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Mo, Me and America summary Mo, Me and America , series Mo, Me and America , book Mo, Me and America , pdf Mo, Me and America , Mo, Me and America eaa82cdd4b A Man, His Dog,and Their , Mile Searchfor Rural AmericaRandy Turk, Along With His Dog, Mo, Spends Sixteen Months Traveling The Country In Search Of The Rural America Of His Past A Time When Main Street Was Crowded, Family And Neighbors Lived Just Down The Road, And Communities Pulled Together In Times Of NeedIn Conversational Interviews With Residents, Turk Poses Three Guiding Questions Tell Me About Your Town Or Community Tell Me What It Is Like To Live Here And Tell Me How It Has Changed The Participants Include Farmers, Students, Pilots, Waitresses, Artists, Editors, Volunteer Firemen, Politicians, Museum Curators, Mayors, Business Owners, And Retirees Of Every Age, Creed, And Color What Binds Them Together Is Not Only A Belief In Second Chances But Also The Fact That They Have All Experienced Life In A Type Of Community That Is Rapidly VanishingIt Is Not Gone Yet, However Small Town, USA Is Alive And Well Different, Perhaps, But Surprisingly Vital, Just Like Its PeopleRandy Turk Has Found What He Was Looking For, And These Are Their Stories

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    The original review can be found at A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review When I saw the cover of this book and the description I knew I had to read it The cover had a gorgeous Golden Retriever on it and an old barn painted red It just drew me in, The description was fascinating discovering the vanishing rural America while driving around in a truck and camper with a man and his dog As he states the 15,000 miles journey encompassed 32 states and occurred over a 16 month period I couldn t wait to read it To be honest right out front I never finished this book, I tried many, many times to read it and just couldn t bring myself to That NEVER happens I might put a book down, get sidetracked, remember I never finished it, then come back and read it I hardly ever find a book where I dread reading it, much less finishing it This is one of the books Don t get me wrong, the idea behind it was phenomenal It is something that needs to be explored as our rural America is slowly vanishing This author was, however, not that person to research and explore it To start with he spells dog as dawg That is what got my dander up from the very beginning No one spells dog as dawg unless they are trying to hard The story is slow moving and very long winded He goes into far greater detail than needed for a book of this nature about the area and the founding of it While I am sure he thought that those facts may be relevant, to my mind they were not He also adds in sections where Mo the dog talks about her experiences They are somewhat short and are forced to seem funny She always seems to treat the author, Randy, as somewhat of an idiot or a person who doesn t always think things through Such as with most every one of his overnight stops he always forgets until the last moment to find a place to stay for the night and ends up in a place that invariably doesn t have a place to camp.While this book wasn t my cup of tea, I hope that you will still read it and make your own opinion based on your experience of it Maybe one day I will decide to open it back up and finish the book Until then it will remain floating in the internal memory of my Kindle Happily forgotten.

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    thanks to netgalley and the publishers for a free copy in return for an open and honest reviewinteresting book based loosely like travels with charley where the author and his dawg Mo go travelling around rural america and interview different people to the changes to rural life some good and bad liked the added part of the Mo section which did make me laugh.

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    I enjoyed this book, since it reminded me of visiting my grandparents and their neighbors Even though my grandparents and their neighbors are long gone, I am glad to see that the same type of good rural people still exist I received a free electronic copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I live in a rural community and to me choosing Mo, Me and America written by Randy Turk and published by Dog Ear Publishing the most natural thing to do.The most beautiful America, this one, because the most hidden one but at the same time the most genuine one Sure biggest American cities are dreaming, people can find excitement, theaters, a lot of fun, a good work, but little realities Life is laziest sometimes, people united because they know each others.Randy Turk decided to start these four trips in 32 States of the USA in 15 months with Mo, his dawg as he loves to call her a beautiful female golden retriever.He took this decision when also the latest ancestor of his family passed away and a big question tormented him who would have remembered the old rural world that it is disappearing Who would have told the past Yes because talking of rural America we also talk of farms, people who, in the past worked hardly for going on thanks to the works in mills or fields, and having various animals as well.This book is not just fascinating, but dreaming.I guess that it is the desire of everyone one day to pick up the car or the caravan as the author did starting to traveling without a destination in the immense territory of the USA Sometimes I think just for breathing a sensation of freedom.And it must be wonderful to stop by in some old fashioned characteristic cafes where strangers are always seen as a great novelty and curiosity and accepted with enthusiasm.Looking for people living in little places an amazing experience.I imagined, while I was reading the book those cafes, restaurants,where Randy stopped by for sometimes a robust breakfast or lunch and where he met people enthusiastic to be interviewed and extra busy at the same time Interesting and fascinating interviews these ones of Randy Turk with the various people he met along his trips although at first he sounded a bit shy and intimidated by this experience.In this sense Mo, the book is written at four ahem hands paws helped a lot, opening a breach in everyone s heart and giving so to the author the possibility of starting to talk to people after the preliminary doggy breaking ice language Hi, it s a wonderful day don t you think so The final portrait of this trip A confirm most of the people interviewed, and it s not important if they re from the Profound South or other part of the USA, tend to say that little places are wonderfully great Good weather, good people, social control so less drugs and violence in comparison with bigger centers Answers are similar.Someone added that their centers chosen by retired couple or simply by newcomers because of the tranquility People thinks that their centers changed once foreigners arrived because although they declared they wanted to stay in peace then they forced the little place at some unwanted changes.In general past farms were, good Lord, very big, 200 300 acres, but these ones are immense with 3000 4000 acres each.There were places famous for the pony express and a man with his private airplane every night brought the mails from a place to another for 8 pence a letter.Some people complain that little centers are abandoned because children wants to go to college and later in general they remain in biggest cities.Other ones are rural communities close to the capital of the State so the perfect place where to live There is who thinks that young people shouldn t go away, because of course, very useful and joyful in and for a little community.Someone have wonderful realities with schools in their villages or close to them, libraries, or theaters.In general in most of these places if in the 1950s there was a lot of population, there has been a massive migration, so a drastic reduction but people remained are in most cases great chaps and affectionate There are people who, after a while spent to a big city creating an existence return to their little native places once retired.Some people interviewed complain that yes, people are busiest and there is less time for staying together, for being helped, a word, this one pronounced substantially from everybody.In a center a man added that they helped a young girl with a fundraising for being operated and another girl killed the night of Halloween always remembered every year the night of Halloween.Someone else said that newcomers brought violence and problems.In general in the past there was a different work ethic, disappeared now.What can make the difference and what should induce someone to buying a house in a rural place Of course peace, of course a different tranquility but also the expectations of finding good neighbors, and a different quality of life.I have had the perception most of the people interviewed tried to let see all the best of their place and so sun, good weather, great people, many activities.While I was reading the book I thought at the book written by Fannie Flagg A Redbird Christmas A man from Chicago in the profound South of the USA where he fell in love for people, community, weather, friendship and love.At the end of the book, Randy Turk imagines his dad back to this world, after 100 years, a man who had known other kind of stores, the old stores replaced by new ones , other kind of life, other breakfasts, and another system of work Now it s a luxury to be a peasant or have a farm thanks to the help of every kind of machines In the past as also remembered by an elderly couple work was harder in the rural USA.After all Turk s dad thinks that it would be wonderful to live this adventure as well.Beautiful book lived in many diversified States of the USA for History and culture.I strongly suggest this book to you if you want to pass some relaxing hours dreaming of a long trip in caravan stopping by in suggestive tiny realities and lands of the USA always able to speak at the heart of the people.It can be a very good gift for your children and for remembering them how in a few decades world changed abruptly It can be a great gift for let them discover part of the USA that maybe they don t know.Mo and Randy will conquer everyone

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    Mo Me and America The Vanishing Rural community By Randy Turk.This idea of this book intrigued me as I love a good road trip book and the jaunty cover sealed the deal.A Free copy was gifted me for an honest Review by Net GalleyI liked the idea of a trip to examine rural communities too as many cross America trips are about the roads themselves or the cities, so this sedate approach was a refreshing change.There is a lot of meaty history contained in this unassuming little Tome and I greatly enjoyed it Particularly the little titbits about The famous Pony express I was totally unaware that it was active for so short a time for instance.I do not come from an agricultural background, but I have seen some subtle decline in my own small town here in Cambridgeshire in the UK , so I am interested in just the same issues that are affecting US towns as the modern way of living encroaches.I am one of those youngsters who moved to the big smoke to gain employment, but who have returned to quieter small town living as I have hit middle age.One of the main reasons cited that is of greatest concern to the decline in rural living is the breakdown in the community identity that sees everyone knowing everyone and the village care of the children of these communities.I think the book shows that whilst that has been lost in some towns it is still very present in others and it is the intention and commitment of the community itself that ensures the spirit of townships are not diminished I hope that cohesiveness and community remain goals for every town I really enjoyed the slightly grumpy Dog s eye view of Mo, the hostess with the mostest as we used to say Her asides gave a fun element that raised this book above others in this genre of cross country Travelogues.One small slightly jaded word on repetition, Mr Turk seems to fixate on a word every once in a while and it starts to grate, it became so apparent that I went back and counted , he wrote the word Campground eight times in three short paragraphs The later on the phrase pioneer spirit was used repeatedly in two paragraphs A fine phrase, but so often diminishes it s impact somewhat This may be a stylistic flourish but for me it was distracting This was however, a really minor quibble about what has been a really interesting read I have learnt much about the US generally and the challenges and joys of rural living.

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    This book is a survey of rural America, as told by a man and his dog or dawg , which irked me I liked the idea of Mo the dog telling her own view from time to time I wouldn t usually enjoy such a gimmick but it s the sort of cutesy, kitschy thing that fits with the theme I m from the Midwest and don t know how to explain this It was also interesting to read about a few places I know.My main problem with the book is it was way too long and repetitive As a researcher myself I understand the pain of cutting out some of your findings, but I felt that too many of the interviews were the same thing over and over with few distinguishing features Focusing on fewer people and consolidating the gathered interviews into a better picture of the place and the state of rural communities in general would have been better For readers who have ties to rural America, it s too much about what they already know I imagine for others the jumble of small towns and names would be unappealing or overwhelming after the first few states There were also a couple of problematic issues with the writing in particular, substituting Anglo for white or caucasian when discussing racial demographics Overall, I personally didn t enjoy the book much despite my familiarity with the subject matter, but I can see how it would be popular with certain audiences.

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    Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for a free copy in return for an open and honest review This is an interesting book where the Author travels through America in search of the lost rural culture In many parts, this was like a documentary only except dogs do not talk in documentaries The author seems to have managed to find those nooks where the small town culture still exists which is frankly very refreshing.There is a lot of history loaded here but a lot of it seems very repetitive Another aspect is I m not an American and I believe this would have appealed to the native people If someone had written something similar about India, I would have identified with the region, custom culture.

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    Mo, Me and America The Vanishing Rural Community Randy Turk,PHDThis is primarily a book about people, community and change in rural America The author Randy and his dawg Mo spent 16 months and travelled 32 states asking people about their experiences of life in rural areas Read of this review at

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    A wonderful road trip of a book One man and his dog travel America looking for the real country.Will appeal to American readers, but everyone will enjoy the descriptive way the author writes about what they discover.Great read I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Dog Ear Publications via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

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