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The Sexy Librarian chapter 1 The Sexy Librarian , meaning The Sexy Librarian , genre The Sexy Librarian , book cover The Sexy Librarian , flies The Sexy Librarian , The Sexy Librarian 48be2008fcb6f Her Green Eyes Flicked Back And Forth With Mine, Searching Me For Some Sort Of Invitation I Could Tell That Esme Had A Yearning Inside Of Her As She Leaned In Close To MeWhen Year Old Amelia Finds Out That Her Favorite Author Bequeathed A Previously Unreleased Novella To Her Local University Library, She Wastes No Time In Going To Read It She Never Expected, However, That This Bookish Excursion Would Introduce Her To The Most Beautiful Librarian She D Ever Laid Eyes OnEsme, A Year Old Redheaded Bombshell Of A Librarian, Assists Amelia In Her Special Reading Request And The Two Women, One Young And One Older, Instantly Bond Over Their Shared Love Of Books Will A Friendly Date Of Drinks And Literature Lead To Something Between These Two Women Can Their New Passionate Romance Overcome Deceit In The Library Will Esme S Carnal Experience Open Amelia S Eyes To Explorations She S Never Before Considered

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    It s funny what breaks one s suspension of disbelief In this case it wasn t that a library would care enough about an obscure, low value author s work to force people to read it under librarian supervision Or that someone wouldn t be cautious about going into the space of a faintly predatory older woman you d literally met for a half hour earlier Or that someone would seriously borrow a one night stand s butt plug and wear it around all day, although the sex was deeply unbelievable in a few ways There was also the way visitors to the library s special collections weren t made to show ID a perfectly sensible requirement of all major university libraries, due to the value of the books they often hold Unfortunately all of these little things were relevant to the plot, so I had to give them a pass in order to keep reading.No, what got me was the geography The author needs to do a little geographic research before throwing references in there Most of the streets and places were accurate in the sense they actually exist it s just they re not used correctly How could someone afford a condo in Logan Square on a librarian s video transcriber s salary Why they would do the hour long commute it would take every day to get to Hyde Park, then vice versa home But the real kicker was the University itself it s just not right at all I couldn t get over how the librarians in this book s UChicago actually work in the Harper Library building The Harper Anyone who had so much as casually googled that building would know it hasn t been an actual working library since 1970 it keeps the library part of its name for historical reasons It s now two stories of unevenly heated classrooms, a study room, and a cafe selling Arizona Ice Tea All the books including Special Collections are kept in the Regenstein which does NOT look like Harry Potter, unless he s keen on Brutalism Look, this book fails at its central conceit to be erotica because it fails the reader The world should hold the characters and make them warm and believable The older lesbian shouldn t come off as a predator The places should be appropriate for their purpose A shame overall, because it s well written and well edited in the technical sense, and it makes a going stab at the whole thing Two stars I wouldn t read this.

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    Let me start by saying that this isn t really my thing I don t normally read erotica and I didn t read 50 Shades of Grey, so I m not the target audience I read it as an LGBT romance for the Read Harder challenge, but it s not really a romance It s a shagfest.I had several problems with this firstly, the narrator is meant to be an aspiring author, yet makes a couple of really clanging grammatical errors If I was PLEASE Then there s the endless descriptions of various kinds of anal stimulation, which was just too much for me But the low point is the narrator s use of the word grool to describe her vaginal secretions Yuk.I wanted to know about the author Marie Beauchamp What was in the brilliant novella that first draws our lusty heroines together Sadly, the plot was put aside for scenes of anal stimulation.Incidentally, I too am a bookworm and a geek, but I ve never had fantasies about a librarian Not even Giles from Buffy TVS.On the plus side, if anyone likes explicit Lesbian erotica, this author s works are free to download to Kindle Sorry it s not my thing.

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    This was a good story, but there were several typos.

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    This is a short f f novella about an aspiring writer and a sexy librarian It s mainly erotica, especially because as it s so short, there wasn t much room for the plot to actually be a plot Apart from once in the first couple of pages, we hear nothing of Amelia wanting to be a writer, or writing, or thinking about it in any way Apart from that, it s relatively unrealistic, also sometimes regarding the sex But it s short, kinda cute and very hot I was able to look past everything, basically, that would possibly bother me, and thus it was enjoyable

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    I m not sure how I stumbled across this book but since it was free, I quickly downloaded it The beginning was very cute I liked Amelia and her inner dialogue The sexy librarian in question, Esme, was not as likable I knew right away she had made copies of the unpublished novella being held at the library I was expecting a bit drama from that situation But this is a short story So they live happily ever after I just wasn t amused by their relationship or entertained much by the sex scenes.

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    Not bad, not great If you re looking for a good story and compelling characters, this isn t it If you re looking for two girls fucking in intimate detail, this is totally the book for you Short and to the point with about as much story as a porno, this actually would make a great porno.

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    Not what I was expecting A favorite author who had passed away left a never seem before novella to a local college the only way to read this story is under the watchful eye of the librarian So Amelia goes and requests to read said story there she meets Esme and the start of their fiery romance.

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    Admittedly did not finish Objectively, the author does write well however this story was not for me I have no problem with f f romance. love is love It was just to transparent from the beginning for me and maybe if I had stuck through it, there would have been an amazing twist that would have blown me away.

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    GreatI liked this book because the women met by accident and they found out they had a lot in common I really like these stories but I really with they would be longer so u get to know the characters better.

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