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    The Lost Light is nowhere it should be on its quest for Cybertopia and the Knights of Cybertron, but these interruptions allow the reader to pick on some of the main cast and several background characters Main supporting cast members like ship psychiatrist Rung gets to play and the fan favorite band of Decepticon misfits, the Scavengers, get their own two part story Save for the Scavengers whose stories are not yet done, the sudden spotlight on these characters bode ill for their potential survival, but at least we got some character development before saying good bye To summarize these welcome developments A Scavengers two part story that spotlight the fan favorite deserters It also gives the reader an update on the current status of a couple former Lost Lighters who deplaned at Luna, Fortress Maximus and Red Alert Thunderclash joins the crew and he immediately folds into himself This reader doesn t get what so special about this one time Matrix bearer Tailgate and Cyclonus bring their unspoken relationship to new heights and the little bot gets some serious superpowers Skids gets flashback story that explains a lot of the mental trauma Chromedome discovered suppressed several volumes ago, Rung gets to star in his own Silence of Lambs moment when an old friend visits him.The overall story is building up to a momentous climax in the tenth volume and the reader gets to enjoy the story of Lost Light as it is before the big change.

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    Better than it has any right to beI don t know how it is but there is humanity and emotion in comics about giant sentient toy commercials than there is in 95 percent of other comics any other media of all types These comics are beyond stellar they are transcendent of the media Funny thoughtfully exciting they have it all Without a doubt some of the smartest books I have ever read.

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    This is a tough one to review it contains issue 47, one of my absolute favorites of the series, but also two arcs that didn t really work for me.The scavengers arc is well written and fun and brings back Fort Max It s definitely good I m just not the biggest fan of the Scavengers and spend most of their screentime wishing the story was about the main cast I know, I know Issue 47 is amazing It hurts so much but feels so real the pacing and the art and the point of view all sing in this one Finally, a mere 47 issues into the series, I realized how much I loved Cyclonus.The Rung arc is too short It s trying to do a lot of things introduce characters, give both Rung and Skids emotional arcs, do some monster horrorbut it doesn t have nearly enough time to do all of those things and most of them felt flat to me because of it The Skid s flashback elements were the strongest part of the story for me.Regardless, taken as part of the whole, all the things in this volume are building to things, some of which I definitely never would have expected Not my favorite volume but still my favorite series

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    Transformers More Than Meets the Eye, Volume 9 carries on from the previous book with the humour continuing to flow but along the way it also has some impacts for the characters as they continue to grow and adjust into the post war environment D This gives the book it s chops and makes for a page turner that will keep you up and is full of revelations D As ever the changes with Cyclonus, Rodimus, Megatron and co are all the page and show this real development at every chance DThe art style is brilliant as ever really giving the script full sway with the panels really flowing showing the scripts humour and action off brilliantly D The characters are displayed brilliantly in action showing the script off to perfection making for a cinematic feel to the book DTransformers More Than Meets the Eye, Volume 9 is clever, humorous, fun and action packed D Brilliant and highly recommended D

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    My favorite band of Generation Kill er, Decepticon Scavengers misfits Love triangle story Getaway, Tailgate, and Cyclonus or is it gets an unexpected denoument Whirl becomes and my favorite and Rung gets his Silence of the Lambs moment A very solid story, but I can easily see it s another step to something huge in the tenth volume come to mama.

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    James Roberts knows how to make monsters What makes this series great though, and what keeps it feeling fresh after almost fifty issues, is where the monsters come from We ve had four million years of warfare between sentient robots who can form their bodies into vehicles and weapons, so there s a lot of history to draw on, and Roberts mines it deep But he doesn t pull his monsters into his storyline from where you would expect treacherous Deceptions against heroic Autobots His monsters come from all sides, from every angle, keeping you constantly guessing And many of them are genuinely frightening, also in ways you don t expect.If you ve been following this series for a while or even my blog, where I ve reviewed each volume so far , it shouldn t be a surprise that Roberts revels in switching things up and making battle lines grey and messy In this volume though, it seems to come through even stronger Of course, re branding literally Megatron as an Autobot several issues back, and following through with what this meant internally for the former murderous dictator, was a very big thing But this volume asks the question, apart from the titans like Megatron, what do swaps like this and the weirdness of a new peace after millions of years of hatred mean for the little guys In this volume we get two sides of the coin we get the return of our favorite Decepticons misfits being heroic and even empathic, and we get Autobots plotting treachery to do what they think needs to be done to bring Megatron to justice Let s take the Decepticons first along with the Decepticon Justice Division the series primary true bad guys early on we got teased with the Scavengers, a crew of pathetic soldiers made up of the rejects from the bottom of your toy drawer Early on they met up with a damaged Grimlock and were introduced to a ship full of creepy mysteries Since then these characters have been shelved for much of the series Their return in this issue gives a look at what the peace has meant for the average Decepticon soldier Roberts uses his characteristic skill to bring this group together, making them work as a team, even as they tackle issues like human okay, sentient robotic trafficking and the psychological wounds of war with a usually light touch that doesn t trivialize the fact that Roberts is tackling big issues with giant battling robots The first two issues in this volume give us a self contained episode that returns us to these characters and sets them on a new trajectory, while simultaneously opening up an old mystery that Roberts has been dropping clues about for a while.On the other side of the sigil, we get conspiracy and manipulation by Autobots who want Megatron to get his due Roberts thrives creating heroes out of assumed villains and vice versa, and the work of portraying rotten Autobots is believable and chilling In addition to this though, we get another genuine monster, and here it s simply wonderful to see the sort of creatures Roberts can fashion to haunt the universe he s created and the mechs physiology he s devised for the Transformers At the same time though, the precedents set here are going to make certain things pretty easy now that we know its possible to access memories by sight and transmit thoughts and data directly from brain to brain, this opens up a host of shortcuts for a deus ex machina any time a plot point needs to be resolved I m the worst kind of fan though one who takes the content and the characters quite seriously The kind of guy who is the first to maintain that comic books can be literature but has to keep reminding himself that they re also magazines That is, More Than Meets the Eye, as much as I d like it to be, is not a self contained graphic novel It s a serialized comic, which means in some ways it still functions as a magazine, selling advertising though I don t see those in the trade volumes I get and keeping readers pulled along It means its constantly raveling, winding on, with additional twists, turns, and scope of characters that are sometimes not resolved.For the most part this is fine, especially when it has to do with the plot It starts to feel like a soap opera though when these additional tangles and coils have to do with relationships between characters They are giant fighting robots Yes, they have pathos and depth now and time for exploring what peace means Four million years of warfare probably didn t leave much time for love, but I really don t want it now.I m also pretty spoiled by Alex Milne s artwork, enough that I tend to throw a fit if he doesn t do the majority of the issues in a volume In this one he does only the first two, but the artists who do the other issues actually do a pretty fantastic job, with the exception of a few awkward panels here and there They re not Milne, and they don t bring his depth and detail, but the artwork here does not detract from the story as it did in a few early issues when Milne stepped away.In all, this series is still going places and doing incredible things with my favorite characters The next volume volume 10 will include the fiftieth issue of the series, and has the drop date listed as right around my birthday.They know me, guys .

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    Although still lacking in a sense of forward progress, like Volume 8, the stories here including a two parter with the Decepticon Scavengers feel much substantive and meaningful overall That makes for a fairly satisfying collection A

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    Feeling all the feels Forgot how precious the Scavengers are.

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    Some good stuff in there.

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