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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • I Do It with the Lights On
  • Whitney Way Thore
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9780399594502

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI have had issues with my weight and body image for close to ten years now In fact, just the other day, I found myself staring at a BMI chart and thinking about how so many of our beauty standards are utterly subjective Knowing how ridiculous these measurements are does nothing to ease the bad feelings in most cases, either our ideas about body image are so ingrained in our society that many of us will swallow them without a thought.I DO IT WITH THE LIGHTS ON was written by Whitney Way Thore, who is apparently on a show called My Big Fat Fabulous Life I haven t seen the show, but I was interested in the memoir because I think body positivity is important Ever since Tess Holliday received her controversial modeling contract, body positivity and image are starting to get focus in the media But a lot of people don t seem to fully comprehend what it entails Love yourself, the media says, but only if you have a body worth loving This memoir starts from Thore s childhood and continues to the present day She discusses the diet her mother put her on at a doctor s urging because she was a pound heavier than the average ten year old should be She talks about the eating disorder she developed to be normal sized the cycles of starvation, excessive exercise, and purging she got into in order to maintain her size She relates stories from her dating life, and points out the differences between body positive men and men who fetishize fat She also talks about her rise to fame after one of her Fat Girl Dancing videos went rival, and how even after this long and arduous journey she is still insulted on a daily basis about her weight and appearance.I DO IT WITH THE LIGHTS ON was a difficult read for me partially because I could relate to the weight struggles in some ways, and partially because her experiences were so painful that I really just felt awful for her Her parents seeming attempts to deal with their own issues by projecting them onto her was terrible Her trip to Korea, which should have been a fun experience, resulted in tons of insults and gawking and humiliation And the men she encountered on various dating sites, who treated her like she was worth about as much respect as a plus sized blow up doll, were sickening.On that note, I think it s an important read precisely because it s so uncomfortable Thore forces you to think about why fat is viewed as such a bad thing, and how many of the standards we set for weight are really just lose lose scenarios, because it s a rigged game from the start The opening chapter is a little rocky because it starts out with Thore publicly calling one of her trolls on the carpet, but by the end of the book, you will definitely feel like her annoyance is than justified Her attempts to stay healthy despite a diagnosis of PCOS are admirable, and her dancing is incredible She really doesn t fit society s stereotype of a fat girl and if you ask me, that s a damn good thing.3.5 to 4 stars.

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    I live in a cave I ve never seen Fat Girl Dancing on youtube I ve never heard of My Big Fat Fabulous Life As the media became obsessed with impossibly perfect people, my TV went out on the street for trash pickup Why would anyone subject themselves to such negative role models size 00 really When a curvy woman wearing a negligee and a smirk, says I Do It With The Lights On, who wouldn t want to see what that s all about A talented dancer, a soccer champion, a prom princess, family photos show a cute kid living a charmed life, but inside Whitney Way Thore was already struggling with body shame in grade school By college she was amphetamine addicted, starving and purging, and still didn t feel she was thin enough Whitney is real people, dealing with serious issues like PCOS and weight stigma with humor and wisdom channeling that inner voice we women contend with every waking moment, are we thin enough, curvy enough, made up enough, fresh faced enough, innocent enough, or provocative enough It s time to tune it out Stop caring what people think about your body and start living in it why waste any time waiting until you re thin to do things, fall in love, or be happy Love yourself Live fully No excuses No shame And that Fat Girl Dancing video You go, girl.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am a huge fan of My Big Fat Fabulous Life and Whitney The show is hilarious and this book really carries that over Whitney is so wise She is so inspiring A great book that many, many women and men will be able to relate to A beautiful ode to loving yourself just the way you are.

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    I have not watched My Big Fat Fabulous Life starring Whitney Way Thore I heard about this book in the new FabUplus magazine.Thore s book begins with some context and then heads into her youth At five years old, her mother is informed that Thore needs to watch what she eats As evidence, Thore includes photos throughout the book, such as a slender girl in her bathing suit next to the caption, Rocking my bathing suit during the summer before my first diet In elementary school, Thore participates in soccer, dance, and swimming She is labeled baby beluga Her photos show a healthy looking young girl her analysis demonstrates someone in mental torment The consensus was that my body was shame My body embarrassed me I found the photos particularly effective Looking at my own photos I realize that when I thought I was fat, I look only slightly larger than everyone else around me I don t look at photos now and cringe at the change I m sad for the girl who hated herself so deeply, and in that way readers can create a personal connection with Thore.Thore quickly became bulimic, and though many people know about it, no one does anything In fact, at a special school all the girls get together and throw up They celebrate for a job well done Though detailing all the painful memories of youth can seem like a sob story in the wrong hands, Thore demonstrates how an obsession with weight can lead a young girl to a life of shame.Readers who feel disgust at the fat body may think turning to healthy eating and exercise will fix everything Thore works with nutritionists and trainers, she dances for hours per week Unlike math, bodies are unpredictable You can t do X and always get Y, which frustrates the young woman One person always checking in on Thore s body is her father, whom she looks up to, but who might come off differently to readers One day in particular, as I was rushing out of the house for school, I told my dad I hadn t lost any weight the previous day Well, what did you eat yesterday A sandwich, I told him Well, tomorrow, he suggested, don t eat a sandwich Though she constantly forgives her father for his abusive remarks, it was hard for me to do so, too Perhaps she doesn t fully see how incremental he was to her eating disorder and self hatred, but I don t expect writers to fully know their lives by the end of a book She may still be learning about her dad.Before she discovers she must love her body to love herself, Thore struggles with chronic depression, polycystic ovarian syndrome, shame, and damaging comments Thore fails out of college after she suffers depression and gains 50lbs in four months the result of both inactivity poor diet and a chronic illness After she does graduate, Thore travels to South Korea to work as an English teacher With her advanced class, she goes over an article about obesity in relation to health problems To test their comprehension, she asks what is one side effect of obesity A quiet, attentive student who went by the name Kerrick raised his hand.With stone cold seriousness he answered, Suicide His answer caught me so off guard that I laughed inappropriately Well, no I began The article doesn t mention that I m obese, right Twelve blank faces looked back at me, nodding Do you think I will kill myself Kerrick explained, Teacher, maybe you have some depressions and maybe you want to die This part of the memoir really struck me It never occurred to me that other people would think fat men and women want to kill themselves.My criteria for positive representations of fat women in fiction and nonfiction are all met in I Do It With The Lights On Boyfriends don t always make Thore happy, so she s willing to break up with men She works hard at all of her jobs, putting in hours and effort than her colleagues disposing of the lazy stereotype She also details how weight loss takes up most of a woman s time that could be dedicated elsewhere For instance, when she returns from Korea after several years, her parents have her move into their house and abstain from employment so she can work on fitness She s counting calories and exercising with a personal trainer Yes, you can lose 100lbs, but changing the body is a full time job.Thore is honest, too Half way through the book she has still not discovered the body positive movement She s dedicated all of her hours to food and fitness She notes Once I started to lose weight and saw how difficult it was for me to do so, I lost all sympathy for fat people who said they couldn t lose weight I prided myself on being a different kind of fat person.Instead of clinging to her attitude, Thore realizes she is delusional Even when she is losing weight, society sees a fat women it doesn t matter if she s just come from the gym Society sees fat as a failure without any context.Her honesty extends to her sex life Thore seeks sexual partners for her own pleasure, but she doesn t sleep with everyone she meets Several pages are devoted to exploring both the flattery and objectification found in websites full of men seeking fat women to have sex with them, stand on them, or feed Sexual relationships are presented respectfully, thank goodness.One reason I wanted to find books about fat women is lack of representation However, my quest is also to teach people of other sizes that they are privileged, not better Fat people are asked to count calories and exercise daily so they re better to look at However, thin people are not questioned about their diets physical activity, even if they eat poorly and are inactive, because they don t look fat Thore acknowledges she s been on both sides of the aisle As a teenager, I wasn t blind to the systematic sexualization of women but I wasn t as concerned with it because it was a system that benefited me A young, privileged girl submits to the system by offering up her appearance as collateral, and she receives positive attention and affirmation in return for her willingness to play the game As long as she stays obsessed with her appearance, making it a top priority, society will cheer her on for this and dole out validation accordingly.At 130lbs in high school, Thore was praised when she dropped a few pounds As a woman nearly 30 years old, at around 330lbs, she must prove every day she is smart, talented, cares, is valued, and deserves love.Honest, analytical, and carefully constructed, Whitney Way Thore s memoir is a must read for those fighting in the nobodyshame movement.This review was originally published at Grab the Lapels.

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    At any given discussion I can change the rating of this book from a one star to four star I settled on 3 stars only because Whitney is also critical on how the English language is used either appropriately or inappropriately But then this book is about acceptance of one s body It wasn t until I talked with my friend regarding thought processes that I realized that some people believe that they are always being judged from other For me, this has never been a true statement as I always believed my Scottish grandmother who said what makes you think you are so important the strangers spend time thinking about you I believed that Whitney was totally off the wall regarding what she consumed in a day while keeping up an extreme weight training and exercising lifestyle On the weight watcher program she would consume 26 points a day including a Starbucks iced Coffee Not totally realistic and would be totally unobtainable by me that I wouldn t even try to do her eating regime.Whitey went from I wouldn t have to deal with asshole boyfriends and prying eyes and nasty judgments I d have my pick of men who deserved me I could stop watching my old dance videos and actually perform the routines instead I could live up to my potential page 133 To wanting to focus on healthy behaviours that I know will help me feel better and promote my overall well being page 235 A huge difference in one s thought process Further, in my humble opinion this transition was not effectively written to find tranquility and acceptance in Whitney s life.As Whitney s father told her on page 180 you re not going to be able to change the world, but you can change yourself In reality that is all any one of us can do So you might as well accept your reality and enjoy you days because in the grand scheme of things as human beings we are only here for a nano second of time.

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    So Fucking Good.

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    I have never seen Whitney Thore on YouTube or on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, but I was intrigued on what this book was about I really enjoyed reading about Whitney s life and struggle with her weight Even than that, I really liked the fact that she delves into what is wrong with fixating on weight loss or achieving that perfect weight I loved that she was so open and candid throughout the book Side Note I hope the body positive movement doesn t end anytime soon.

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    I m not one for reading non fiction, and I ve certainly never heard of the author or her videos show, but when I read the blurb for this book, I felt that I had to read it It chronicles the author s journey to accept herself as is and accept the things about herself that she really couldn t change It was a very inspiring story and one that made me think about my own issues and challenged the beliefs I held I would highly recommend this book to anyone with self image issues

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    I Do It With the Lights On by Whitney Thorne is an eye opening, up front, in your face shout out to the world to stop putting your life on hold while waiting to be the perfect something and start life passionately and fully Ms Thorne shares her story with humor, grace and style while sharing her emotional journey of struggling with her weight, eating disorders, body shaming and how she ultimately found her way to emotional healing, self acceptance and self love Her message of No Body Shaming is a powerful one that speaks to everyone and is a movement I fully support The only thing I took exception to in this book was the very detailed facts the author shared about her sex life I believe her message is strong enough on it s own and didn t need it Overall though, it was a good book with a great message 3.5 Stars Thank you to Ballentine Books and Netgalley for the gift of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am enthusiastic about this book and I couldn t have been happier to read it before the official release date, which will be May 31.I Do It with Lights On is Whitney s personal account of her life as a talented dancer, straight As student and young girl dealing with the pressure to be thin From developing an eating disorder as a teenager to extreme weight gain in college to her ongoing struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS Whitney tells it all.Written with brutal sincerity this book will find its way to your heart Read and share your thoughts on The Serial Reader Blog This book was kindly sent to me via NetGalley by Random House Publishing Group Ballantine

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I Do It with the Lights On characters I Do It with the Lights On , audiobook I Do It with the Lights On , files book I Do It with the Lights On , today I Do It with the Lights On , I Do It with the Lights On f93c4 From The Star Of TLC S My Big Fat Fabulous Life Comes An Empowering Memoir About Letting Go Of Your Limitations And Living The Life You Deserve Right Now Whitney Way Thore Stands Five Feet Two Inches Tall And Weighs Well Over Three Hundred Pounds, And She Is Totally, Completely, And Truly Happy But She Wasn T Always The Vivacious, Confident Woman You See On TV Growing Up As A Dancer, Whitney Felt The Pressure To Be Thin, A Desire That Grew Into An Obsession As She Got Older From Developing An Eating Disorder As A Teenager, To Extreme Weight Gain In College, To Her Ongoing Struggle With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS , Whitney Reveals Her Fight To Overcome The Darkest Moments In Her Life She Holds Nothing Back, Opening Up About The Depths Of Her Depression As Well As Her Resilience In The Face Of Constant Harassment And Mistreatment Now Whitney Is On Top Of The World And Taking No BS Body Shame, Of Course And She S Sharing The Steps She Took To Get There And The Powerful Message Behind Her Successful No Body Shame Campaign She Even Reveals Her Favorite F Word It S Probably Not What You Think , The Thrill Of Doing It With The Lights On, And The Story Behind The Fat Girl Dancing Video That Started It All Exuberant And Utterly Honest, I Do It With The Lights On Is The Inspiring Story Of How Whitney Finally Discovered Her Fabulousness When She Stepped Off The Scale And Into Her Life, Embracing Herself Unconditionally Body, Heart, And Soul

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