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    I m enjoying this series as much as the original Brac Pack books Love seeing the kids as adults, and the old guard coming to help out.

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    3.5 starsIf you haven t read the other series from this author, some parts from this sequel perhaps won t make sense.The characters from her other previews series kept making appearances, I don t mind, however, her older work is my favorite.

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    I m doing 2 stars because of character names were wrong It s AVERY that s the ocelot shifter and the one the hit man kidnapped and Kahl had to save NOT Dennis Kahl saved the cat not the swan.Same storyline as Diablo and Steele s book, but with Omar and Kahl Surprise

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    Was well worth the wait.

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    Stressing as fuck

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    Kahl es tan bello Me encant el que los dos se conocieran desde que eran muy peque os, siento que pas casi lo mismo que con Cole y Jonah, aunque estos se conocieron mucho antes, en fin Me mat territorial que era Kahl con Omar, era tan bello verlos discutir pero a la vez algunas de sus peleas te hacen llorar Am ver a Diablo nuevamente, aunque realmente me mor a de ganas de saber c mo es que pusieron el huevo, Deben decirlo Carajo, siento la imperiosa necesidad de saberlo En general el libro estuvo muy lindo, leer nuevamente a personajes antiguos y saber qu pasa con ellos es lo m s bello Adem s de la mujer loca cuya historia tambi n es triste, hay que aceptarlo Y luego el que ninguno de los dos hubieran estado juntos antes el bote tama o industrial de lubricante, su inexperiencia me enamor demasiado Con cada libro me enamoro m s de usted, se ora Lynn Hagen, muchas gracias por compartir estas fascinantes historias 3

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    You knowI have no idea why I keep reading this series Ok, maybe I do I ve read all the Brac Pack series and the spinoffs and now I m curious about their dang offsprings You know I m in too deep when I remember every single characteryet I have a love hate relationship with them.Its like an addiction I know the story will likely suck, but I read it anyway out of curiosity and an odd sense of loyalty to the Brac world Out of all the couples in this entire Brac universe, I only like a small handful of couples Mainly Hawk and Johnny, Nero and his mate.Anyway, I m giving this a 3 cause I m a sentimental fool I was looking forward to Omar and Kahls story but of course it was disappointing I built it up in my head only to crash and burn I can only take so much

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    As usual this was super awesome I like that Omar and Kahl half dragon, half cheetah Creative were mates since childhood because that way one of them wasn t constantly running from the other They handled their issues together There s a hunter who wants to kill off every dragon especially Kahl and his father This absolutely held my interest from beginning to end I also like how Dennis and Taylor care about their friend, Omar However, when Dennis swan realizes who his mate is he totally wimps out, which is surprising considering how much he flirts with everyone who s new to town Well, I see that his story is next in the series so I m anxious to read it This was definitely an engaging reading experience.

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    I really have to say, I am back to disappointed I was hoping to move forward with the group standing on their own feet but alas. this is a step backwards from the previous book.Diablo, papa dragon is a key factor. along with Panahasi I don t have anything AGAINST Panahasi but come on Can t just decide nilly willy that gonna save this person and this person AFTER they ve met the maker. He s interfered already and can t do it again without consequences and then turns around and does it anyways saying Jaden will have a field day on him.That REALLY bugs me. It s not ok to knock em off and then use some crap to undo it what was the point Just just don t go there to begin with

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    I don t know what to say, really, this story top all thinksat the end, the love, humanity and wishes to a better life, pacific life win but, One minute I suffer for this deathsand the sex OMG is is hahahahaha I feel this form o.Oaun tengo conmocion, hay mucho que decir, pero es merecido presiento que Michaya sera coolDennis y su teaser es reir tantoand I want to know the mistery of laid an egg Steele and Omar never said nothingTHANX, really enjoy this, now the empty for the end now the hastiness for the next story and the followingsCole and Jonah someday 5stars and

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