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The Ranchers Baby summary The Ranchers Baby , series The Ranchers Baby , book The Ranchers Baby , pdf The Ranchers Baby , The Ranchers Baby 805e85604f Abandoned By Her No Good Husband, Jana Is Left Alone And Pregnant In Order To Keep Her Child Safe And Secure, She Agrees To Be A Mail Order Bride For A Rancher, Whose Scars Keep Him Distant From The World Though Their Relationship Begins As One Of Convenience, Love Soon Grows When Her First Husband Returns, Jana Must Choose Who Is The True Husband And The Father Of Her Child Inspirational Short Story

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    As with other work I have read from this author, the spelling and grammar drove me nuts Either the writer needs to take a course in English writing or she needs a MUCH better proofreader The free short stories at the end I ve read them before Some of them have good story lines, but are so short they don t have time to develop The spelling and grammar in those are also horrendous I would love to give these books stars, but I just can t get past all the glaring errors staring at me Some sentences I ve had to re read a few times just to try and make sense out of them In this book, I expected out of the character Tommy The ending sucked I was thinking ot myself, Is that it Could have been so much with just a few chapters, maybe a twist or two.

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