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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales chapter 1 Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales , meaning Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales , genre Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales , book cover Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales , flies Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales , Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales 8882459553c47 Robert Louis Stevenson S Short Novel, Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, First Published In , Became An Instant Classic, A Gothic Horror Originating In A Feverish Nightmare Whose Hallucinatory Setting In The Back Streets Of London Gripped A Nation Mesmerized By Crime And Violence Its Revelatory Ending Is One Of The Most Original And Thrilling In English Literature This New Edition Of Stevenson S Most Famous Work Includes Three Additional Short Stories, Two Short Essays, And Extracts From Contemporary Writing On Psychological Disorders The Introduction Considers The Reasons For The Book S Popularity, The Double, And Psychoanalytic Interpretations, As Well As Crime, Sex, Class, And Urbanism In The S Appendixes Provide Contextual Historical Material By Henry Maudsley, Frederic Myers, And WT Stead This Edition Also Provides An Up To Date Bibliography And Full Notes, Including Details Of The Initial Responses Of Stevenson S Contemporaries, Such As John Addington Symonds, Gerard Manley Hopkins And Rider HaggardThe Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde The Body Snatcher Markheim Olalla A Gossip On Romance A Chapter On Dreams

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    I enjoy the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and found the other tales enjoyable the most interesting read for me came at the end of the tales and was of papers that were published around the time of the stories These were on Mental health and how the Victorians try to explain the changes that too place in a person at different times of their lives.

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    I liked this but I didn t love it I m glad that it was written because so many great film adaptations were based on it but it s kind of the same way I feel about Dracula the movies and the whole archetype based on the work far outstrip the work itself.

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    This book was boring And short I already kind of knew what was going to happen thanks Once Upon a Time and that might have ruined the tension a bit for me But then, not much was happening, so the tension probably would never have been there, even if I didn t already know what was going to happen So I guess I should be thankful that it was so short This book just didn t do it for me.

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    I really enjoyed this short book and wish I didn t know the twist ending I loved how the author presented the strange case

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    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde s story was fascinating, but the fact that I already knew about his double personality ruined it for me Nevertheless, the suspense was equally pleasurable I loved the rest of the stories in the book He is a great storyteller I also found the Chapter on Dreams very illuminating and refreshing

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    Suffice it to say, the best part about this entire book was Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The Body Snatcher wasintriguing, but not what I would call good The rest of the stories were uninteresting to me and the two essays, beyond the opening paragraph of the first, were as well.

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    One of the worst books I have ever come across in my life I was interested in Jekyll and Hyde story since it s a classic but by the time I had finished it I was thoroughly disappointed Same with the other stories in this book by the same author They all lacked a plot and a proper ending, it was like a prolonged blabber of a madman without any meaning attached to it A very painful and a dull read, I do not recommend it I m surprised it s even considered a classic.On top of all this I loathe the author, he tries so hard to be dramatic as Edgar Allan Poe but fails miserably, and then he has the guts to actually criticize other authors and their stories like he s some kind of a genius NOT.Awful, awful, awful

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    Everyone knows the story, or at least they think they do But as is the case with much classic literature that enters into popular consciousness, much gets lost or forgotten or shockingly misremembered I m looking at you, Wuthering Heights, and your freakish misinterpretation as a love story Stevenson s tale is both and less than you probably recall it being, far reliant on frames within frames in a way that makes you wonder if he wasn t a long lost Bronte sister and with much less overt in its depictions of evil There are many theories regarding the latter and the possible implications Stevenson s apparent timidity that he was eliding obvious references to homosexuality, or possibly child prostitution, a major scandal over which happened during the time he was writing I personally think Stevenson left Hyde s perversions deliberately opaque as a way of demonstrating the duality of nature even in his reader, for each of us supplies from some dark corner of our being suggestions as to what the infamous Hyde could have been up to, suggestions all the disturbing for coming solely within ourselves.This particular edition includes several other tales that further illustrate Stevenson s fascination with duality and evil, as well as an essay, A Gossip on Romance that should be required reading for anyone enrolled in a creative writing MFA program Rather than seeming extraneous, the extras add to the enjoyment of Stevenson s classic, as does the excellent introduction by Luckhurst, which makes getting to know this particular tale all over again an utter delight.

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    This edition consisted of RLS s most famous novel, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, three short stories and two essays Firstly, I am thankful I read RLS s literature for it taught me how important the journey from the beginning to the end of a story passage really is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is an intelligently weaved tale which tells a lot about people in general Quoting RLS, a man is not truly one, but truly two Moving on, of all the short stories, The Body Snatcher, Markheim and Olalla, I must say I liked Olalla the best It touches upon the crucial issue of isolation and captures it well in all its beauty without inclining it towards the supernatural The two essays published in this edition, A Gossip on Romance and A Chapter on Dreams both successfully made a deep impression on my thoughts A Gossip on Romance talked about how fiction can be called romance and while reading the second essay, I felt like I was listening to the wonderful fable of a dreamer who at the most indirectly, everybody can relate to In conclusion, I d just say, beautiful edition by Oxford, the compilation is desideratum So go ahead, and pick up anything penned by RLS He really knew what he was doing.

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    Actual rating 2.5 out of 5 starsI only read the title story from this collection for my English class The book started out all right but eventually grew interesting as it continued While I did find Mr Utterson s perspective interesting and some parts intense, the Victorian English was incredibly flowery and it would have been interesting to see the events from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde s perspectives But that would have given the secret away, view spoiler because Jekyll was aware of Hyde s existence the whole time, even though he was a manifestation of Jekyll s evil and a alternate personality hide spoiler

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