the story and the period in which it is set ALSO THERE IS LIKE 0 ROMANCE WHICH IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER TBH No one is distracted by irritating boys being gross The most important thing to these girls is each other and that s so special I can t get over it.I hope there are books coming because I am sad that I m finished with this one and I need MORE IMMEDIATELY.

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    I have not read a book quite like this which is a delight The writing was clever and unique considering the author is using well known loved characters in literature I enjoyed the mystery, but was even delighted with the back story of each of the female characters How they lived, what they experienced just swept me away to another world My one complaint is there was a lot of editing errors that could have easily been avoided with misspelled words or incorrect words used in the sentence That being said, it did not take away from enjoyment of the story itself Think league of extraordinary gentlemen, but with female characters Witty, clever, and a whole lot of fun.

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    Ooooo, it s several classic characters all in one place Mary Jekyll is looking for her father s old partner, the murderous Edward Hyde If she turns him in, the reward will solve all her financial woes Instead she finds Hyde s daughter, Diana, and a group of other women Beatrice Rappaccini, Catherin Moreau, and Justine Frankenstein With the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, Mary and the others are going to solve the mysteries of their origins This book is an epic nerdpurr Backlist bump A Study in Charlotte by Brittany CavellaroTune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books, All The Books

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    a really Interesting read if you love the Classics like Sherlock, and mary shelley Frankenstein, it s a Great Book that brings to life characters that we all think we know from Sherlock to jekyll and hyde to rappaccini s daughter,The plot mystery is interesting solving the Whitechapel Murders , but interesting is the origin story of the Athena Club and its monstrous members I am to book two.

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    Being a fan of 19th century classics novels, this book from Theodora Goss was always going to be one I just had to get my hands on Mary Jekyll, after the death of her mother, finds out some very puzzling information involving her father, who passed away several years before under strange circumstances, that she cannot resist wanting to solve Her investigation leads her on a dangerous path peopled by some very intriguing people, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson being only two of them From the first, I wondered how Goss would orchestrate such a tale, using characters from the Gothic canon, inventing others, playing with the known stories, and I must say she does on the whole a very good job of it, putting together an entertaining mystery It is in the characters themselves however where she shines the most, portraying their interactions brilliantly.There is one thing that might not be to every one s taste The author creates a very unusual narrative where the main characters keep disrupting the narration with their comments on what is being told, injecting their own views on the events and how these are being illustrated Readers will either love it or not Personally, I did like it very much, especially since it didn t just enrich each personality and provide a comical angle the nascent relationship between Mary and Diana is hilarious , but also reflected on the art of writing It always amazes me how a technique that breaks the suspense of disbelief is used here to strengthen it Finally, do you need to have read the texts referred to here Not necessarily, but you will enjoy this book a lot if you have List view spoiler Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis StevensonThe Island of Dr Moreau by HG WellsRappaccini s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne short story Frankenstein by Mary ShelleyDracula by Bram Stoker hide spoiler

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    A fun literary mash up set in the 1890s in the vein of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with the daughters of some of fiction s most well known mad scientists as well as other figures from the literature of the time.Miss Mary Jekyll has just buried her mother and without her mother s endowed income she faces ruin due to lack of funds On discovering a reference in her mother s estate to money being paid for the upkeep of Hyde she seeks help from the well known detective Mr Holmes to see if the reward for the murder Edward Hyde is still on offer The mysteries uncovered from this lead to Mary discovering family and others women with peculiar origin stories who are all connected.This book is a lot of fun, particularly because of the interactions between the various ladies that Mary encounters and befriends The conceit of the story is that one of Mary s friends is actually writing the story and including commentary from the group throughout, so we get the amusing reactions of the characters to how the writer is depicting them and each other This is another found family story that works largely because of the clear affection that each of the ladies has for each other.This is clearly book one of a series that I will definitely be continuing with The final chapter hints at a new addition to Mary s ladies that should prove very interesting.

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