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Heckled txt Heckled, text ebook Heckled, adobe reader Heckled, chapter 2 Heckled, Heckled 2b6b78 Drinking Drugging Cutting Exxel Jensen Has Spent His Life Finding Ways To Rid Himself Of The Heckler, And Failed Miserably On The Surface, His Future Is Bright A Beautiful Wife, A Child On The Way, And A Career He Loves As A Stand Up Comedian Beneath The Surface Lurks The Darkness Crippling Depression, Anxiety, And Alcoholism Helena Jensen Has Seen Her Husband Spiral Downward Before And Feels Helpless To Stop It As She Watches Him Falling Again She Would Do Anything To Help Him, Anything To Diminish The Pain That Plagues HimExxel Knows She Would, And He Also Knows She Can T Because The Person Fueling His Depression And Addictions Is Someone She Can T See And How Can He Explain The Heckler To Anyone, When He Doesn T Even Understand It Himself

About the Author: Valarie Savage Kinney

Valarie Savage Kinney is a writer, fiber artist, and Renaissance festival junkie with a wicked caffeine addiction She resides in Michigan with her husband, grown children, two slightly hysterical dogs, and eight yes, eight guinea pigs She is the author of Slither, Heckled, Consumption and The Secrets of Windy Springs Series She puts the I in weird Join me on Patreon

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    5 Cranky Stars This author has captured the seething pain of depression, a silent killer Exxel is a man who seems to have it all Beautiful wife, a baby on the way, and a cool job he loves as a stand up comedian Underneath there is something very different He tries to battle his demons He self medicates himself with pills and drink He tried therapy and medications but the Heckler never leaves He is a bit crap, a horrible person and doesn t deserve any praise the Scotsman screams How can he get through even the every days of his life His wife, Helen is really great at dealing with Exxel As he pulls further away from Helen and his family, the his mental illness and the Heckler Will Excel get the real help he deserves or will he descend into the hell pit of depression This author showed the dirty, raw side of how people deal with mentally ill people and how those living with it cope.

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    Warning Might contain spoilersThis is the first time I read a book by this author and though this wasn t the first time I for me to read this kind of story it was nice to able to look at something like this on someone else s perspective and also to have a better understanding of how people like the people in this story actually felt.First of all, I commend the author for bravely tackling this type of story and ending it the way that it did I don t know how I can say I m not happy with the ending without these words being taken out of context The truth is, I don t think anybody will feel happy as this book ends At the same time, I m glad it ended the way that it did If you ask me why, I d say two things, 1 It portrays how real things like this happen It gives the picture that sometimes, things really do end this way 2 It makes it different And by different I meant thank you for not giving me crap and bull after everything that has happened.This book was really informative when it comes to showing what depression is like, how it affects a person and how it affects the people around that person It also somewhat showed how the mind of a person undergoing such a thing worked The way the events were delivered from the start of the book until the end was very engaging I keep thinking as I read along, we ll he do it , how will he react on it I was at the end soon enough because I was so eager to find out how things will unfold for Exxel.There are just a few things that had me concerned The main part of which is the lack of backstory with regards to the characters that had me asking myself the questions below.1 I didn t really get why Exxel was depressed I know it s because he said it s because he can t be happy But then, why can t he be happy His mom seems to be a really loving and supportive mother His brother and he seems to get along His wife loves him so much and even understand what he s going through So why What triggered the depression Was it his dad I don t think he was mentioned Was it something that happened during his childhood Why I have a minor idea about depression but I m not expert on it, still I felt like there must have been a trigger or at least a history underlying the circumstances of Exxel for him to be the way he was in the story.2 It was mentioned that he s seen shrink before and was taking meds I get why he stopped taking the meds according to his perspective So that meant he s either recovered and got better I would assume so since the people around him accepted his decision So why did he fell off that road again Someone said that there are really no reason why And also, I know the wife was trying to be understanding but I felt like her will to help make him better was not really enough She was too understanding And because she understands, she didn t really try hard enough to know what s going on with him It wasn t until there was an extreme event that she felt compelled to talk to his brother and talk him into asking for help.3 Marco Polo I m sure there s a story behind it And I don t know if I just missed it because my brain was anxious to read the rest of it and find out but I don t think it ever came up It was mentioned several times and it seems vital to their relationship that I was super curious to find out why.I guess part of the reason I have this questions was because the story was so present and in the first person point of view, with only one person s point of view being brought to light.And it was probably done that way to show and give better understanding how a person currently undergoing depression really feel or how their minds work In that respect, I d say that the author did well and that she successfully delivered the message.

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    What an absolutely heart breaking book in some respects Exxel is a man trying to so hard to fight his personal demons, but the one that is hitting him the hardest is the Scot that constantly belittles him and tells him to end it all This Scotsman is not a man anyone else can see It is a product of Exxel s issues that he has had since basically forever After seeing therapists, trying pills, and other not so legal things, about the only thing that helps some it seems is his endless obsession with gambling and drinking His poor pregnant wife, Helena, is one strong woman as she does her best to help him through things, but everything begins to go further and further down hill Now, I don t know much about mental issues, but if I had to guess, this guy had a than just depression as one It just goes to show how absolutely important it is to get not just any help, but the right kind of help for those who are struggling This book seems to strongly show just how many issues those with depression and have to live through day in and day out.

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    Hauntingly tragic.I was drawn to the story and the idea of this heckler who was like a real person to the protagonist As one who suffers from depression and anxiety, I can relate to the feelings of worthlessness and despair A tragic read that gives you a glimpse of what depression can be like for some.

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    Let me start by saying I have read every book by Valarie Savage Kinney and have loved all of them With that said, this one took some time to get into I m not sure if it was because of the subject matter if it was because we jump right into Exxel problems I m not sure It took me four days to read the first two chapters After that though it took me about 3 hours to read the remaining pages I couldn t put it down I as drawn in The story is beautifully written, I would love to see a prequel of how they meet, how he got so far into his depression and the story behind their nicknames, thought I think I understand them Either way Amazing book If you have problems reading the first couple chapters, it s ok, keep reading I promise it s well worth it

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    Review originally posted on Rach Lawrence Books I was provided a copy of Heckled by the author in exchange for an honest review I am not compensated for my honest opinion Exxel Jensen has spent his entire life finding ways to cope with his mental illness Although his family and friends know he s depressed, they really don t know the true extent of it Exxel lives with another person in his world, a person no one else can see or hear the Heckler Drinking, drugs, and cutting help Exxel banish the Heckler, but only temporarily Exxel has a loving and supportive wife who would do anything to help him, and he also has a baby on the way He should be happy, but happiness is the one thing Exxel can t feel.Heckled is a dark drama that draws you in to the main character s world from the start The descriptions of what s going on inside Exxel s head leave you feeling the pain, uncertainty, and depression right along with him While it s easy to ask how anyone could be unhappy in Exxel s situation, especially with a beautiful wife and new baby coming, this book drops the reader right into the midst of Exxel s suffering and provides a deep understanding of what he s going through.But the story does even than that, allowing the reader to see how the people around Exxel feel as well Depression doesn t only affect the person who suffers from it Friends and family are just as involved, and this story does a wonderful job of bringing that to light Helena is a devoted wife All she wants is to help Exxel, but how can you help someone who doesn t even feel worthy of getting help His mother, brother, and best friend also try in their own way to do what they can for Exxel because they love him.This book is very real and brings out a lot of emotion I found myself in tears on several occasions as the characters all struggled through the day to day issues surrounding depression It s a very different type of story, and while I wholeheartedly recommend it, it s definitely not for everyone due to the dark theme.

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    I sold my soul to the devil for a copy of this book I think I got the better end of that deal because my soul was pretty tarnished by the time I handed it over in exchange for this sparkly new book I wasn t sure if I would like this book because the authors name appears in a vomit green font, and I m rather anti vomit in my personal life It definitely started the book off on the wrong foot for me The good news is that my opinion of the book couldn t get much lower from there I found Exxel somewhat relatable The collection of empty wine bottles in my office is ratherextensive but I swear that s mostly because I m just a horrible housekeeper That was where our personal connection ended though The character that I really connected with was, The Heckler Yes, I too have been a heckler I can t even count on both hands the number of stand up comedy shows I ve been kicked out of for heckling I even sought help for my problem, but my therapist refused to see me after my second appointment because I heckled her too I barely leave my house now because I m afraid I won t be able to control the heckling But I m not sure I even want to any Heckled gets 3 Stars This review is satire It was originally posted on Whose Review is it Anyway

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    received this book to give an honest review.When I first started reading this book I kept thinking it was like a modern day Jekyll and Hyde but as I read it on I realized she was touching a very dark subject Depression something that probably almost everyone goes through at least once in their life Some severe than others as was the case with Exxel Exxel has it pretty much all a loving wife, soon to be child, job, family and his best friend but what he deals with personally is a demon within him Exxel calls him the Heckler and no one else can see him but him We see how Exxel deals with it all along with his wife who I have to say is a pretty strong woman, I love the dedication she has to him and their marriage.This book is not suitable for those under 18 There is sex and drugs within this story When we got to the end of the book all I could say was WOW.I wasn t expecting that at all I thought something else would have happened instead I think the author did a terrific job with the characters, how they handled situations to overall the entire plot.

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    I loved reading about the relationship between Exxel, Helena and the Heckler The realities of mental illness and the effects it has just not on Him but also his wife Helena and his family as they are doing their best to support him The story takes us into Exxels mind, who happens to be a stand up comic, in which he battles with the Heckler daily, his addictions and his past Helena does her best to help him and understand what is going on with her husband, but the shame of mental illness drives him further away from her and further into his addictions My heart breaks reading about his daily struggles.Valerie Savage Kinney does an amazing job exposing mental illness and creates a story of the realities of it and how many lives it does affects I recommend reading this book She makes you want to cheer on Exxel to get help and conquer his demons and fears This story is angst and not a HEA but it is definitely a great read.

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    Heckled by Valarie Savage Kinney is seriously one of the most realistic, dark, and gritty books I have read With that said, I can easily say that it will be on my top books of 2016 list I was given an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review She nailed what it is like to battle your inner demons I read this story during a dark period of my life and I will unashamedly admit, I had to walk away from the story a couple of times due to excessive crying I felt so bad for all of the characters, but Exxel is the one that I wanted to hug the most and give him comfort The author makes you feel for all the characters that you meet in this book and how they struggle with Exxel s personal demons I highly suggest that this book be read by everyone who is either battling depression or knows someone who is going through it Kudos to Valarie Savage Kinney for tackling this topic I strongly give this book 5 5 Platypires.

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