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Muppets Meet the Classics summary Muppets Meet the Classics , series Muppets Meet the Classics , book Muppets Meet the Classics , pdf Muppets Meet the Classics , Muppets Meet the Classics 951b49ae2b What Do You Get When You Cross The Muppets And The Classics A Monster Hit Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, Uncle Deadly, And The Other Muppets As They Bring This Tale Of Mystery And Suspense To Life In Their Own Way This Tale Of Love, Intrigue, And Jealousy At The Paris Opera House, Has Now Been Reimagined With The Cast Of The Muppets Kermit As Raoul , Miss Piggy As Christine , Uncle Deadly As The Phantom , And The Chickens As The Ballet Corps Give A Whole New Meaning To The Word Classic

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    A classic love triangle with everyone being obsessed with the greatest singer actress star of its time Obviously only one person could do this story justice.

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    it s like this was made for me Phantom of the Opera, the Muppets, snarky humorthis was pretty much perfect.

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    Eh.It was good but it could have been better This was clearly written by a fan of the Muppets and you can tell from the dialogue More on point than the shitty Disney films Gonzo actually acted like Gonzo Piggy acted like Piggy Fozzie acted like Fozzie you get the idea Though, Kermit s dialogue was fucking atrocious He was saying stuff that was not a good blend of Raoul Kermit and came off cringey and cheesy.That s the strongest praise it gets from me That s where the two stars come from.The biggest problem with this book is if someone took the Leroux novel, copied it to Microsoft Word, rewrote the story with Muppet characters By the paragraph, down to the damn scene with the envelope and the franc swapping Listen, Muppet Christmas Carol is damn faithful even if it doesn t adapt the subplot with Scrooge s sister but really, even Brian Henson Jerry Juhl knew that ALL the scenes did not need to be adapted.I give credit to Erik Forrest Jackson, he tried something that hasn t been done in a while since the early 90 s but I feel he really missed the mark on what makes an adaptation shine Not being 100% faithful but allowing the Muppets to be the Muppets If you re a Phantom fan, buy it If you re looking for a good Muppet retelling, watch Muppets Go to the Movies or one of the two 90 s adaptaions Carol or Treasure Island.

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    This book was a hoot Though I am puzzled what who it s intended audience was for Phantom Fans Muppet Fans Kids maybe I think it was pretty spot on the characterization of the Muppets It is also incredibly faithful to the original novel It includes almost all of the weird and eccentric details from Leroux s story the head of fire, the safety pin etc I loved Gonzo as the Persian.People who have read the original Phantom novel will have a insider perspective and appreciation for this little book It might be one of the most faithful adaptations for children out there putting aside the typical Muppet lunacy Yeah Disney if you want to make this the next Muppet movie Shut up and take my money.

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    The Phantom of the Opera my literal favorite thing The Muppets something I m quite fond of qUaLiTy rEAdiNg ok

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    What fun Full of genuine Muppet humor and a delightful cast of favorite Muppets as well as plenty of obscure Muppets for the die hard fan, this retelling of the Phantom of the Opera was a delightful read.

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    The concept here was a lot of fun, and I d definitely watch the muppet movie version of Phantom of the Opera if there was one, but something about writing quality or style here just wasn t holding my interest.

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    This was a silly blend of the Muppets and the Phantom As long as you go into it knowing it will have Muppet humor and enjoy that, you ll be good Definitely not great literature, but fun.

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    This book is anachronistic, chaotic, and riddled with groan worthy puns In short, it s just about everything one expects with any project featuring the Muppets With me being a lifelong fan of the Muppets in different media, and with The Phantom of the Opera being one of my favorite novels, Jackson had high hopes to live up to And he didn t disappoint.Leroux s work is delightfully reinterpreted and cleverly skewered here with the random humor of the Muppets Though a fan, I still made use of Google a few times to reacquaint myself with some of the Muppets cast in new roles here Sometimes the casting was spot on Sometimes it was just weird But it was always fun.

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    If you or your child is a lover of all things Muppet, this book is a riot to read While I haven t read the original Phantom myself, I certainly knew the general gist The imaginative ways the author threw almost the entire Muppet cast into the story was wonderful I read this with my 9 year old, and he laughed regularly while we were reading To be honest, I laughed even frequently than him One issue I have with the book, is who it is actually targeted for It came from the library as a juvenile book, but so much of the humor is adult, much of it went over my guy s head Frequent references to The Eagles Hotel California absolutely made me smile, but he just didn t catch it after all, Piggy Daae can t leave the Phantom aka Uncle Deadly because you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave All in all, the two of us loved it It was so much fun to readhe is hoping that they do of these kinds of books in the future

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