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Educational Game Design Fundamentals summary Educational Game Design Fundamentals , series Educational Game Design Fundamentals , book Educational Game Design Fundamentals , pdf Educational Game Design Fundamentals , Educational Game Design Fundamentals 62bcd53cff Can We Learn Through Play Can We Really Play While Learning Of Course But How We All Learn And Educate Others In Our Own Unique Ways Successful Educational Games Adapt To The Particular Learning Needs Of Their Players And Facilitate The Learning Objectives Of Their DesignersEducational Game Design Fundamentals Embarks On A Journey To Explore The Necessary Aspects To Create Games That Are Both Fun And Help Players Learn This Book Examines The Art Of Educational Game Design Through Various Perspectives And Presents Real Examples That Will Help Readers Make Informed Decisions When Creating Their Own Games In This Way, Readers Can Have A Better Idea Of How To Prepare For And Organize The Design Of Their Educational Games, As Well As Evaluate Their Ideas Through Several Prisms, Such As Feasibility Or Learning And Intrinsic ValuesEverybody Can Become Education Game Designers, No Matter What Their Technical, Artistic Or Pedagogic Backgrounds This Book Refers To Educators And Designers Of All Sorts From Kindergarten To Lifelong Learning, From Corporate Training To Museum Curators And From Tabletop Or Video Game Designers To Theme Park Creators

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    I bought that book some days ago I really loved it It s been a lond time since I enjoyed a book so much The book s sketches are so intuitive and the content is very helpful I totally recommend it for those who are interested in game design and learning.

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    A book that was missing I recommend it for teachers and educators who are trying to find alternative and innovative ways of teaching.

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    I started flipping through this book and without realising it I had already read the first chapters A brilliant resource on game design.

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