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The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) chapter 1 The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) , meaning The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) , genre The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) , book cover The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) , flies The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) , The God Complex (The Black Archive, #9) 2737265ba64b0 Why Is It Up To You To Save Us That S Quite A God Complex You Have There Drawing Deftly On Sources From The Theseus Myth To Nineteen Eighty Four And The Shining, The God Complex Expands A One Line Brief About A Shifting, Labyrinthine Hotel Into A Tragic Commentary On The Doctor S Fallibility And Amy S Misplaced Faith Unsettling, Disorientating And Frankly Terrifying, Toby Whithouse S Story Considers Fear, Belief And The Series Fundamental Question Who Is The Doctor Is He A Hero, Or Simply A Madman In A Box Paul Driscoll Is A Regular Writer For You And Who And Doctor Who Worldwide, And Contributed Two Short Stories To Seasons Of War

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    This book is mostly a long, critical review with bits of analysis added on top It isn t really what I was hoping for I m way into trivia and analysis than into reading reviews.A lot of very subjective interpretations are presented here as facts For example, at one point about a third of the way in, Driscoll claims that the Eleventh Doctor denies his own weirdness and his Time Lord nature, and wants to be human Where on earth did that idea come from He digs up a Steven Moffat quote later on to sort of back it up, but only if you squint and tilt your head a lot At other points, opinions are discussed without including any facts at all There s a bit about the Amy Williams line in which Driscoll chooses to give a voice to people who call that scene discriminatory, and never even once mentions that Williams is the name Amy chose when she got married and the one she uses for herself Oh, speaking of names, the book also misspells Rosita Plus, the author uses a whole lot of words wrong My favourite is modal shift , which he thinks denotes a change in narrative techniques, whereas in reality it s related to freight transport Still, the book gives some very solid insights into the episode I love the close reading of Oranges And Lemons in particular, and the addendum on the topic of fish bowl symbolism is excellent Overall, the book is worth reading, but many aspects of it are just not really my kind of thing.

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