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The Unquotable Trump pdf The Unquotable Trump , ebook The Unquotable Trump , epub The Unquotable Trump , doc The Unquotable Trump , e-pub The Unquotable Trump , The Unquotable Trump 0ddacdb9ec7 % Of Net Proceeds Donated To The American Civil Liberties Union The Master Of The Comic Book Mash Up Finds The POTUS To Be His Ultimate Super VillainR Sikoryak Is Famous For Taking Classic Comics And Mashing Them With Famous Literature As He Did In Masterpiece Comics Or Even Using Comics To Visualize The ITunes Terms And Conditions Contract Now In These Uncertain Times, Cartoonist R Sikoryak Draws Upon The Power Of Comics And Satire To Frame President Trump And His Controversial Declarations As The Words And Actions Of The Most Notable Villains And Antagonists In Comic Book HistoryReimagining The Most Famous Comic Covers, Sikoryak Transforms Wonder Woman Into Nasty Woman Tubby Tompkins Into Trump Black Panther Into The Black Voter The Fantastic Four Into The Hombres Fantasticos And Trump Into Magneto Fighting The Ex MenIn Perfect Trumpian Fashion, The Unquotable Trump Is A Page Treasury Annual Needlessly Oversized And Garishly Colored A Throw Back To The Past When Both Comics And America Were Great This Is The Hugest Comic, Truly A Great Comic You Won T Want To Miss This, Trust Me, You Ll See

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    Trump replacing the super villain on iconic comic book covers using his own quotes It s quite genius in it s simplicity My only complaint is that there wasn t Presented in Treasury size format which makes it a bit unwieldy.

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    Sikoryak takes 48 classic comic covers and reinterprets them using Trump as the super villain and features quotes taken from the campaign trail of the 2016 elections and the period immediately following his inauguration Brilliant, hilarious, and in re reading all these actual things the current President of the United States said, also bewildering and depressing Love this back cover blurb from the AV Club which really says it all If you ve ever wondered what it s like to recognize that something is funny and clever while also being horrifying and sad, it feels like this The artwork is Amazing Huge Tremendous Fake News

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    48 pages of glorious, primary color, Golden Age comic book cover illustrations, with Trump spliced in uttering actual Trump quotes.Honestly, this wasn t nearly as entertaining or acerbic as I expected With one or two exceptions eg Trump leeringly proclaiming his superior respect for women while situated between Catwoman s legs hey, I get it the art is disconnected from the quotes themselves Trump still makes himself look like an idiot, of course, but an awful lot of sweet looking low hanging fruit goes sadly unplucked.Still, a lot of classic covers are revisited in YUUGE 11x17 fashion, I get to fight back in my own small way, and 25% of the proceeds are donated to the ACLU It s a net win.

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    The perfect gag gift for the Trump supporter in your life It s great because it s funny taking real things said by our frighteningly real President and mashing them up with comic book covers It s really funny, but since we are living in this moronic hellscape from which there is no escape with the exception of the sweet, sweet embrace of death, it s also really damn depressing But a brilliant piece of art for the Post Rational world

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    The combination of his totally idiotic quotes and these classic comic covers is hilarious If we are really going to have to endure 3 years of the orange emperor , I m glad that the literary world has the ability to continue to show people just how ridiculous Trump is.High recommend, especially for a laugh.

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    Full disclosure I m friends with the author artist of this book, but I originally met him as a fan of his earlier work, Masterpiece Comics This is just beautifully executed satire, using cover images from comics history to underline the insanity of many of Trump s public statements Some of it s hard to laugh at, but all of it s compelling and wonderfully done.

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    Just what I needed on the eve of the day when the USA voted for a lying, amoral mess so unqualified to be president that the mind boggles Grab a copy of this before you can t someone s huge ego might be insulted for him to ban this bigly fun comic book blast.

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    It made me laugh, cry, spew, rage and donate to Planned Parenthood all at the same time.

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    I can t believe this guy is our President Such an embarrassment to have this man represent us But great illustrations that encapsulate the styling of the original illustrators Very creative.

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