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    I think this one, besides the first, was my least favorite This one just seemed like it didn t really need to be there I was really looking forward to learning about what Max did on his time away But we got nothing That was really disappointing.There is still some guilt there that both men are struggling to let go of What is never in question is the passion between these men The chemistry has been strong between these guys since book one This is what keeps me coming back for I love them together They are each others missing pieces.

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    Not one of my favorites but I think I could read about these guys watching paint dry and be ok On to the next

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    Review by The Blogger Girls.There really isn t much I can say about this series at this point It continues to be a fabulous and refreshing journey about Max and Ethan and how they tackle each client situation, all while they manage their somewhat double lives at The Elite Poole with their personal lives.Ethan and Max continue to hide their relationship for the sake of the Company, and while this may seem like a bad thing, they are both on board with the choice, even if it is proving difficult as time passes Worry over working together making the chances greater of someone noticing their feelings for each other, coupled with the worry over something happening to one of them on the job, definitely causes some tension here and there These guys are so committed to each other though, and The Elite Poole is a major part of their sole purpose, aside from keeping themselves happy together The Company has become important to Ethan at this point, and they share in wanting to see it succeed.This time around, Ethan gets into some trouble trying to do a good deed Things aren t what they seem though, and there are some twists and mystery surrounding it all that make things quite interesting.As I have said previously, what I love about these guys is that their relationship, while having some BDSM elements, is about power exchange and doing what works for them, as opposed to the norms of the scene It continues to keep things extra steamy and adds a layer of freshness every time they take things further And, while they are smoking in the smex department, their connection, feelings and emotions are clear throughout the story I m sad that I ve reached the end of this series and cannot wait for the next one to arrive I highly recommend it.

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    Another great story in this series It wasn t as emotional as the last book, but it was good because I really love Max and Ethan and enjoy reading about them.

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    This, like book 7, wasn t all that great What part of this story was suppose to be Ethan and Max going into the underbelly of Las Vegas Them driving around the shady parts of town The Scooby Doo effect was back in this one Of course the big reveal at the end was good, but wasn t great The series as a whole is really well written I enjoy the series.

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    Rating is based on the entire series books 1 10 thus far rather than each one individually.Loved the series Loved Max and Ethan Loved the D s relationship they ve built Loved them individually and as a couple Yeah, loved the whole fucking enchilada.JLT

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    I didn t like this one as much as the others cuz it felt just a little bit too pointless It did come together at the end but still Max and Extan were awesome as always though Can t wait for the next book

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    WowserGotta love the chemistry Max and Ethan have I love the Dom in Max and love the way Ethan submits And then throw in the drama of work I just love these books and now I have to wait Urg please hurry

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    As they say no good deed goes unpunished.

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    Great storylineI love the storyline and that it is a series I enjoy the continuation of the same relationship, you really get to know a character.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 124 pages
  • Easy Money (Sin City 9)
  • Tricia Owens
  • English
  • 21 November 2019

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