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Jake (The Highland Clan Book 4) summary Jake (The Highland Clan Book 4) , series Jake (The Highland Clan Book 4) , book Jake (The Highland Clan Book 4) , pdf Jake (The Highland Clan Book 4) , Jake (The Highland Clan Book 4) 2c6ffa3f31 Jake Ramsay, Eldest Son Of The Chief Of Clan Grant, Has Always Felt The Weight Of His Sire S Shadow Tales Of Alexander Grant S Prowess Are Whispered Throughout The Highlands, And Alex S Loving Marriage To Jake S Mother, Maddie, Is Equally Legendary Jake S Not Sure He Can Live Up To His Birthright, But When He Rescues A Beautiful, Strong Willed Lass From A Horrible Fate, Such Concerns Start To Seem Inconsequential He Becomes Consumed With The Need To Protect The Lass, Aline, And Punish The Man Who Hurt Her The Past Two Years Of Aline S Life Have Been Pure Misery A Wicked Man Stole Her From Her Home And Then Controlled And Used Her But When Jake, The Handsome Highlander Who Rescued Her, Brings Her To The Grant Keep, She Feels Like She S Entered A Fairy Tale The Grants Welcome Her Into Their Hearts And Home, But While She Wishes Than Anything To Stay, Her Abuser Is Not The Only One She Left Behind She Must Return To The Wretch S KeepIn His Quest To Save Aline, Jake Discovers Her Abuser Is In League With Another Man, One With Violent Ambitions In The Highlands In Order To Save His Clan And His Love, He Will Have To Stop Worrying About His Sire S Legacy And Start Creating One Of His Own

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    Right off the bat, 1st chapter, bragging of sex with a whole lot of women.Nope Not for me I don t like this type of hero.

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    Jake The Highland Clan 4, but can be read as a stand alone A delightful Medieval Scottish Historical Romance Jake Ramsay, is the eldest son of the chief of Clan Grant, Alexander Grant, the greatest Swordsman of the Highlands Big shoes to follow, Jake must find his own way and his destiny, not follow his father s Aline, kidnapped by an evil man for evil, degrading purposes, from her family Is abused, merciless and without honor After a near death beating, she is left in the words to die, where, Jake founds her and takes her to the Grant castle, where they heal her wounds, and make a lead way in her healing her heart and soul Jake s mother and Aunts, understand her delimma The sad part to me, was Aline s need to go back to her abuser She is such a courageous, and brave lass, to face her abuser again Well written with intriguing, well devoloped characters Steady paced, and emotional tale The storyline is unique, interesting, intriguing and well devoloped Jake has a conflict between following his beloved parents advice or following his heart Aline, fears telling the Grant s why she must return to her abuser s clutches The danger practically flys off the pages, along with the sparks between Jake and Aline The Grant clan is unusual in so many ways They tend to pick up orphans, help abused lasses, right wrongs, provide for a large clan and be a favorite with the King, among other things, such as entended clan members.Can a family lost, be found again Will the Grant Clan be able to face an unknown enemy and win the day And can the Grant women help Aline come to grips with her devastating past, and let love into her heart and her to trust again A delightful, emotional, utterly compelling and powerful tale I enjoyed how Ms Montclair intertwined the families, and the storyline flawlessly and completely I found myself holding my breath at times, as Jake and Aline find their way An absolute delight My only complaint, I love Scottish brogue, however, I understand some readers do not The brogue, to me, brings a taste of Scottish authenticity However, this did not in anyway take away from this amazing emotional tale of loyalty, devotion, family, clan acceptance, abuse, both sexual and mental, romance and the power of true love Fans of Scottish Romance, Medieval Romance, Historical Romance, danger, a bit of suspense, mystery and a great Romantic tale, will enjoy Jake and his story, along with Aline s A must read Scottish Romance A compelling and powerful read I look forward to the next adventure from Ms Montclair Rating 4.5Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR

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    I ll just start by saying if you have triggers that have anything to do with violence against women just skip this book.just no skip it.If you like a rescued battered woman story keep going.I did enjoy it although I felt like the second half was written better than the first half Aline, found by Jake, is left for dead and he takes her back to his keep to heal Jake is the great Alexander Grant s oldest son by a few minutes since he s a twin and I was excited to read his story to see how he would measure up to his dad.The first few chapters feel a bit jerky He asks Aline a dozen question and gets a large amount her back story the second she wakes up from unconsciousness and it just seems a bit awkward for the first few chapters.So we can skip ahead a bit Aline meets Jake s family, they re all great to her and then of course she announces she has to go back to her abuser I get that there is a complicated psychology of battered women that makes them stay, or go back, but this came off as formulaic As if Aline went back because the plot demanded it, not because she thought she needed to.Something different about this book is that there is a fair bit of character development that happens after the big fight scene with the bad guy Jake spends time settling Aline into her new life and those were some of the sweetest parts, I think There s are some sweet scenes with Jake taking care of Aline s sisters and taking her shopping to get her and her friend set up for winter Some awkwardness and over simplification of abusive situations, but if those aren t triggers for you then I d say it s worth a read.

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    Book 4 downKindle Unlimited PurchaseI want to leave a review but I do not want to take the time to write one because I HAVE to start the next book in this series This series and the Grant Clan series is a great set off books Each one about a different member of the clan This series just so happens to be about the next generation Trigger warning On a scale of 1 10. it s about a 2 3 Most of it happens in chapter 1 Even with my past I was able to handle it Good luck. don t let it stop you from reading this series Now book 5 hear I come

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    Finding your life mateThis is a amazing family A but the men that fall in love with women who has been hurt, but they believe that they had found their life mate I give this story a five star rating.

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    I just can t leave this family If you ve read all of this series and the Grant Series, why stop now I ve loved some, liked some and was so so on some but I m not going to say goodbye until the last book.

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    Very much enjoy the characters and how they are developing from previous book into current story Still bit of conflict mystery and romance but not overwhelming Looking forward to next book in this series.

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    Look forward to future books of the grant Ramsey clan would highly recommend

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    Another Highland romance, sword fights, galloping across the meadow, clans and love Always a happy ending.

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    ReviewIn this book the action is the star There s romance, sex, great characters and a setting that lets the imagination run free.

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