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Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) chapter 1 Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) , meaning Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) , genre Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) , book cover Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) , flies Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) , Accidentally in Love with the Biker (What Happens in Vegas, #13) c409088309dc6 Aspiring Writer Kelli Dalton Needs A Man, And Fast When She S Rear Ended By A Sexy As Sin Biker On The Way To A Vegas Romance Readers Convention, She Sees Her Chance If He Ll Pose As Her Fake Boyfriend Long Enough To Impress A Bestselling Author, Kelli Has A Shot At Saving The Bookstore For Underprivileged Kids She Runs Back Home Quinn Anderson Doesn T Know What To Make Of The Cute Little Writer Who Stirs His Heart And His Libido, But He Does Know He Wants To Get Better Acquainted And If That Means Keeping Up Their Sexy Ruse All Week, He S Game Quinn Knows Girl Like Kelli Deserves Someone With A Secure Future To Help With Her Store, Not A Guy Struggling To Turn A Profit On His Chopper Shop But If His Motorcycle Designs Win The Big Vegas Competition, He Ll Have Enough Prize Money To Fund His Dreams And Hers

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    NOW LIVE US UK Barnes NobleKelli is on her way to Vegas for a romance readers convention that her friend, and bestselling author, will be attending Kelli is already feeling the pressure to impress her friend since her own book isn t even finished yet, while her friend s book, that Kelli helped write and edit, was picked up to be made into a movie So when she gets rear ended by a motorcycle on the way to meet her friend, it is truly the last thing Kelli needs But then she see s the handsome stranger that ran into her, and a plan forms If she can convince him to go with her to the event she just might have a chance of enjoying her trip But her plan doesn t go as planned when she starts having feelings for the biker.This was a quick and easy read that was highly enjoyable The characters were sweet and funny, and I really liked them It was a nice change of pace to read about Quinn, who wasn t afraid to show his insecurities I really liked his character for that reason, he wasn t just a stoic Hero that somehow never got his feelings hurt I though Kelli was hilarious, especially while driving, and she added the humor to the book I liked that she was a little outgoing and unashamed of her lust for Quinn I did get a little annoyed at her relationship with her friend Some parts felt like she was just being a doormat and letting her friend walk all over her so I would have liked to see her finally stand up to her Overall, this story was adorably sweet, but had it s smexy moments, and I highly recommend it If you re looking for an easy, fast read that will melt your heart, this is the book for you ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    3.3 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Kelli is traveling to Las Vegas in a last ditch effort to pursue her romance book writing career and to take a walk on the wild side for once When she gets rear ended by a hot biker she asks him if he would be her pretend boyfriend for the night Quinn doesn t know much about books in the romance genre but he knows he would like to discover about it with the hot to trot Kelli Facing off against frenemies, wine guzzling romance fanatics, and a judge y mother, Kelli and Quinn will find out if what stays in Vegas can last in Vegas A quick fast read, Accidentally in Love with the Biker delivers what it promises with it s cute title and flirty cover It s mostly adorable with some good humor, I love when romance writers can good naturally poke fun at themselves and the genre steamy sex scenes, and a few times of delving into bigger issues Kelli was a fun character to follow along with her attitude and actions were amusing Quinn was an antithesis to the abundant dark, broody, and growly alphas permeating the romance hero ranks lately He was easy going and willing to go with the flow, he found himself in a dating game show and played along wonderfully in one of the book s most funny scenes Together, they were just plain fun to read about Their conversations and by play kept the pace going and a grin appearing regularly on my face The secondary characters were a little clich with Kelli s over the top frenemie The way Kelli put up with the friend s rudeness and taking advantage of her made Kelli seem like a big push over The slight drama between the friend and her fianc was also unnecessary it was manufactured drama that fell pretty flat at the end Quinn s family drama would have added a great layer to his character if the story would have been longer and all the characters could have been flushed out His father, brother, and sister were barely pencil sketches and his mother s somewhat 180 at the end came off a little too pat I would have graded this closer to four stars but the last thirty percent or so felt rushed, even as it started to feel drawn out Kelli and Quinn have some great sex scenes but Kelli is still mentally trying to push Quinn away as she thinks there is no hope for them when she goes back home to Georgia This mental block she had kept popping up and feeling like forced angst to keep the mystery if they were going to have a happy ever after All the other issues like Kelli s bad friend, Quinn s issue with thinking Kelli wants him to be than a biker which by the way, he s not a MC biker but designs motorcycles , and even their happily ever after to some extent, was pretty rushed with everything suddenly working perfect in the end All in all, though, this book serves its purpose It was light, funny, and entertained me for a few hours There are some great scenes at the romance book writers convention, there s an appearance of two bisexual wereparrots, that are guaranteed to make you laugh If looking for a quick, light hearted, funny, and steamy read, this would be a great choice.

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    Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Copy received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series Stand Alone Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    This is a delightful fun read complete with a much deserved HEA eventually It has laugh out loud moments as well as plenty of angst and turmoil Don t be fooled by the title into assuming this is going to be a bad ass biker story, it isn t The hero is Quinn Anderson, someone who has rejected the family traditions to set up as a custom bike design and maker He is no strong alpha biker, instead he s something of a gentleman, considerate and insecure in himself he s lovely in the nicest possible ways The heroine is Kelli Dalton who has been something of a doormat for her best friend, practically ghost writing her friend s now best selling romance without any acknowledgement of her contributions She even put off completing her own novel to help her Travelling to Vegas to attend a romance readers convention, the last thing Kelli anticipated was having her rental car being run into by the hot, tattooed biker, Quinn Anderson, wrecking his prize motorbike just before a major competition Quinn reminds Kelli of the hero from her novel the attraction is mutual but she s only there for the convention Will this be an accident that ll lead to love You ll just have to read it yourself to find out The characters are sweet, with plenty of turmoil I really didn t like her so called best friend who persists in walking all over Kelli or, initially, Quinn s Mum There are plenty of humorous moments well with bisexual wereparrots in amongst the convention, what do you expect It is a lighthearted, fun read and a delightful romance with a few steamy scenes to escape into for a few hours.Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this, an honest review.

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    This is a fun book to read It is sweet, feel good full of awesome banter it s a book to pick your spirits up With a quirky heroine and a Hero who goes with the flow in this books For a feel good I d defiantly read this one.Book received by Entangled Publishing, LLC via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Can also be found on

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    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have really enjoyed the books I ve read in this What Happens in Vegas series about romances happening all during a romance writer s convention and most of all I ve enjoyed reading some new to me authors such as Teri Anne Stanley The cover for Accidentally In Love With the Biker caught my eye and the synopsis drew me in and I thoroughly enjoyed this fast and furious romance.Kelly Dalton is an aspiring writer and current failing book store owner who is in Vegas for the first time and attending a writer s conference where she is meeting her ex college roommate and friend who has hit it big as a romance author Despite her reservations about taking the time off and being around her friend who hasn t been all that good to her recently, Kelly is hoping this trip turns around her writing career On her way to the hotel, he accidentally runs into a biker a biker who just happens to resemble the hero Zeus in her novel.I loved the way these two met and the fact that they both were attracted even though they didn t want to be Kelly is funny and a bit scatterbrained but she is also smart and loyal and it was hard not to love her infectious personality Quinn Anderson is quite frankly a good sport and one hell of a guy because the minute he realizes Kelly s plight he jumps in to help her despite the fact he has sworn off women while he tries to get his motorcycle design shop off the ground.While Kelly made some assumptions about Quinn early on, she soon found out there was way to him than meets the eye and I loved that she appreciated his art and understood his need for creativity Quinn was fierce in trying to make Kelly see that she needed to go after her dream and that she didn t have to give everything of herself to those who took advantage of her They had each other s backs throughout this story and despite it only being a week, the admiration, trust and respect they had each other was paramount and it was easy to believe they fell hard in such a short time.Fun characters, flirty banter, an interesting plot and some supremely sexy times made Accidentally In Love With the Biker a completely entertaining and amusing romance.Review copy provided for an honest review.

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    Gosh, I loved this fun little read Perfect for weekend or a quiet evening at home, this new release captured my attention from the beginning.This is a short and sweet little book but is written in such a manner that its kept me engaged and flipping those pages as fast as possible.I love the heat between these two that was pretty much immediate There s not a whole lot of build up There s not a whole lot of angst, anxiety, or regret, although I was a bit stressed at what the outcome would be with these two And the family and friend issues ugh But these two just mainly fell for each other and had a great time I had a great time enjoying this book as well.Definitely a little treat and I loved the uniqueness of the story Plus the happy ever after was a nice touch too This is an an author to keep your eye on for great stories in the future.

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    I was so excited to read this book It s been a long time since a biker book screamed at me and I was dying to read it This isn t your typical biker book There is no MC, there s no danger, there s no grit, there s no violence Quinn is a biker in the sense that he loves motorcycles, he loves riding them, building them and designing them And HE IS AWESOME There s definitely a meet cute between Quinn and Kelli when she suddenly stops in her car and Quinn hits her with his motorcycle and flies off his bike and onto her car I was laughing as Quinn was recovering from getting the wind knocked out of him and wondering if he was going to die under under the chassis of a mass produced hulk of acid green hybrid auto I loved the immediate friendship and attraction that developed and how it grew from there to them considering keeping in touch past the weekend I especially loved that it was Quinn s idea for him to help her out for the weekend as opposed to Kelli seeing an opportunity and begging him It was just a nice change of pace from other books that have a similar premise of needing a fake boyfriend girlfriend fianc spouse for the weekend I have to say that I LOATHED Kelli s bff Brae She treated Kelli like crap and I was so happy when Kelli finally called her on it The only reason I rated the book a 4.5 out of 5 was because of Brae She has a change of heart about face toward the end that was a little too quick for me to believe I just didn t like her and didn t believe that she was sincere Overall, I really did love this story I loved Kelli and Quinn, their connection and how even though things moved quickly between them, I wasn t left feeling that it was too fast.

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    ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review How would I describe this book Easy read, simple plot, sweet story, pleasant characters Just like that There isn t much that I can say about it other than it was enjoyable, even if it s not what I usually read I prefer books with a little action and twists..

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    Contrary to popular belief, what happens in Vegas, doesn t always stay in Vegas Sometimes it leaves, taking a part of Vegas with it.Kellie is putting forth her last effort to make a go of her writing career, based upon a series she s working on titled Gods of Anarchy She s trying to find a way to save the family bookstore, but the building s management is determined to evict her She s attending a weekend full of all things romance in Vegas, meeting up with her best friend, Brae Brae has made it Her book, of which Kellie essentially co authored though this fact has never been acknowledged, is a huge success and has been made into a movie, introducing Brae to her actor fianc , Toby.While driving to the hotel, Kellie runs into Quinnliterally Yeah, she damages Betty, Quinn s custom motorcycle of which he s planning on using in an upcoming show, hoping to win a prize for his design, thereby ensuring enough recognition and money to stay afloat.The attraction is immediate and the chemistry is intense Kellie is also seeing her character, Zeus, in the flesh Quinn is everything Kellie has imagined Zeus to be On a whim, Kellie asks Quinn if he d be her fake boyfriend to help her through a meal with Toby and Brae Quinn, being the nice guy that he is, and very attracted to Kellie, agrees.It s quickly obvious that Toby and Brae are self absorbed and Kellie s friend may not be a true friend at all As circumstances later that night, courtesy of Brae s surprise, prevent Quinn from making the quick getaway he and Kellie had planned, they spend the time getting to know each other better and surprisingly make plans for a second date This second date, a Bring Your Hero to Dinner event, features some interesting people and a bachelorette type game, causing Kellie to jump at the chance to be the bachelorette as Quinn was mistakenly taken as a volunteer to be one of the bachelors There s no way Kellie will run the risk of some other woman snagging a date with Quinn Quick Kellie, lick him and he ll be yours It s the book boyfriend rule LOL One thing leads to another and Quinn and Kellie are becoming intimately acquainted.this time for real, for themselves Seeing as how they set the sheets on fire and get along great, they decide to spend the rest of Kellie s time in Vegas together Kellie, to rescue Quinn this time, attends a family gathering at his parents house While there she learns some interesting things about Quinn s backgroundhe s a lawyer, he comes from money, his ex wife is married to his brother, and Quinn doesn t want to be like everyone else in his family He wants to do what makes him happy, which means designing bikes.Will Kellie take a chance on her dreams of making it as an erotic romance writer Will Quinn fulfill his wish to run a successful bike shop Will he win the contest for the newly repaired Betty Will Kellie return to Georgia, relegating her time with Quinn to a fond memory Will Quinn let her go Or will they take a chance on love, a love that was no accident One click now and find out I thought the story was really cute I like the idea of these two people accidentally meeting and finding the love of a lifetime I liked the characters, even though at times I wanted to smack Toby and Brae upside their heads Thankfully, they shape up before the end of the story I like that Quinn was willing to turn away from the guaranteed paycheck of being an attorney, something he hated doing, and going for his dream, even knowing no one in his family understood his choices I like that Kellie was trying her best to save her family s legacy even at the cost of putting her own dreams on hold, unless she could accomplish them and have it benefit the bookstore.The one thing I didn t really care for Quinn s ex wife, Rachel, being married to Quinn s brother, Carson I don t like former spouses significant others still being a part of one of the main character s lives due to marrying one of said character s family members I don t care for, regardless of who ended the previous relationship, for that ex still being in contact, despite how indirectly it may be I always feel it s weird for the hero or heroine s new love, their true love, to be around that person at family get togethers, having that knowledge in the back of their head that they know your man woman intimately Maybe that s just me, but seeing as it s a personal preference on my part, hardly touched on at all, and is remedied before the end of the book, it didn t bother me overly muchjust a slight twitch LOL I will certainly be checking out from this author in the future I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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