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10 thoughts on “Ask Bethany: FAQs: Surfing, Faith & Friends (Soul Surfer Series)

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    I admire Hamilton very much, I just didn t particulary enjoy this book.

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    This book has a simple QA style I found it really interesting to get to know about Bethany Hamilton The layout of this book sounds like it has to potential to be really boring but it wasn t at all I found it to be captivating and really fast paced, even though the plot is pretty minimal There were also Bible versus scattered throughout the book as Bethany talked about her faith and how that got her through the times during and after the shark attack Being a Christian myself this was really inspiring Overall I gave this four out of five stars.

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    This is sooooo good I just finished reading on my Kindle.Bethany answers girls and guys questions about surfing, her family, faith, and other things Every other section she ll have a few Bible Verses about the topic that was just discussed If your a new Christian, I encourage you to read this book It s short I read it i a weekend but it s one of those books where you can go back to read it over and over again I enjoyed it a bunch.

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    I think this book would be good for younger girls I liked hearing some about Bethany s story and how her life has been changed since the shark attack, but I felt like I knew a lot of the information The tone of the book was a bit adolescent than what I normally read, so it wasn t really for me But I can see someone else who better fits the target demographic really enjoying it if they are interested in hearing about Bethany and her faith.

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    this book was a great book even though it is just questions and answers and it really informed me on alot of things that i did not know about Bethany and i do reccomend this to Biography lovers and those who are Bethany Buffs and i do not reccomend this books to picky people and those who only like to read fiction

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    I thought that bethany hamilton did an amazing job with the book she got all her questions that she couldnt answer she made a book answering all the questions While at the same time teaching the world morals and values at the same time she made an amazing book and answered many good questions

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    This book is very interesting and I like it because it shows girls that everyone is just a normal girl and that the pictures of her are always photo shopped This book is very short and you can read it in one day Overall, AMAZING

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    Bethany is such an inspiration

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    This is such a great reference book for some teenagers like me It tells me to focus on God throughout the day and tells me how she Bethany would handle a problem.

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