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A Dog's Life: Autobiography of a Stray txt A Dog's Life: Autobiography of a Stray, text ebook A Dog's Life: Autobiography of a Stray, adobe reader A Dog's Life: Autobiography of a Stray, chapter 2 A Dog's Life: Autobiography of a Stray, A Dog's Life: Autobiography of a Stray 2b7fce Newbery Honor Author Ann Martin S Heartwrenching And Heartwarming Kirkus Dog Story, Now In Paperback, With After Words Bonus MaterialSquirrel And Her Brother Bone Begin Their Lives In A Toolshed Behind Someone S Summer House Their Mother Nurtures Them And Teaches Them The Many Skills They Will Need To Survive As Stray Dogs But When Their Mother Is Taken From Them Suddenly And Too Soon, The Puppies Are Forced To Make Their Own Way In The World, Facing Humans Both Gentle And Brutal, Busy Highways, Other Animals, And The Changing Seasons When Bone And Squirrel Become Separated, Squirrel Must Fend For Herself, And In The Process Makes Two Friends Who In Very Different Ways Define Her Fate

About the Author: Ann M. Martin

Ann Matthews Martin was born on August 12, 1955 She grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, with her parents and her younger sister, Jane After graduating from Smith College, Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children s books She s now a full time writer.Ann gets the ideas for her books from many different places Some are based on personal experiences, while others are based on childhood me

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    I read this book after my 11 year old son This took no convincing as it s written by none other than the author of my favourite childhood series This is third book I ve read by her this year, the others being Snail Mail, No More and P.S Longer Letter Later The author is an advocate for animal shelters and even provides ideas and suggestions for youngsters to donate their time So good This authors writing is perfect for kids around the age ten mark, she writes innocently and with simplicity I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I was entertained by the narrator, written by the perspective of Squirrel a lovely stray dog.Seasons change and are explained beautifully, and the descriptions of cruelty are equally effective These scenes aren t morose, they are handled carefully and honestly Lots of imagery of the animals the dog comes across, a lot of animal names I had not heard of I know I spent the entire time hoping for the best outcome for Squirrel, and I can imagine that kids would be captivated even so A good quality sincere book for kids I love Ann M Martin I still remember the thrill of wanting to write to her as a 12 year old, such fond memories

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    I didn t really expect to like this book much, but I picked up on a whim anyway It had two basic strikes against it 1 It s told from the dog s point of view, which can sometimes be really odd to read and 2 it s juvenile fiction Well, I was wrong This was a fantastic book and I wish I could read like it It tells the story of Squirrel and her brother, Bone, who are stray dogs born in a shed behind a house After their mother leaves them, they depart together for parts unknown The book is, at turns, sweet and sad, wonderful and heartbreaking The ending brought tears to my eyes and made me smile It was just a fantastic book and I highly recommend it

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    A Dogs Life is about a stray mutt named Squirlle, who was born in a shed with her mom Stream and her brother Bone It s a really sad book, and it actually made me cry at times.

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    The saddest and most touching sniff sniff book I ve ever readIf you love animals lou ll love this book

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    A Dog s Life is a popular and apparently commonly taught piece of youth literature that imagines the life of a stray dog who is born in the bed of a wheelbarrow, who wanders between towns and farms for most of her life, and who finds a restful happy end with the old woman who takes her in The story is narrated by the stray dog her name in Dog is Squirrel and while this is a unique set up the only other literature I ve read from the perspective of a dog is a short piece by Mario Benedetti , it results in some appallingly self conscious prose.Here s an example Just as the air became so heavy with moisture that the mist turned into a driving rain, I spotted a large structure I know now that it was a barn, but I didn t know what it was then This kind of sentence, the kind that explains Squirrel s situation then concludes with the admission that Squirrel didn t actually understand her situation, occurs frequently The barn example is one of the less obnoxious Just wait until Squirrel endeavors to describe colors which she confesses she can t actually see and Halloween costumes would a Walgreens bought dog costume really resemble a dog to a dog And what about the issue of human speech Squirrel never converses with other dogs with dialogue But she does have a miraculous capacity for understanding and later repeating in this so called autobiography the exact words spoken to her, about her, by humans Where did Squirrel learn English This is a question that needs answering Badly.I was ready to suspend my disbelief for the 200 pages of A Dog s Life I was ready to hear a dog share her adventures with me I was really impressed by the first paragraph, which includes one masterfully ambivalent sentence I m lying near the hearth remembering the many, many nights searching for Bone Wow, I thought, is Bone some kind of doggie quest No, Bone is just the name of Squirrel s brother Ultimately, however, I have little use for this book Its author doesn t seem interested in anything than rationalizing the irrational by human standards nature of a dog I could do that without this book I do do that, every time I have a conversation with my parents beagle Why did she drag dad s bathrobe off his bed and into the living room I have my suspicions, but I don t think they merit a 200 page book.

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    I never realized how hard the life of a stray dog could be In this book you meet Squirrel s mother and brother, and his good friend Moon You realized that dogs really make strong relationships with eachother The book has a wonderful plot and I recommend it to help you understand about the feelings of dogs Also you realize that what people do is very important.

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    Okay, I really wanted to like this story, I really did And at the very beginning, I thought I would But the further I got into the story, the it started to annoy me Probably 90% of the people this dog comes in contact with are total morons and dog haters, and I really can t believe that a dog could live for 9 10 years as a stray and only find total idiots, and only be adopted by total idiots until the very end And of course the Animal Control Officers in this book have to be portrayed as the evil men lurking around the supermarket parking lots in their scary vans, catching the stray dogs with ropes on poles after someone leaves food out for them, hauling the jerking dogs to cages, slamming doors, searching for the next dog to snare As as ex Animal Control Officer, I can say for a fact that we are not big bad meanies who are out to haul dogs to their doom We actually want to get these dogs off the street and find them homes At least the veterinarian was a portrayed as a good person, who offered to donate her time to fix up the dog after it was hit by a car.

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    Still one of my favorite books.

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    A warning should be attached to this book You may never look at strays the same after reading this story I ve always been sensitive to the hardships that strays, dogs and cats, suffer and am easily led to leave some food or water about for such animals In fact, I honestly am not a cat person, but I took in a stray cat and it stayed for 22 years lol This sweet narrative by Ann Martin is told from the first person viewpoint of the stray dog known as Squirrel and grabs you from the moment of her birth, keeping you pulling for her as she encounters so many obstacles to surviving in the wild and on her own Kids will embrace this story as I did The Incredible Journey when I was a young girl Adults will find it a much needed reminder of the simple pleasure reading can give you when you open your heart and imagination.

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    I read this book to my eight year old and would highly recommend it to parents who still read to their older children It may be too sad on many occasions for younger children to handle The book has a melancholy ending that we could feel good about, but it will certainly make you want to hug your own dogs many times over We talked about the book and how it could apply to people as well as dogs a great conversation starter Again my caution for younger kiddoes It is violent in parts and one of the main characters dies without much ado at the hands of humans.

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