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    ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review For as long as she could remember, Charlie Tucker had been the guy, and tonight, all she wanted was for him to see her as than just a little kid To actually see her as someone desirable To simply see her Adorably sweet and charming You re Still The One by Rachel Harris has me totally smitten with this beautiful heartfelt love story For all you romance aficionados out there, Ms Harris has beautiful written a story where every raw emotion, friendship, family and love was pouring out of each page If this was good bye, then he was going to leave Arabella with something to remember him by Something honest Where words had failed him, his actions wouldn t They d speak loud and clear , showing her that regardless of what he d said, or how they d started and ended, this was real Their connection wasn t manufactured or fake It was the truest thing he d ever known In this heartfelt tale, Ms Harris introduces readers to Charlie Tucker and Arabella Stone Two people Two friends Two people who have their own hopes and dreams Two people with a list And in such, it was inevitable for these two people to finally found one thing that they were searching for LOVE This book definitely took on a slow burn approach but it worked for this story because the character development of Charlie and Arabella were beautifully crafted that readers could FEEL their emotions and vulnerabilities off each page I loved that Ms Harris allowed readers to really see her characters for who they are They may not be perfect but together Charlie and Arabella were two friends who had their lives entangled for a reason They brought comfort, love, joy, hope, beauty, and passion into each others life You said you wanted to make a difference in someone s life this summer Sweet girl, I hope you know that you did that for me Music has always been an outlet to tell a story And in this love story, Ms Harris told a story of young love She beautifully played a tune that will have romance fans hearts racing with the pounding of the beats and bass as she allowed readers to see beyond the depth of friendship She allowed readers to see that LOVE can completely knock you off your feet and make you feel alive And for Charlie and Arabella, finding love was one of the greatest thing that they can cross off their list Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Harris

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    Rachel Harris There s is nothing in this world I could say to give her the praise she rightfully deserves There s just this thing she does when writing a story that I can t explain It s beautiful, witty, and makes me want Every Single Time You re Still the One has been such a delight to read Immediately I fell in love with both Charlie and Arabella Their the epitome of opposites attract Ella is sweet, shy, and the ultimate good girl Charlie is the sexy bassist for a country music band, bad boy extraordinaire and he s in deep shit for a misunderstanding with the mayors daughter Causing him to make nice He the reasons for Charlie swearing off women for the time being is so that he can get a program together for teens with depression He needs his boss and the owner of the record label to be part of the board and invest in what he s got planned for the teens Right after Charlie says no no to any women, a beautiful brunette stumbles into his life Even though he should know exactly who Arabella is, he doesn t even recognize who she is Which is just as well, considering she wants to finally tell Charlie how she feels Flirting Telling Charlie about a list of things to do before summer is over Including a hot and sweet kiss the two will try as they may to stay professional around each other But it s looking like that shit isn t going to fly For obvious reasons, duh I was only a few chapters in when I realized that one, I didn t want this book to ever end, and two, went to straight to goodreads to see if there were another one after this book Imagine my joy when I saw that this WAS the first book in a new series Ha Charlie Charlie Charlie He s my FAVORITE type of book boyfriend for the sole reason that he s a musician Damn I go weak at the knees when reading about a man up on stage either singing or playing any kind of instrument Plus he s a bad boy with a heart of gold Another one of my weaknesses It s hard not to see why Ella has been in love with him for so many years I recommend this book and any other book by Rachel Harris to everyone Well if you re younger than eighteenmake sure you have an adults permission for the adult books Not that they re are bad but they may have some things that aren t suitable for children Anyway, I can t tell you enough GO READ RACHEL HARRIS And keep in mind this fair warning, you will fall in love Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    You re Still the One by Rachel Harris is the first in her new Country Blues series This was also the first book I ve read by this author and I most definitely won t be my last I thought You re Still the One was incredibly sweet and charming I LOVED Charlie and Arabella what a pretty name together This was a story of family and friendship, overcoming ones fear, and finding YOUR passion.Arabella Stone has summer bucket list for her summer away from home First on the list Flirt with the man she s had a crush on since she was a teenager, Charlie Tucker The rest drink a beer in a biker bar, get a tattoo, learn a country two step, ask a stranger for his number, experience a two curling kiss, do a random act of kindness, go skinny dipping, stare at herself naked in the mirror, and find her passion This is her chance to get out of her comfort zone and experience things she s never dared to do at home Only, she doesn t expect to see Charlie again so soon after performing her kiss and run Charlie is determined to stay out of the spotlight and figure out how to get his new charity up and running this summer When his boss asks him to watch out for his daughter who has an internship at the studio Charlie JUST bought, Charlie has to agree to please his boss But when he discovers that Arabelle was his kiss and run girl, he finds it hard to keep his distance and stay professional with her The romance between Charlie and Arabella Ella is slow building in all the right ways You always feel their chemistry and attraction towards each other but they mostly Charlie refuse to act on it This was a really sweet read and look forward to reading by this author Rating 4.5 out of 5 I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME Blog www.twitter.com alyseypoo21Bloglovin

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    I love the sweet love stories that come from Entangled Bliss and this author particularly This one certainly fits that style Ella has had a crush on Charlie since she met him at age 14 but the 6 year age difference had him only seeing her as a kid and his bosses daughter As bass player in the country band Blue, he s got the player reputation But he s He s an uncle that cares for his niece, Abby, with all his heart He works hard for his band and for his niece But a relationship isn t in the cards Believing that he has nothing to offer a relationship with a women he does the hook up thing instead And he has the worst luck with the press But Ella believes he s .As they end up spending time together now that she s graduated college, she finds out she s right He hides himself away from the world but she gets to know him and discovers the real man Of course, he still believes a man in a band has nothing to offer to a relationship and the secrets are too many Ella was a nice breath of fresh air She s had a sheltered life as the daughter of a major record label Feeling like she isn t seen for who she really is, she takes some chances to prove herself I loved where this plot line went Her conclusions were perfect I loved that their relationship developed over time She grows to love him deeply as he gets to know her for who she really is But there s a lot standing in their way What was nice was how much I cared about them as characters I was cheering for them Yelling at them for their misunderstandings And joyful at their successes I love when characters become dear to me.I really enjoyed Ella s bestie, Lana, too She s one I hope gets her own story That girl has some spunk And I can see who she may be tamed by Hehe.This story took place during a summer band break but the tour bus is ready to go I m hoping the next book takes place there I kinda have an idea of who that one may be about coughs Deacon coughs I will admit to seeing how this one would play out but there were a couple things I didn t get quite right Nonetheless, I really enjoyed watching these two figure things out So sweet and satisfying Very much a Bliss book.If you enjoy the sweet Bliss books, then this one is a great pick

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    Sha mazing Like always bows to Rachel

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    One night was all it took for prim and proper Arabella Stone to cross out one thing from her bucket list To flirt with a stranger One night was all Charlie Tucker had to leave a good impression for his boss To shed off his playboy persona One night together, she was unknown to him, while he was so well known by everybody else One night, in a men s room, a surprise kiss, a bucket list of desires, one unforgettable moment In his arms, innocent girl Arabella blurted out her top 10 things to do list And one of them is Charlie Tucker. No, I didn t mean like, she wanted to do him Gosh, even Charlie got confused with that statement, ha Without revealing who she really was, Arabella was able to leave a lasting impression on Charlie, something that boggled his mind in the next weeks to come.Until they finally saw each other again Some secrets were revealed She never knew she was soon going to work for him He didn t know she was his boss daughter What tough luck these doomed lovers haveThis is my first Rachel Harris book and it has been exhilaratingly great Music and romance come together, creating a vivid world of imagination Charlie and Arabella fit each other like puzzle pieces I love how they ve grown and matured in their own ways, diminishing their undesirable qualities, one song at a time From virtual unknowns, to mere acquaintances, from being boss and employee, to being friends, and eventually well, your guess is as good as mine What I loved most about this story is the drama and lessons that came with the romance Teenage angst, depression, despondency, self reliance, determination Charlie s concern with his troubled niece was admirable, Arabella s dreams of making a difference in the world was truly commendable Rachel Harris s writing, exceptionally wonderful Like I said, this had been exhilaratingly great

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    I love everything Rachel puts out and I was thrilled to get this one is my greedy hands I absolutely loved Ella and Charlie Their chemistry was off the charts and it was hilarious to see each of them struggle with it They don t even kiss until 60% into the book, so you can see how I m surprised that I m not dead from the delicious UST.As always, there s a stupid decision to lie, and then the truth comes out Thankfully the angsty times weren t too bad And with Rachel, I always know I m going to get a HEA My only complaint if you could even call it that is that I wish there would have been an epilogue I really wanted something related to the future, but I m thrilled with how it ended I can t wait to see the next book in the series Huge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

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    Can t wait for you to read Charlie and Arabella s story

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    I have such love for all things Rachel Harris, and this book is just another example of how she s able to create the most amazing stories of love and humor and heart I couldn t love it

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    Fun and super sweet Just what I expect from and love about Rachel Harris romances They don t take themselves too seriously and are just so very playful I ve been itching for Charlie s story for a while now, having met the charming rascal in another series, and couldn t wait to meet the woman who would finally tame him Charlie and Ella are pretty adorable together, and I enjoyed their banter But I also felt like they ran around in circles a little too much Charlie s hangups were getting to be frustrating So, not my favorite book by Rachel but still a good summer read

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Youre Still the One (Country Blues, #1) download Youre Still the One (Country Blues, #1) , read online Youre Still the One (Country Blues, #1) , kindle ebook Youre Still the One (Country Blues, #1) , Youre Still the One (Country Blues, #1) af1990ad2465 Love Is One Dare Neither Of Them Can TakeArabella Stone, Nashville S Darling, Is Eager To Shuck Her Prim And Proper Rep, And A Few Wild Months Spent Checking Items Off Her Summer Bucket List Is The Way To Do It First Up Kiss The Man She S Crushed On Since She Wore A Training Bra, The Bad Boy Of Country Himself, Blue Bassist Charlie TuckerFor Charlie, A Beautiful Woman Flirting With Him Isn T Out Of The Norm But A Beautiful Woman Bolting After The Hottest Kiss Of His Life Sure Is And When He Finds Out His Kiss And Run Cinderella Is None Other Than Arabella Stone, Daughter Of His Label S CEO, He Knows He S In Trouble Because Not Only Is She A Stone, She S Also His Employee For The Next Few Months At The Recording Studio He Just BoughtOver The Course Of One Thrilling Summer, Arabella And Charlie Chip Away At Her Bucket List And Fight The Simmering Attraction Between Themknowing That Once It S All Over, So Is Their Time Together