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The Candidate in the Rye summary The Candidate in the Rye , series The Candidate in the Rye , book The Candidate in the Rye , pdf The Candidate in the Rye , The Candidate in the Rye 0e8d41f1fd If You Really Want To Hear About Me Running For President, The First Thing You Ll Probably Want To Know Is What Country I Was Born In, And What My Experience Holding Political Office Is Like, And What My Tax Returns Say, And All That Mitt Romney Kind Of Crap, But I Don T Feel Like Talking About Any Of That, If You Want To Know The Truth And If I M Being Honest I M The Best At The Truth I Really Am The Candidate In The RyeOne Day Not Too Long Ago, John Marquane, A One Time Writer For The Harvard Lampoon, Noticed That The Catcher In The Rye Was In Fact Written In The Voice Of Donald J Trump With Just Weeks Before The November Election, Marquane Got To WorkThe Candidate In The Rye Parodies J D Salinger S Controversial And Often Banned Masterpiece, Reimagining It Through The Eyes Of The Republican Nominee As He Lags In Those Dirty, Terrible Polls With Three Days To Go Before The Election Follow America S Least Phony Candidate As He Runs Away From His Running Mate, Pencey, Puts On One Of Literature S Greatest Symbols His Red Make America Great Again Hat And Embarks On An Aimless Quest To Figure Out Just What The Hell S The Point Of All This Political Crap, AnywayWill Trump Blow It Will The United States Elect A President Whose Problems Most Closely Resemble Those Of A Fictional Sixteen Year Old Will He, Like Holden Caulfield With His Sister Phoebe, Find Solace In Watching His Daughter Ivanka Ride Round And Round On The Carousel In Central Park, Which, And You Can Look This Up, Is In Fact Now Run By Donald J Trump Will The Angstiest Man In America Finally Face His Own Demons, And Maybe Even His Ex Wives

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    Told in the voice of Donald J Trump, it s a good thing this book was only 68 pages long because I couldn t have taken much of hearing him in my head The only thing that would have made this funnier is if it wasn t so true.

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    Short but so sweet.Will make you laugh and cry simultaneously.Read it

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    The idea is great, this book s only problem is that all of us have heard all many of the talking point over and again, especially the juicy attention getters That being said, the book is funny, nicely shaken and stirred.Author John Marquane writes many things we think DT is thinking, like for instance, If I couldn t say whatever came into my mind about anything at any time, what was the point of becoming president, anyway Other things, DT may be thinking but whether he does or not, mass media college students should examine them, as well poli science majors, I mean, I like a good fact and all as much as anyone the whole birther thing Maybe it s not true, exactly, but it s interesting A hell of a lot interesting than the truth, if you know what I mean I feel like I can t explain it notice that last sentence The unskilled politician taps into something he can t explain No real politician would do that To be honest, I cannot remember DT having said this statement, I tried to google it and didn t find the verbatim statement but I could certainly see that this is DT s thinking.That s what makes this book interesting Obviously, the author John Marquane spent a lot of time to study DT s statement and campaigning process.Most interesting of all thoughts was for me I d hire the guy who ghostwrote the Bible I got excited as hell thinking about leaving it all behind I really did I knew the part about pretending I was an Independent was crazy, but I liked thinking about it anyway While pretty much everybody I know believes that DT is not a religious man, this book notices DT s comments about the Bible frequently and builds them into content we could actually see on TV, especially during the campaign.When we read this sentence are we supposed to believes that DT Trump is ignorant and doesn t know who wrote the Bible Or, does John Marquane point at that DT alone realized that Moses, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, and other were only the front men of the message and their scribes are the real authors ghost writers.An interesting book, I ll probably read it again, It s fascinating material for the interested mass media expert.5 stars,Gisela Hausmann, author

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    I m actually reading this in the wee hours on the day before the 2016 election, so this was apropos I m actually reading this in the wee hours on the day before the 2016 election, so this was quite apropos I ve always loved Harvard Lampoon style of parody, so I had high hopes I was not disappointed Looking at the period immediately before the 2016 Presidential Election through the eyes of Donald Trump within the structure of The Catcher in the Rye is non obvious, but natural Mr Trump is the man I would consider most in need of a personal journey like this one There was another well appreciated attempt to bring authenticity to the book by injecting large quantities of self absorbed, narcissistic ego mania Most of all, this book is just good fun We ll see what tomorrow s election brings Whoever wins, this parody has been even funnier and educational than the election itself.

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    I was not a fan of Catcher in the Rye, even less so with Donald Trump as the main protagonist.

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    Overall it is an a okay book because it had a good lesson to learn at the end, the book kept itself interesting for me because of how he reacts and responds to something he has never encountered But It is not my type of genre of books to read independently

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    I have to disclose that I won a free copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway but that is in no way impacting my review In a literary sense, this book blew me away It really nailed the tone and feel of Catcher In The Rye, and also nailed the tone of Donald Trump and included some actual quotes and ideas of Trump Major props to the author for staying true to both Sainger s style and Trump s ideas It definitely couldn t have been any longer, as I couldn t bear any Trump Holden when I first read Catcher in the Rye in high school, I loved it, but as an adult I can t stand it This book definitely has the same feel So mission accomplished, but I could definitely only take so much Well done Will recommend to a few friends Would be a lot funnier if it wasn t all so true hitting close to home

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    The Candidate really did seem to capture the essence of Trump while weaving in many of his quotes and sayings The book was actually quite funny.Whatever your political position this book will bring laughs You actually feel as though Trump is talking to you I had several moments where I was laughing out loud I can t remember a time a book made me laugh this much.I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a good laugh.I received this book for free from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Candidate in the Rye, by John Marquane, is The Catcher in the Rye retold Instead of Holden Caulfield it s Donald Trump I really enjoyed TCatcherITR It was a great novel with a great message Having said that, I thought TCandidateITR was pretty funny I found myself smirking and laughing through out the whole novel It was a light and quick read on a classic.

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    I thought it was spot on I laughed I felt sad I thought quietly in light of the elections and most of all I prayed seeing as how he is now the President elect of the United States of America My heart goes out to him because it s not going to be easy for him As I was reading, I kept feeling conflictedmaybe it was me I felt melancholy I enjoyed the read though.

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