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Just Love Me 3 (Just Love Me #3) summary Just Love Me 3 (Just Love Me #3) , series Just Love Me 3 (Just Love Me #3) , book Just Love Me 3 (Just Love Me #3) , pdf Just Love Me 3 (Just Love Me #3) , Just Love Me 3 (Just Love Me #3) 7c0f09beff JustinI See Red When I Find Out My Best Buddy, Scott Morris, Player Extraordinaire, Is Dating My Baby Sister, KylieAlthough She S Grown Up Now, I Know This Thing Between Kylie And Scott Can T End WellBut The Greatest Joy In My Life Is That Sloane Is Mine NowTill Death Do Us Part Mine At Least, She Will Be SoonUntil She Surprises Me With A VisitA Misunderstanding Threatens To Break Us ApartWill I Be Able To Convince Her That I M Telling The Truth Sloane I M Blissfully Happy, And My Dreams Are Coming True When It Comes To JustinThen My Roommate Suggests I Surprise Him With A VisitI Was The One Who Got Surprised Like DevastatedCan This Manwhore Really Be Tamed, Or Are We Both Just Fooling Ourselves Includes BONUS Novel Close Encounters A Naughty New Adult And College Series

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    My goodness I can t believe what I just read.This book was all over the place and I m still not sure what I read For one thing the timeline was completely wrong and didn t match up with the actual events for example Kylie and Scott reveal their relationship on the same weekend Justin and Sloane get engaged, but later on the book when Kylie is retelling the events in her POV, she is going wedding dress shopping with Sloane and she scared of telling Justin about her relationship with Scott wtf The Sloane, Justin and Alexis thing was completely terrible and downright insulting Alexis is a slut and Sloane is a major doormat while Justin is weak and pathetic Alexis never stopped trying to get with Justin and Justin never stops her from trying and Sloane witnessing this just lets Justin use sex as a way to sway her That is NOT love that is toxic BTW Justin never tells anyone especially Sloane, even though she asked for complete honesty, that Alexis went down on him that one fateful night and although he stopped anything else I m pretty sure he got his happy ending I can officially say I didn t like any of the characters in this book and they were completely immature and pathetic The women were either spineless or manipulative and the men both weak and cowardice After all that, the book needs to be edited since Sloane s name kept getting misspelled in the text and the chapter titles.

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    Goof bookThis was was good I still don t think either men will stay faithful though Heart break waiting to happen When the girl from the office in two scenes of the book both men seem turned on So I don t think it will work.

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    Just Love Me 3In this finale part I read that trust can be a hard thing to get They are together finally But what about his past Will it bite him in the backside Will she be his final girl forever

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    loved the series need on Sloane and Justin and Scott and Kylie

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    Sweet conclusionThis was a sweet conclusion to this series Everything was warapped up nicely It was well written with entertaining characters.

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    I was disappointed with this book I was hoping to read about Justin and Sloane I think the back and forth shift of perspective from one couple to the other kind of messed with the timeline, which is pretty confusing.

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    Wish there were really good enjoyable books as in this series.Fabulous series just love it Looking so forward to book four Great read and just so enjoyable Highly recommend this series

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    Emotional 5 series starsSloane and Justin s journey ends here not with just hot hot sexy but an emotional roller coaster though I loved this book the author confused me with bringing on POVs it just didn t seem necessary for this book Happy Reading

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    Be sure to read book 1 and 2 before reading this book Justin has asked Sloane to marry him Justin s parents and sister are happy for them Now Sloane has to plan for the wedding Of course there are a few suggestions on where to have the wedding and who to invite which causes a little friction Justin s sister Kylie has been dating Justin s best friend Scott Justin did not want Scott dating Kylie because Scott has always been a player and he doesn t want Scott to hurt Kylie When Justin finds out that Scott is dating Kylie, this causes some problems with their relationship.The skank Alexis from Justin s office is still trying to cause problems I would have loved to see Sloane tell her off Kylie is upset because Scott will not say he loves her, so she feels like he is justing using her for sex Scott and Kylie have a scare which makes Kylie really think he is using her for sex I loved to see the two couples together It is always nice to see the confirmed bachelor fall It was a great end to the series that I loved I was given the book for an honest review.

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