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The Marquess and I chapter 1 The Marquess and I , meaning The Marquess and I , genre The Marquess and I , book cover The Marquess and I , flies The Marquess and I , The Marquess and I 82f88b7c79f0c The Marquess And I Was Previously Published In The Regency Anthology A Midsummer Night S Kiss Lady Willow Arlington, Hauntingly Lovely, Is Also Blind And Known By The Ton As The Dowry Less Daughter Alasdair Morley, The Marquess Of Westcliffe, Is In Need Of An Heiress, But Lady Willow Should Be The Last Person He Craves After She Was Persuaded To Reject His Offer Of Marriage When He Was A Mere Third Son Passion Reignites Between Them, And He Makes An Enticing Offer She Cannot Resist, Drawing Them Into A Dance Of Lust And Love Despite The Misgivings In His Heart

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    This will be a strange review, because I will essentially be reviewing this book AND the next book in this series The Duke and I Why do you ask I m doing such a weird thing Well read on and you ll understand Either by some mystic force, or I was simply the unlucky one but I ended up reading both these books back to back You know, as one does when they re in one series And imagine my surprise when I realized I was basically read the same book.Twice I kid you not Just bear with me for the next minute or so, and you ll see as well Basic Plot The book both of them FYI chart out a second chance romance between young almost lovers, who were tragically separately at a tender age due to external circumstances and hold a good deal of contempt of each other Exhibit no.1 In The Marquess and I, Willow was a young girl falling in love with Alasdair, her brother s best friend And guess what Alasdair had come to realize that the little Willow who followed him and her brother everywhere was turning into a beautiful girl nay woman They shared a sweet relationship until it was suddenly broken by scheming schemers and both were left with a broken heart Exhibit no 2 In The Duke and I, Emma and Elliot has been friends since she was a young girl and he yes, that s right you guessed it her brother s best friend The shy, plump Emma had fallen in love with Elliot and quite predictably he had a tendre for her as well But of course, extrenal forces in the form of an accident and the heroine s fear of her being a burden tore them apart Leaving them both with bruised hearts If you remove the names, and like 15% of the plot the books are legit the same In Marquess and I, Willow was forced to reject Alasdair s suit because her father forced her to do so and she was only a girl of 16 Alasdair of course hates her for rejecting him Then years later they meet and the spark is instant, but this time the twist is in the fact that Willow has been blinded after an injury and is extremely nervous and feels her self confidence slipping She s been deemed as an embarrasement by her parents and instructed to not let her lack of sight bring down their name Of course, basis this she feels no one would truly be happy with her as a wife In Duke and I, Emma s love for Elliot was squashed because he was a mere doctor s son, and she the daughter of a peer Then she suffers a terrible accident and is left with a mangled leg, and suffers from deep pain caused by the accident She must walk with the help of the cane, and Elliot in his dashing save the heroine move asks her to marry him many times Of course, by this time Emma s self confidence is somewhere on the floor and she s certain he ll resent her in no time once he realizes how inconvenient her injuries are Both hero and heroine s love each other from their youth, both are separated by stupid plot points, both heroine s have some or the other disability designed to give them low self esteem, both hero s propose and are rejected multilple times Both books start with a seduction in the first 20% and both end quite the same with the hero finally convincing the heroine she will never be a burden to him, and that he ll never resent her for her infirmity The thing is, I couldn t tell you without looking which couple is from which book Apart from all of this, the books are too short for me to really feel the depth of the emotion the characters feel I liked the first book better I think, not that they re much different The writing is good enough, but it doesn t pull you in, which considering stories like this are right up my alley it should have You re basically just told that they love each other and are to believe it, with no corraborating evidence to see that love build I still can t get over the fact that both stories are basically the same but sigh I ll give this book 2.5 5 And the next book too.

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    The first book in the Forever Yours series is a second chance romancing focusing on Lady Willow Arlington and Alasdair Morley The two met when Willow was 16 and Alasdair Morley 20 or 21 and fell in love, but due to Alasdair being the third son, Willow s father a Duke and her mother refused the match and persuaded her to reject Alasdair Years later, when they once again, things are drastically different for the two Willow has been blinded in an accident and Alasdair is now the Marquess of Westcliffe, due to the deaths of his farther and brothers The estate he has inherited is in dire straits and he needs to marry for money, but when he sees Willow again, despite the bitterness he feels, he finds himself still drawn to her, but Willow s farther has removed her dowry, thus Alasdair s mother pleads with him to keep away but he cannot.Both characters are likable, their insecurities and love for each other overall nicely written, but the book felt a tad too short, a little could have added depth and potentially a rich sense of emotional depth to the story I wasn t overly keen on the scene at the view spoiler wedding, where nerves hit Willow and she runs, the drama just wasn t needed and felt a tad silly hide spoiler

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    This review is also featured as a mini review at All About Romance this sweet second chance romance, Alasdair and Willow had a young love affair that ended when Willow s father refused to accept Alasdair s suit Following his rejection, Alasdair went on without her, to war and back again While he was gone both families suffered Willow was in a horrendous accident that caused her to lose her sight, and Alasdair s two older brothers passed away Six years later, Alasdair is now the heir and needs to marry an heiress to fill his estates empty coffers Can they put the past behind them and find love again The Marquess and I is a delightful novella The setting is well described and it s easy to feel empathy towards Willow When she wanted to marry Alisdair before, she was too young to stand up to her family s demands that she set her sights higher than a third son Now her blindness makes things difficult for her in gaining a marriage partner who isn t solely after her fortune She comes across as courageous and steadfast, having come to terms with her disability and making the best of things Alasdair is a war hero, a strong and upright man but he s never forgotten the love of his life or how she rejected him Though he at first relishes the chance to get back at her, it s not long before he realizes that his feelings for her are still strong He wants to be her protector again, even so now because of her injury The chemistry between them still sizzles and leads to some steamy love scenes, even as Willow must decide whether to accept Alasdair s interest in her once again They ve hurt each other in the past, now they must mend those wounds together.Note a copy of this story was provided by the author for review.

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    Loved this book This is one of my go to Author s

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    A blind heroine is rare in historical romance, i actually like the story , my only complain is..it is too short, if only it is full length story

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    Loved it Excellent read Another passionate love story from Ms Reid I thoroughly enjoyed Alastair and Willows Love Story I highly recommend.

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    The Marquess and I Forever Yours, 1 is a beautiful romance A sweet and emotional second chance at love story With a bit of steam, a touch of drama and a heavy dose of heartbreak this book gives us the romance between Alasdair and Willow These two were torn apart years ago when Willow s father demanded she marry a wealthier man of a better position Now years later, they cross paths again and they have both changed Can they work through the hurts of the past to embrace the HEA they were denied years ago Grab a copy to find out I greatly enjoyed this charming book, the realistic heroine that was portrayed in it and the man that loved her just as she was I m voluntarily posting a review of an advance copy of this book.

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    Review to come Not that great glad I just got it on KindleUnlimited.

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    4.0 starsNice for such a novella 80 100 pages I guess I always love second chance love stories, this wasn t as dramatic and emotional as expected but entertaining.

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