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  • ebook
  • 112 pages
  • Rad Women Worldwide
  • Kate Schatz
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9780399578878

10 thoughts on “Rad Women Worldwide

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    Reading about 40 rad women from around the world definitely lifts up a girl s spirit If you thought that this is a man s world and women cannot reach places, this book will make you realize that women have done great things and can do so in the future as well.Before reading this book, I knew only 10 of the 40 women listed It was great to learn about others This book left me with awe and an I can reach my goals no matter what attitude.I did feel that a lot of amazing women were left out, but that is bound to happen when you try to fit in people from different fields and different parts of the world Still, I did like the diversity I would highly recommend this book.Note I d like to thank the publisher for giving me a free copy of this book This review is my personal opinion and has not been influenced in anyway by anyone.

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    ltimamente veo que hacen muchos libros que tratan de visibilizar la figura de las mujeres y que est n enfocados en los ni os Vale, pues veo esos libros y no puedo evitar ver c mo infantilizan a las mujeres o dan cabida a todo lo siento, no veo como buen ejemplo a Margaret Thatcher Sin embargo, este libro huye de todo eso relata mujeres de todas partes del mundo y de todas las pocas realzando su labor y d ndoles el valor que merecen Le doy 5 estrellas porque, de verdad, he aprendido tanto y lo he disfrutado m s que nada, ojal hubiera tenido un libro as de peque a.

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    So inspirational and I m digging the artwork.

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    Five stars I loved this book I consider myself fairly aware of famous women and women s history, but I was surprised and a bit embarrassed by how many featured women I was totally unfamiliar with I was thrilled to learn about so many inspiring women from around the world The book is written in an engaging and inspirational way I really appreciated that the profiles were bite sized it was the perfect amount of information to introduce these amazing women enough to feel like you gained some familiarity but you could certainly go on and learn about them if you chose I feel like this is a book that would be particularly great for kids throw it on the coffee table and let them pick it up casually and read a few entries it s very approachable that way The art is really cool and draws the reader in to want to learn Schatz has done an excellent job I would definitely buy this book for friends and family.

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    What the hell Goodreads I m writing this review for the second time because Goodreads decided not to upload it.I believe that small details such as good grammar truly show the author s care for their craft and dedication I was constantly putting missing commas and fixing mistakes in my head while reading this A good editor and proofreader go a long way in any kind of text To me, it was extremely distracting Other than that, I also wish they had included the Mirabal sisters Of course, that is very personal due to the fact that I am Dominican and was expecting to see them The book was pretty interesting and I liked the flow of it a lot I wish they had added women At the end of the book, there is a section where they list interesting women in history I wish they had told their story too This book is great for young kids or anyone, really.

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    I really liked this collection of stories about famous women from all over the world There were all types of inspirational women included in this collection I really liked the emphasis on women of color and women from countries other than the US My one issue was that the art in this did not work for me I appreciated that the art was made with paper and an exacto knife, but it just didn t fit my tastes I also think having photos of the women and or their works would have been effective.

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    YES Yes Yes Full Review As a woman and feminist, I was so proud while reading this book Let me praise it from the rooftops and hand sell it to every girl, boy, mom, dad, relative, friend, you name it Everyone could benefit from reading this I was devastated to discover I did not even know about most of these women before picking up this book I felt myself longing to have had this book in my hands as a girl in school when it came time to pick the people I wanted to write my research papers on When it s published, you can bet I m gonna be buying myself a copy to pass along to my children someday and will hand sell it at Christmas as such a beneficial book If you re at all curious about the women included, pre order a copy now Here are some of the most badass mothers, social activists, astronauts, scientists, doctors, teachers, athletes, musicians, artists, suffragettes, queens, spies, and even a pirate Imagine picking this up in school as a girl and realizing that the options for your career are ENDLESS and that no one can tell you what you can and can t do Each description is quite short, like a brief summary and biography of why this woman was is a luminary and what she contributed to society I wished they were longer, but it is really is just a gateway for you to learn the fast facts now and research if you want to later Also keep in mind it really is meant for a younger audience, but doesn t alienate adults at all either It s nice to having something so short and yet empowering Women seriously rock I also was so happy to see diversity represented as well as giving women credit who lived so long ago think Ancient Egypt At the back there s a list of other rad women around the world divided up by country I wish I could add some to the list, though it s quite long as is In all, this book is well written, needed, and absolutely fabulous The cut paper illustrations by Miriam Klein Stahl were an incredible as well and added a dynamic to even the women featured who lived thousands of years ago, and the quotes were also a marvelous addition You will not regret reading this book 5 stars, without a doubt Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Fight like a girl.

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    Detallar m s en breve, pero este libro es genial infinitamente mejor que Cuentos de buenas noches para ni as rebeldes Me costar tener que devolverlo a la biblioteca.

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    What then is the evil in my being a woman Sor Juana In s de la CruzWomen are incredible I ve read this short book with a look of extreme awe on my face I hadn t heard about many of the women mentioned in it and that s just a shame Here the lives and achievements and basically badassery of mothers, teachers, political and environmental activists, football players, singers, artists, computer programmers, pirates , suffragettes, princesses, spies are described and it was such an enjoyable and entertaining read The diversity element made it even interesting Seeing these people fighting against a political system that doesn t acknowledge them and against stereotypes that store them away in the house whilst the Men do the actual job was so inspiring Now I ve got a lot on my hands to research on my own and I cannot wait to discover about these women and many others Totally recommended I received this book from its publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Rad Women Worldwidecharacters Rad Women Worldwide, audiobook Rad Women Worldwide, files book Rad Women Worldwide, today Rad Women Worldwide, Rad Women Worldwide 9269d From The Authors Of TheNew York Times Bestselling Book Rad American Women A Z, Comes A Bold New Collection Of Biographical Profiles, Each Accompanied By A Striking Illustrated Portrait, Showcasing Extraordinary Women From Around The WorldIn Rad Women Worldwide, Writer Kate Schatz And Artist Miriam Klein Stahl Tell Fresh, Engaging, And Inspiring Tales Of Perseverance And Radical Success By Pairing Well Researched And Riveting Biographies With Powerful And Expressive Cut Paper Portraits Featuring An Array Of Diverse Figures From Hatshepsut The Great Female King Who Ruled Egypt Peacefully For Two Decades And Malala Yousafzi The Youngest Person To Win The Nobel Peace Prize To Poly Styrene Legendary Teenage Punk And Lead Singer Of X Ray Spex And Liv Arnesen And Ann Bancroft Polar Explorers And The First Women To Cross Antarctica , This Progressive And Visually Arresting Book Is A Compelling Addition To Women S History

About the Author: Kate Schatz

Kate Schatz pronounced Shots is a writer, editor, educator, and left handed vegetarian Bay Area born and bred feminist mama She is the New York Times bestselling author of Rad American Women A Z City Lights, 2015 and Rad Women Worldwide Ten Speed Press, 2016 Her book of fiction, Rid of Me A Story, was published in 2006 as part of the acclaimed 33 1 3 series Her writing has been publish