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Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles #0.5) files Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles #0.5) , read online Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles #0.5) , free Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles #0.5) , free Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles #0.5) , Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles #0.5) f4fe9f085 Rumor Has It There S A Russian You Can Turn To If You Re Very Rich, And Need Dirty Deeds Done Without A Trace The CIA Calls Him Ivan The Ghost Because He S Operated For Years Without Leaving A Trail Or Revealing His FaceUntil NowFor The First Time In History, Ivan Appears To Have Slipped The CIA S New Director Sets Agent Kyle Achilles On An Intercept Course, Surveilling The Daughter Of A British Politician Then Ivan Pulls Off A Masterful Con, And Emily VanishesWith Emily S Life, His Career, And America S Reputation At Stake, Achilles Partners With An Unlikely New Agent He Meets In France Together They Attempt To Get One Step Ahead Of The Legendary Russian, While Rubbing Elbows With The Ultra Rich In A High Tech International ChasePLEASE NOTE WITH CHAPTERS, THIS NOVELLA IS ABOUT THE SIZE OF THE AUTHOR S OTHER THRILLERS I Loved This Novella It Started Out Fast And Never Stopped Margaret Lovett Fast Paced And Action Packed, This Was A Quick And Fun Read Nick Babbitz Fans Of Ludlum And Lee Child Will Delight At The Magical Web Tim Tigner Weaves Leslie O Brien A Lot Of Twists, Great Characters, And An Ending That Leaves You Begging For Bodo Pfundl Easy To Read, And Hard To Put Down Todd Simpson

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    Firstly I know I should always start with the first book in the series Read number 1, now I have started at the beginning, and a great start to the series with a novella 0.5 I love the character, love the series and move on to number 2 in the series, also have 3 and 4 in the series.I do recommend you read number 0.5 in the series it sets in motion his story, character, and the pace of his books.Great short story, with travels from London to Monaco, Achilles has a great sidekick, well paced, action and suspense and sets the character he is.Then you are ready to read the whole series EnjoyClear four stars Read in 24 hours

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    First of all, admission time I had never heard of Tim Tigner until out of the blue I received a message from Tim himself via Goodreads after he d read an earlier review I had written Talk about going the extra mile for your readership He suggested that I download and read this free novella, because he thought I would like it Well, gift horses and all that, plus being a little flattered that the guy could be bothered to personally contact me, download it I did.I have to say I wasn t disappointed, the pace of this thriller novella is fast it feels even shorter than it is because the writing is engaging and smooth, the characters are likable where needed, appropriately irritating or evil where required and the story flies by The story sets up the first novel in the series but stands alone perfectly well.You don t have to wait for Tim to tell you to do it, you too can download the story, but beware you may well be hooked if you re looking for the next easy read, page turner.timtigner.com for those that are interested and, for the avoidance of doubt, I would recommend giving this a try.

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    Just finished reading the prequel novella in the new to me Kyle Achilles spy thriller series After finishing with the latest Ben Coes novel, I was starving for in the same genre.While this story is really short, it packs a punch with its non stop action scenes and witty dialogues, and it gave me the push I needed to pick up the rest of the books in the series.Full review

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    This was a surprise I really enjoyed it I will be reading the next one for sure.

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    This has been a week of firsts, this is my fourth book this week by an author previously unknown to me.CIA operative Kyle Achilles is on the hunt for Ivan the ghost, a man who destroys peoples lives but these falls from grace can be explained away by bad luck and circumstance.Achilles is given a lead to run down by his boss the director of the CIA and we follow him as he tries to track Ivan.I liked the idea of this bronze winning Olympic Biathlete turned wreckless rock climber with no soldiering in his past being headhunted by the former CIA director, it certainly breaks the mould where CIA operatives are concerned in fiction.This was a brilliant little novella to introduce readers to Kyle Achilles, the new kid on the block of spy fiction but if we the readers are lucky then Kyle has a good few adventures ahead of him.If you get the chance to read this then I d totally recommend it It s great escapism fun.

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    I ve had the privilege of reading some great fiction recently and Tim Tigner s Chasing Ivan is no exception I picked up a free copy from the author s website and having read all his other books, I was excited about his latest novella And oh boy, does he come through with yet another exciting story Better yet, not only is this a standalone story but it s a prequel to his upcoming Achilles series with the first story set to release in 2016.Now, if you ve never read any of his stories, where have you been Fans of international espionage will squeal in delight or whatever appropriate noises you make at the magical web he weaves His male leads are nothing short of brilliant with the exact right amount of diabolical villainy to keep them on their toes to the very end.Fans of Ludlum, Lee Child, heck the Black List, will instantly be drawn into this well written suspense story.

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    Chasing Ivan by Tim Tigner is a fast paced thriller that I could not put down The main character, Agent Adam Achilles Healy, is someone that you want on your side Achilles is creative and quick on his feet Achilles is paired up with a thief gone straight named Agent Jo Monfort who was trained by The Agency The two work as a team to hunt for Ivan the Ghost before an unsuspecting woman named Emily, who is under Ivan s spell, becomes his next victim I don t want to say any and ruin it for a potential reader by giving away any details about the book I felt that the author gave the characters good development and they played off one another very well I found that the fighting scenes were written with great detail and I could visualize it all I have read a few books by Tim Tigner and I think I liked Chasing Ivan the best of what I have read I look forward to reading of Achilles adventures in the future.

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    Good, quick action tale with a pair of amazing agents being directed by a couple of idiot bosses Good pace and action set in the multi millionaire world of Monte Carlo The character development is brisk and superficial We don t really learn much about our superhero and what his motivations, fears, and goals are Perhaps later books in the series fill us in deeply I enjoyed it, but like a guilty pleasure , because it wasn t much than a comic book.

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    A good spy like thriller You can t trust those Russians

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    A powerfully addictive story by an exciting new author.A fast paced novella that holds your attention to the very last sentence.I look forward to following Achilles as the series continues.

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