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Unhappily Ever After txt Unhappily Ever After , text ebook Unhappily Ever After , adobe reader Unhappily Ever After , chapter 2 Unhappily Ever After , Unhappily Ever After 24443e It Is Nearly Time For The Grand Royal Annual Ball And Fairyland Is In Chaos Cinderella, Has Had Enough Of Prince Charming And Is Desperate To Get A Divorce As Long As She Can Continue To Enjoy Her Current Standard Of Living Harold And Snow White Quarrel Over His Philandering And Her Refusal To Go Where Every Woman Has Gone Before Augustus Also Has A Problem, His Wife Is A Raving Nymphomaniac And With Children, He Can T Meet The Household Bills There Is A Dearth Of Suitable Princes For The Available Spinster Princesses And The Annual Festivities Are Held For That Very Reason There Is Friction Between Ermintrude The Fairy Godmother By Royal Appointment And Featherduster Who Favours The Proletariat Into All This Turmoil, The Green Giant Arrives, Sent By The Party To Ferment An Uprising Among The Downtrodden Peasants Who Appear Quite Happy As They Are And Not Interested In Anything He Has To Say Unless He Can Provide Them With TV Sets A Non Politically Correct Tale Much Closer To The Truth Than Anything You Have Ever Seen On The Movies

About the Author: Lucinda E. Clarke

Born in Dublin, matured in England, wanted to follow grandfather into Fleet Street, family not wildly enthusiastic unfeminine, unreliable and dangerous Went to dockland Liverpool safe, respectable and pensionable Returned south with teaching qualifications, extremely good at self defence Went crofting in Scotland, bred Cairn Terriers among other things Moved to Kenya with 7 week old

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    I m a big fan of Lucinda E Clarke I have read several of her books and this is the main reason I was attracted to this book Normally I am not a fan of comedy in books so that is probably my starting point Humour is a very personal thing and I suspect my sense of humour has been warped with age My sense is that this book will have a great deal of appeal to most but unfortunately I only got the edge of it which to be fair I believe would be a truly personal thing I could be thrown off by the style I m used to from Lucinda but whatever the reason it shouldn t take away too much from the book as it stands It is funny, there is an intelligence here in often simple humour that shines through in the style and quality of the writing and if you enjoy humour in books generally, then I feel you will enjoy this particular book The humour and style is quite British which as a neighbouring Irishman means I am quite familiar with it and if this is you cup of tea so to speak, then certainly Unhappily ever after will be a joy to you Love Lucinda s work, pick this up and go find her serious work too, she is a joy to behold.

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    Classmates liked school trips to pantomimes it was an escape from afternoon lessons I never understood the appeal of yelling he s behind you or, at that age, the sexual innuendo I watched three of them all the way through until I thought of taking a book and reading it in the cinema cloakroom Those three are the main stories featured in Unhappily Ever After Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White In Fairyland, characters live to a great age They are six centuries out of date but they do know what happens on Earth, or the royals do, having purloined a few TV sets and become fans of Dallas and Dynasty downtrodden peasants know nothing it they have dreams it is of owning underpants Cinderella was a peasant, and she still is, greedy for the comforts of life at King Charming s palace but despising the people, including Charming I always said she should have married Buttons However, don t be misled by the apparent simplicity of jokes, mainly sexy laugh out loud, jokes, made at the expense of imaginary characters The mind behind them has a very firm grasp of the pretentions and stupidity of our own times This is the first of Lucinda E Clarke s books I have read it won t be the last.

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    I was fortunate enough to be offered this book by Lucinda Clarke for Beta Reading, prior to final editing and production Having read Clarke s work in the past and realising this was a totally new genre for her, I was keen and excited to do so This dip into the world of Grown Up Fairy Tales is one that I enjoyed greatly What I find, especially with legacy published authors is that they get caught up in a genre, or a character series, that quickly becomes their sole focus What was successful before, must be successful again and they spend their time churning out turgid, formulaic books, and often, frankly, boring books, year after year That is why the vibrant Indie Author community is so important These authors have nothing to lose, so they are prepared to push the boundaries and try different things things that interest them and excite them The benefits are apparent for the readers as the variety on offer is so great and so extensive This is exactly what Lucinda Clarke has done The author of two exceptional adventure, fiction novels set in Africa, she has also written several memoirs detailing humorous and fascinating parts of her career to date Now, she has switched genre and focus completely, bringing us Unhappily Ever After, and we, as readers, are richer for that Unhappily Ever After is exactly what it says a fairy tale for grown ups Clarke uses humor and sarcasm, combined with a weird and wonderful cast of characters to expose base human traits, political correctness and stereotypes for what they really are a joke I love reading stories that use characters from my childhood and you will find many of these characters in Unhappily Ever After We are presented with a variety of princesses that we first met as youngsters, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and others, but their characters now are barely recognizable These are lazy, indolent and arrogant people who look down their noses at us mere common folk and dismiss the riff raff as just being grateful for whatever crumbs they are lucky enough to receive from their tables I found myself often thinking of the similarity of these characters to those of the Shrek movie franchise, so if you liked Shrek, you ll probably enjoy Unhappily Ever After Unhappily Ever After may not set you belly laughing , but the humor is subtle and clever and a credit to the author s wonderful imagination If you want a break from the everyday fare available out there, I would recommend you escape into the fantasy world of Lucinda Clarke s mind This is a book for grown ups though as it pulls no punches in its political incorrectness It is fun and harmless entertainment, at its very best This is a clear five star book in my mind.

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    This is a totally different look at beloved fairy tales Lucinda Clarke has re imagined the stories, giving them a raw, gritty, witty feel The satire is there, along with laugh out loud humor The writing flows, and I enjoyed Clarke s descriptive voice It s a very character driven book, and I liked the way each character was presented If you enjoy sarcasm and dry wit with a dose of modern happy ever after, you ll enjoy this book.

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    I don t like fantasy fairy tale books for adults I LOVED THIS I have read four of this author s previous books and loved them so I said yes quick as a flash when she asked me if I d beta read her new book Naturally, I assumed this would be another memoir or fiction set in Africa, as before but I was told no, it was a different genre Now, I read just about everything except for Fantasy and Sci fi Lucinda told me it was sort of a fantasy and it was set in Fairyland Errrm..She would understand if I didn t want to go there Oh yikes I don t like fantasy genre books, my partner reads those I ve tried one and couldn t get very far at all I did have an urge to see this one, given her past books which I ve enjoyed hugely I was intrigued and said yes I think the fact that I thought it was going to just appear in my emails within minutes and then it didn t made it all the want worthy I kept looking and looking for it When it did arrive, I was halfway through a memoir at the time, I needed to finish that first I couldn t resist having a quick glance at this new book though..and I just had to read and read it What an interesting twist on all the trad fairy stories we all know and so funny I laughed so much I kept thinking hey up I bet this is so and so now and predicted who the character would be but then she completely turned around the usual predictable fairy story ending and the result was just hilarious I was reading until 2am on a couple of nights I really liked it and there were lots of giggles in there for me I don t like fantasy books but, this is THE FIRST fantasy type book I have read all the way through and it was a lot of fun and a nice change It definitely works for me and I think the book cover pulls you straight in I wasn t sure if I d like this but as I m not keen on fantasy fairyland stuff I would blame it on me and not the book I had my first peek while the TV was on in the background so I thought if I wasn t getting into it then I d start it again when there was a bit of quiet but no the TV was soon turned off and I continued reading and laughing

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    A right royal pantomime of wit and well described imagery Satirical fantasy is not my normal genre but Monty Python was at its height when I was young, so I enjoy a good satire I thoroughly enjoyed this trip to the Fairyland kingdoms where unhappily ever after is the daily grind for all the characters we thought were living happy ever after In this world, peasants are rebelling against injustice, and their demands are spelled out in a petition to the King Cinderella was a peasant, not of Royal blood, so how does Queen Cinders cope with Royal life She isn t happily married, and her thoughts turn to divorce In fact, a number of unhappy marital issues will come to a head at the annual King Charming ball The author s imagination and humour are combined to create a story that makes your smile or LOL from beginning to end It is a rollicking pantomime of dry wit and well described imagery that works exceptionally well Highly recommended.

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    A Fairy Tale For Adults Welcome to Charmingdon, where everything is not as you thought it was Unhappily Ever After is an entertaining parody that is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.Fairyland will never be the same.

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    I don t often give 5 stars for a book, it has to be special to deserve this rating, but I really, really liked this book It turned all the fairy tales I ve ever read, upside down It is a spoof We have Cinderella scheming to divorce Prince Charming, and if she can t manage that she might just have to kill him, Meanwhile, Augustus, husband of Sleeping Beauty can t quite keep track of all their 28 children, and they desperately want to marry some of them off The problem is there s a dearth of Princes in Fairyland Elsewhere, Snow White refuses to honour her marital vows, forcing her husband, Harold to look elsewhere for fulfillment All these dysfunctional families are preparing for the annual ball where everything comes to a head I won t tell you any but there are lots of shenanigans before the happy ending if you could call it that.However, be warned This book defies all the conventions including political correctness, but it is extremely funny.

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    I was given this book as a birthday present on 1st December 2016 I started reading it before Christmas but had to put it down because of the many activities I was involved in Right after Christmas, I had to entertain visitors from abroad so I put it down again I resumed reading it a few days ago The author s writing is very appealing I never gave a thought as to what happened after reading fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, when the stories ended with and they lived happily ever after In Unhappily Ever After, Lucinda E Clarke gave her version as to what happened after the prince succeeded in his conquest of the woman I found the book very funny and entertaining and I loved it.Thanks Lucinda for the copy of this book I enjoyed it.

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    I really enjoyed reading this upside down story based on the fairy tales we all know so well Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Hundreds of years later, bored and dissatisfied with their overindulgent lives, the characters together with their partners and spoilt offspring, descend on a ball in the Kingdom of Charmingdon As in pantomime, the best laid plans of mice and pumpkins, all goes to pot as each character is hell bent on outdoing the next Told from various POV s it is a satirical look at fairyland, humorous and full of fun.

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