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Pathfinder (of 5) chapter 1 Pathfinder (of 5) , meaning Pathfinder (of 5) , genre Pathfinder (of 5) , book cover Pathfinder (of 5) , flies Pathfinder (of 5) , Pathfinder (of 5) 9a743645cf270 Two Goblin Themed Short Stories, Set In The Beloved Pathfinder RPG Universe Gurgle, The Most Brilliant Longlung Ever To Draw Breath, Has A Plan Along With His Feckless Pal Deep, He Ll Convince A Tribe Of Squidwhistlers To Help Him Sink A Treasure Ship, And Then Profit Meanwhile, A Pack Of Goblins Steals An Invisibility Cloak From A Traveling Merchant Once The Mystical Pranks Lose Their Appeal, Mub The Goblin Knows There S Only One Crime Worthy Of A True Goblin Hero Stealing Chief Korgamorg S Magic Pig

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