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    This comic is perfect Jen hires a brilliant monotone receptionist with a monkey and goes for a night out with Hellcat Javier Pulido s artwork is amazing as ever and Soule s producing the best work of his career I ll say it again because it s true this comic is perfect Read the full review here

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    Sigue sin llamarme la atenci n, tal vez sea porque los estoy leyendo en espa ol y odio los comics que leo en espa ol.

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    Reviewed for Women Write About Comics.I recently read She Hulk Diaries, having only a vague idea of who the character was I definitely remembered her being green often, so I grabbed the new She Hulk 1 just to check and was hooked Similar to Diaries, this new solo series focuses on the non superhero side of Jennifer Walter s life, making her a person that I d really love to hang out with Picking up where the last issue left off, Jennifer has just opened her own law practice and is tapping her fingers, trying to figure out her next steps Clients aren t beating down her door, but her search for an assistant leads to a very interesting dynamic in her new office life Jen also meets her landlord, a former mutant who lost her powers on M Day and is now sympathetic to the needs of supers who can t afford ridiculous rent and insurance just because they might accidentally bust down a wall or two The interactions between Jen and her landlord and her assistant are great She Hulk does get to play a bit, donning her purple and white body suit to go work out some stress with her friend Hellcat It s not quite as interesting an adventure as her going up against Tony Stark s lawyers and then Tony himself in the previous issue, but it s still fun to see how she plays with her friends.

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    I can t describe what it is about this comic, but I m just not enjoying it I truly hate the artwork, I wish it had the same elegance and charm as the cover art Everything about this just seems static to me, it is missing something, it just feels lifeless to me Maybe it is that the characters seem a little flat and boring Maybe it is the humor which just isn t working for me It just doesn t have the same punch as She Hulk, Vol 1 Single Green Female and Sensational She Hulk by John Byrne Volume 1.I don t know, I m just not feeling this, if it were any other character I d have given up by now but Shulkie is my favorite.

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    Not as great as I expected Pulido s art doesn t jive with me at all he s got some incredibly uncanny valley faces, and his action scenes seem incredibly static I ll try a few issues, but as much as I want to love She Hulk, this series isn t doing it for me.

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    I found this was much bbetter than the first issue I m getting used to the art whichange I didn t like at first Also, we have two new characters and a monkey in the story.

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    She Hulk s number 1 was the strongest number 1 of the All new Marvel Now series that fell into my hands and issue 2 stays on top too.Soule s She Hulk seems to be a keeper as issue 2 keeps the light feel good tone That s not to say it s perfect, as it is a few notches below the quality of the opening shot of the collection My main quibble is that it seems both in the art and the writing a rushed script, as if neither Soule or Pulido had much time to deliver it and with Soule s crazy schedule, I believe that s a strong possibility Now, if it s a rushed comic, it s a great rushed comic.What leads me to think it Unlike the first issue, Pulido s art doesn t have that much space to shine in double pages as it did in the previous issue Instead, he has one double page here that does the job with a shocking image, but it s not as intricate as the one from issue one There are a too many undetailed drawings, as for instance the A.I.M exo suits Pulido draws them with charm, as if they were made up cardboard robots, but all that charm cannot hide that they seem quickly doodled.A similar thing happens with the idea behind this issue I m quite happy that it s another self contained comic as it shows you don t need a 4 issue arc to tell a story I m looking at you, Wolverine and Wolverine the X Men but all the girls night out bit that takes up half the comic feels a bit like an excuse to have some action thrown in, as if it was required The writing and the characters are strong enough not to need any action, and I would have liked to see how Jennifer convinced Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat that she was too drunk, and they should not suit up and go out looking for trouble.But then again, without that, we wouldn t have that last bit when She hulk offered Hellcat a job and that wonderful reaction panel drawn by Pulido If I just had to choose one picture of the whole comic, it would be that reaction from Hellcat to be told that she s got a job, a friend looking for her, and that she s going to be around.Now, the art is not that incredible, but it s something that comes from the investment put into the character in the earlier conversations about Patsy s woes Hellcat is a minor background character, and her dialogue here reflects that, not in a breaking the 4th wall way like Deadpool, but with dialogue that speaks about her loneliness and lack of objectives In a way it s there to show She Hulk that some of her friends are worse off than she is, but it also introduces us to a new character for the collection and makes us care for her Who hasn t felt left out sometimes It s not that everything is worded by Soule, but it s delivered in a great combination of words and pictures That for me is what makes this comic stand out so far It has a heart and relatable characters, no matter how minor they are So, welcome aboard Hellcat.I have to bring up another small problem with Soule s She Hulk She s been around for a long time, and I think she should be way less naive than how she s been portrayed in these first two issues In the first one, she tries to solve something with Tony Stark, not directly, but going through bureaucracy telling them she had a legal issue I think she should have known better In this issue, when interviewing applicants for a secretary position, the one she actually interviews came of sneaky as hell Her answers and behaviour would have raised red flags for everyone, but She Hulk doesn t seem fazed at all I hope this is just the fact that she s not letting that out, because if not, it would again be out of character for such a seasoned heroine.

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    Golly, these issues are too SHORT I d say, this second issue doesn t quite hit it out of the park in the way the first one did, but it is by no means a lesser book It is a proper continuation, and I was right there with Jennifer from the recap on page one.Her new legal aide, Angie, is strange She has a monkey I don t get it I smell trouble in River City With a capital T, two letters from M, and that stands from MONKEY Getting drunk with Hellcat was funny and potentially dangerous Hellcat doesn t have any fancy powers, apparently she wants Hellcat is like Ariel from The Little Mermaid right now She just wants to be part of A world any world Also, I WANT A GIANT POSTER OF THAT TWO PAGE SHOT OF JENNIFER S EYES That was beautiful And then Kristoff Vernard son of Victor von Doom shows up he wants her legal help I smell simian slipperiness afoot Though, not gonna lie, Careless Whisper started playing in my head when I turned the page and saw him I soooooo hope this is a sign of a noir direction this comic may go in Pleeease, please give me She Hulk Noir.Read commentary and add your own here

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    After getting a surprise payment at the end of last issue, Jennifer has opened her own practice But she doesn t have any clients She also doesn t have any staff Of course that changes when she hires a woman called Angie, who happens to have a monkey And this monkey goes everywhere with her, even to the office LMAO.Anyway, because things aren t going so well, she decides to go out for the night and meets up with her friend Patsy Walker, who also happens to be Hellcat They both drink a lot and Patsy ends up getting drunk and irritated She then drags She Hulk to a warehouse, where they end up facing some action The next day, when she gets to the office, she finds an unexpected would be client But I wonder if she can actually trust this guy Another great issue Love how this story is developing, and some of the pages were stunning This is a seriously gorgeous series I love She Hulk She cracks me up.

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    She Hulk does NOT mess around I m really diggin her attitude I mean, she s going through a lot of stuff right now and it seems most heroes in the past tend to wallow and whine some rightly so but not her, I ll have to say that I wasn t too hot on Hellcat s appearance in this one Also, I really like the cover art of the issue, but can t really get into the actual comic art inside the actual issue.

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