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I Live Here pdf I Live Here, ebook I Live Here, epub I Live Here, doc I Live Here, e-pub I Live Here, I Live Here 2078e081569 I Live Here Is A Paper Documentary An Intimate Journey To Humanitarian Crises In Four Corners Of The World War In Chechnya, Ethnic Cleansing In Burma, Globalization In Mexico, And AIDS In Malawi THE BOOK I Live Here Is A Visually Stunning Narrative Told Through Journals, Stories, Images, And Graphic Novellas In Which The Lives Of Refugees And Displaced People Become At Once Personal And Global Bearing Witness To Stories That Are Too Often Overlooked, It Is A Raw And Intimate Journey To Crises In Four Corners Of The World War In Chechnya, Ethnic Cleansing In Burma, Globalization In Mexico, And AIDS In Malawi The Voiceswe Encounterare Those Of Displaced Women And Children, In Their Own Words Or In Stories Told In Text And Images By Noted Writers And Artists The Stories Unfold In An Avalanche An Orphan Goes To Jail For Stealing Leftovers A Teenage Girl Falls In Love In A City Of Disappeared Women A Child Soldier Escapes His Army Only To Be Saved By The People He Was Taught To Kill Mia Kirshner S Journals Guide Us Through A Unique Paper Documentary Brought Vividly To Life In Collaboration With JB MacKinnon, Paul Shoebridge, And Michael Simons, With Featured Works By Joe Sacco, Ann Marie MacDonald, Phoebe Gloeckner, Chris Abani, Karen Connelly, Kamel Khelif, And Many Others THE JOURNEYS IngushetiaThe Border Of The Russian Republic Of Ingushetia Is Not Even Fifty Miles From Grozny, The Capital City Of Chechnya Today, Some , Chechen Refugees Live In Ingushetia Mia Kirshner And Joe Sacco Traveled Here Together, Returning With First Person Accounts, Video, Photographs, And Other Materials Gathered In Nazran And Moscow The Chapter Includes Journals By Mia Kirshner, The Story Of A Young Refugee As Told By JB MacKinnon, The Story Of A Young Piano Virtuoso As Told By Ann Marie Macdonald, And A Graphic Novella Of Chechen Refugees By Joe SaccoBurmaEthnic Cleansing By The Burmese Military Has Displaced An Estimated , To Million People Over , Live In Refugee Camps Along The Thailand Burma Border Burma Is Also Believed To Be Home To Child Soldiers Than Any Other Country In The World Mia Kirshner And Michael Simons Took Separate Trips To The Region This Chapter Is Based On Their Interviews, Photos, And Video, As Well As Writing By Sex Workers And Karen Refugees It Includes Journals By Mia Kirshner, As Well As Work By Chris Abani, Karen Connelly, JB Mackinnon, And A Graphic Novella By Kamel Kh LifJu Rez Ciudad Ju Rez Is A Large Industrial Border City In Mexico Across The Rio Grande From El Paso, Texas Since , Young Women, Many Of Them Employees Of Ju Rez S Than Three Hundred Maquiladoras, Or Global Trade Zone Factories, Have Been Disappearing From The Streets Mia Kirshner And Phoebe Gloeckner Made Independent Journeys To This Region This Book Is Informed By The Stories And Images They Brought Home It Includes Journals, A Story Of One Of The Victims By Lauren Kirshner, And A Graphic Novella By Phoebe Gloeckner MalawiMalawi Is One Of The World S Poorest Countries, And Has An AIDS Rate Close To Twenty Percent The Disease Touches Every Aspect Of Daily Life In The African Nation, Introducing Immense Chaos, Particularly In The Case Of Orphan Children Mia Kirshner And JB MacKinnon Made The Trip To Malawi And Returned With Interviews, Photographs, Writing, And Artworks This Book Includes Journals, A Children S Story By JB MacKinnon With Art By Julie Morstad, And The Stories And Artwork Of Boys In A Local Prison

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    Four 80 page ultra glossy booklets in a cardboard foldout absolutely reeking of well intentionedness and boundless compassion detail fragments from the lives of refugees from Chechnya now living in squalor in Ingushetia boy soldiers and sex workers in Burma murdered women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Aids sufferers in MalawiYes, happy days are here again Or not This is a whole world of sorrow refracccccccted through journals, poems, short stories, graphic novelettes, scrapbooks, grafitttti, collage, embroidery, by a whole list of artists, and all based on the real lives of the poor souls encountered in these hell holes by the wandering Mia Kirschner whose giant ten year project this is and who edited it all together It s a feast for your eyes, a delightful smorgasbord of style, but the screeching dissonance between the lovely lyrical jewelled art object that is I Live Here and the howling misery it is actually about was too much for me And after book two, all the woe glommed together into one hideous female wail, endlessly raped and endlessly not knowing how to feed her five children, there always seemed to be five children I can t recommend this, but it is unique note the Ciudad Juarez booklet was timely as I just gave up Bolano s 2666 couldn t finish it, couldn t review it, didn t have the heart But that section will be of great interest to the many fans of 2666.

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    Celebrity philanthropic efforts often center around a few photo opportunities showcased to further a career These usually well meaning events generally turn a fleeting spotlight on the truly needy, such as the numerous Africa plights, conquered Tibet, or the disaster relief du jour With I Live Here , Mia Kirshner The L Word shines an unwavering, informative light on important and troubling non U.S centric issues in a truthful and often disturbing manner She elevates celebrity philanthropic efforts to an extraordinary new level of sophistication in content and style Kirshner visited four ravaged areas, conducting interviews with the women and children most affected I Live Here compiles her encounters in Ingushetia, Burma, Ciudad Ju rez, and Malawi in a graphically intense series of four oversized, thin paperbacks wrapped inside a hardcover case Each book also contains a graphic novella, and two of the volumes offer related short stories.The Russian republic of Ingushetia lies on the border of Chechnya Not 50 miles from the embattled country s capital, Grozny, than 15,000 Chechen refugees currently live in Nazran, Ingushetia, primarily in tents and abandoned buildings Kirshner first encounters the orphaned 12 year old boy Ruslan at the edge of a dirt lot Through an interpreter, Ruslan relates stories about his father s missile ravaged body and the killing of his mother by a drunk driver Kirshner then meets Ruslan s foster mother, Yakha, who fled her home for a different reason Yakha remembers the day It was February 26, 2001, and her husband was drunk, as always Eighty thousand Russian troops were in Chechnya, and they had been in control of Grozny for a year Over the weekend, news spread that a mass grave containing fifty one Chechens had been found in an abandoned village less than a mile from the main Russian military base It was on the Monday, though, that her husband beat her with weights in his hands, and she fled She had to leave her kids behind and go Can you imagine She had to leave her children behind When last she saw her husband, he said this business wasn t finished He had threatened to take her body into the forest and cut it into pieces Yakha eventually returned to Grozny and brought her children to Nazran The set s best graphic novella, Joe Sacco s excellent graphic story Chechen War, Chechen Women, perfectly supports the rest of the book s text by skillfully recounting the tragedy s history through the life of an old Chechen women.In perhaps the most disturbing volume, Kirshner meets with several Thai sex workers and young Burmese soldiers, ages 13 and under Graphic stories of rape, abortion, and hunger emerge from the desperate women that work in Mae Sot along the Thai Burma border The prostitutes, often conscripted in their pre teens, powerfully relate the inherent cruelty and desperation of their situation As in all of the volumes, photographs and pictures by and of the oppressed appear with the words none as effective as the intense images of the barbaric abortion methods No pro life fetuses here, just the starkness of a gloved hand entering an anonymous vagina and a drawing of a homemade abortion stick This book also contains Karen Connelly s The Princess of the Sagawa Tea Shop The best fiction in I Live Here, it emotionally shares the trials of an experienced Thai prostitute who wants to retire and raise a family.The impoverished, international drug trafficking center Ciudad Ju rez, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, attracts thousands of Latin American migrants to work in the city s 300 plus factories Since 1993, some 400 women, many of them factory workers, have been killed, usually raped and tortured, and dozens have gone missing Kirshner traveled to this troubled city and met the parents of Ericka, one of the victims While complete with images from Ericka s life, the interview pales next to Margaret Atwood proteg and Mia sibling Lauren Kirshner s Twenty Poems for Claudia, a creative non fiction essay recounting the life of another victim The story begins with a FedEx box In the box there are photos of gray highways and underpasses Pictures of you wearing white powder and blue contact lenses, with your mouth closed like you you ve got a secret you want to tell There s an interview with your mother, who says God will take care of everything There is a photo of the Lear factory where you worked making electrical harnesses for American cars There s a photo of a pariah street dog with an empty potato chip bag on its mouth, one yellow eye visible and disappointed There are pages from your high school notebook a few notes about John Locke, the Enlightenment, knowledge for all The notes stop halfway down the page, where fat graffiti takes over Lauren Kirshner accomplishes far than rehashing Claudia s short life she experiences it, complete with confusion and disgust over this unsolved murder and the countless others.The massive weight of the AIDS crisis crushes Malawi, where one in five residents is HIV positive, and the humanitarian needs far outstrip the available aide Mia Kirshner talks with AIDS victim Miriam, who like many in this poor African nation cannot afford the treatments Kirshner relates the sad moment when Miriam learns that her daughter, too, has the plague She doesn t normally cry, she says, and asks me if I know why tears are hot In the same volume, Kirshner visits the Kacher Prison for boys The inmates, all between 11 19, are are often locked up for petty offenses for years at a time No one claims them, not because of harsh penalties but rather the epidemic Kirshner intertwines the story with the young men s own words.The magnificent design by Michael Simons and Adbusters alumnus Paul Shoebridge weaves the disparate elements into one of the finest looking publications ever produced In toto, the package forms an amazing work of art An exceptional book of rare quality, I Live Here exceeds all expectations.This originally appeared in The San Antonio Current 11 5 08

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    I won t give much here in the way of summary because Rick s review is pretty comprehensive, but I want to add my voice to his in expressing my appreciation for this collection I think of myself as someone who keeps up to date on current events, but too often international tragedies are reduced to statistics how much damage, how many missing, how many infected, how many dead The concept behind Kirshner s project is that a person s story is worth than a volume of statistics in expressing the reality of life in some of the world s most neglected regions This is not a traditional book there s no consistent story, or string of continuity it is a series of first hand and fragmented experiences that left me with an undeniable impression of the appalling living conditions that too many people have had to accept as the norm There are volumes planned, and I cannot wait to see further work of this quality The tag line for this project is There are too many untold stories , and towards that end there is also an I Live Here foundation that is funding arts and writing programs in developing areas, so that people will have an outlet for expression The I Live Here website is similarly well done.

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    This is really beautifully written designed and incredibly moving, but I m really unsure how I feel about it The manufacturing of emotion with no clear outlet beyond a book bothers me just reading this book and becoming aware doesn t actually change anything, it just makes the intended audience sit around thinking that the third world is just so terrible but somehow our awareness will magically make it better, while it also doesn t really make us feel at all implicated in the condition of these other parts of the world Also, it really upsets me when texts are based on interviews but don t make it very clear when there are actual quotations from the interviewees and when their stories are being filtered by others, or are just loosely inspiring fiction I m looking at you, Eve Ensler, as well Even just moving reprinting the info from the inside of the box describing each piece its author would have made this much clear or adding page s to the volumes and then the descriptions of their contents , and who cares if that would have made it a bit less pretty.

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    Moving, a look inside the lives of individuals who truly know what it means to suffer It was hard to give it back to the library because I never felt truly finished with it The stories are raw, a gut punch that makes one feel compassionate and capable of extending a warm hand of support and caring.

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    I admit, I was prejudiced, as Mia Kirshner plays who is possibly the single most annoying character in television history on the L Word So I was pleasantly surprised and moved by this intense collection of stories, photographs, and artwork Set up as 4 separate short books, reading like a journal, she collected the words and stories of absolute devastation war torn areas, genocide, AIDS, poverty, rape, and murder It s very creatively done, very moving, extremely depressing interpretation of the lives of 4 areas around the world Be forewarned it s very heavy and has some disturbing photographs and artwork depicting extreme violence.

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    There are lots of interesting and heartbreaking stories in this four book collection Each book focuses on a different part of the world where terrible things happen The books feature short fiction, comics including a great one by Joe Sacco , artwork and Mia Kirshner s journals The problem is that Kirshner is a terrible writer She strives desperately for her work to be Important Writing, but it comes off really cliche and self centered I felt bad to be rolling my eyes given the serious subject matter, but she s really pretty annoying Also I am a bad person.

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    Pretty ambitious and amazing project So Kirshner, an actress I ve never heard of on a show, The L Word, which I have but have never seen, spent seven years travelling to areas of massive poverty and injustice to chronicle the stories of women and children in these areas I Live Here has a strong website presence and probably multimedia aspects that I haven t discovered yet, but even the book is much than a book It comes in a binder, which when unfolded, has four notebook style books inside Each book spotlights a different region refugees of the Russian Chechen conflict in Ingushetia political refugees and sex workers on the Thai Burma border the unsolved murder of young women in Ciudad Ju rez, Mexica and the problem of AIDS HIV in Malawi in Africa.Reproducing Kirshner s journal entries as well as short fiction and artwork by her collaborators including a comic book journalism section in Ingushetia by Joe Sacco, and a comic collage in Cuidad Ju rez by Gloekner , the creators present a very moving and emotional portrait of life in these impoverished parts of the world It s not light or fun reading But it s extremely well put together Personally, I d quibble with the use of fiction, which is sometimes too neat and undermines the reality of the journal segments But it s certainly a well put together package done by people who really want to make a difference.

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    This book is an actual treasure It will shatter you, but it will educate you, and it s just chock full of beautiful art and stories from disenfranchised people From refugees in Chechnya, to sex workers in Burma, to the missing girls in Ciudad Juarez, to child prisoners and people with HIV AIDS in Malawi, the book highlights stories we don t often get to hear It s humanizing, ambitious in its scope, and beautiful, despite all the horrors it s documenting There s also a section by Joe Sacco, which was a wonderful surprise I really hope people get this book and read it.

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