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PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) chapter 1 PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) , meaning PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) , genre PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) , book cover PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) , flies PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) , PhD Protector (The Men of Search Team Seven #4) e67eb854d45db Calculating The Odds On Their Fate Isn T Exactly Rocket Science Nuclear Physicist Mark Renfro Will Do Anything To Keep His Daughter Safe, Including Building A Suitcase Nuke For The Radical Group That Killed His Wife Imprisoned Alone In A Makeshift Lab, Mark Has All But Given Up Hope Of Seeing His Daughter Again Until His Captors Provide An Assistant The Beautiful Stepdaughter Of The Terrorist LeaderAngry And Defiant, Erin Daniels Has No Intention Of Assisting Anyone Including A Gorgeous Scientist That Is, Until A Time Bomb Is Strapped Around Her Neck They Have One Week To Finish Or Erin Dies Mark Knows He S Erin S Only Hope For Survival And She S His Only Hope For A Future

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    From the very first scene to the last one the author creates a story where tension is palpable, fear is evident, escape seem impossible, where the characters have to make unimaginable decisions, where every moment is matter of life and death and failure would be the end of the world as they know it This tale turned out to be an addictive page turner, a story that I couldn t put down until the very end I believe the story is easy to read as a standalone novel, yet I have been following with the series and the disappearance of Mark has been a mystery that has raised my interest long ago The fourteen months he has been held captive has had an effect on him, yet the new life and energy he gains when Erin is brought to the same prison he has been held kicks off the story into a high gear The intensity of the situation is detectable, the threat constant and real, the possibility of the bomb going off at any given moment is a terror I can not imagine, yet I felt the horror it created, the jitters it gave to both Mark and Erin I loved Mark s logical mind, his way of reasoning, realistic way of thinking without being fatalistic His solitude has given him time to mourn the life he left behind, and as Erin fumbles into his cabin and into his life as it were, the energy, the connection, the chemistry are overwhelming, along with welcomed Erin s whole life till now has been shadowed by the evils of her stepfather leaving marks on her soul, making trusting anyone a challenge With Mark, she knows there s a chance of new life if only they can make to the civilization and to the FBI alive, and stay that way The dangers of nature, the wounds of the battle to break to the freedom, and being chased with deadly intent are just some of the dangers they face along the way I held my breath and couldn t read fast enough, I wept with the compromises they had to make, the heartbreaking choices they were forced to face The strength of their character was tested, again and again, and their resolution to survive, the pure grit they held in their person left me in awe This story is one amazing ride filled with moxie and perseverance showing what a person can endure when loved one s lives are at the stake Five Spoons

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    Wow Nonstop action and smooth writing set this apart I ll be reading Cindi Myers for sure, she s good.There s a scary villain who is yet disabled, not really sure why, but it s interesting, unexpected He lurks in the background at all times even when they seem to have escaped The hero and heroine are both smart and brave, starting as two people robbed of their lives by the villain and with nothing to lose But from the moment Mark sees Erin, that begins to change Seeing his mind, strength, and outdoorsman skills come to life is like watching a rag doll come to life She animates him with hope and purpose And with him Erin discovers her courage She is terrified sometimes but when it comes to saving Mark, she s brave and smart Seeing these two put their heads together to defeat the villain and fall in love in the process is heart warming and thrilling This is one of the high octane Intrigues, lots of action Highly recommended.

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