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Lines & Lenses summary Lines & Lenses , series Lines & Lenses , book Lines & Lenses , pdf Lines & Lenses , Lines & Lenses b5c8d7c189 A Quotographic Collection Containing A Combination Of The Author S Inspiring And Pithy Quotations Paired With Evocative Complementary Images, Which Together Highlight Some Of The Endearing Flaws In Human Nature And The Pressing Issues Of Our Time

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    Sorry Random Shutterstock images that mostly kinda illustrate very random quotes doesn t make a good book Heck, if it were a free blog I wouldn t even subscribe Please try again If anyone does have know of a good book based on a similar concept, comment below

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    Lines Lenses is a stunning collection of inspirational quotes paired with painstakingly curated images that together drive home some powerful messages about the state of the world we live in and the shortcomings of the human race The author demonstrates a rare talent for combining words and images so that the sum is worth than the parts.

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