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    Interesting, readable and 75% about Princess Marina only.

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    The book has information about Marina than George, but, of course, she lived longer Marina 1906 1968 was the daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece Denmark and Grand Duchess Elena Vladiminovna of Russia Prince George, Duke of Kent 1902 1942 , was the fourth son and fifth child of King George V and Queen Mary He was the younger brother of King Edward VII who abdicated and King George VI Queen Elizabeth s father George attended the Royal Naval College Dartmouth and served in the Royal Navy until 1929 In 1939, he was appointed Governor General of Australia but this was cancelled because of the onset of WWII George returned to the Navy as a Rear Admiral In 1940, he changed to the Air Force and assumed a post at the RAF Training Command He Married Marina 12 October 1934, and they had three children Apparently, before and after his marriage he had a string of affairs He died 25 August 1942 in a RAF plane crash in Scotland There is a lot of mystery about his death.Marina s mother was a granddaughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia Her paternal uncle was Prince Andrew of Greece the father of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II s husband Marina was eleven when they fled Greece when the Monarchy was overthrown The King appointed her the Commandant of the WRENS Women s Royal Naval Service She served in this role well into the 1960s Queen Elizabeth frequently sent her to Africa She was sent to Botswana when they became independent Botswana named a hospital after her called the Princess Marina Hospital She died in 1968 of a brain tumor.The book was well written and researched A lot of information about the Royal Families of England and Greece Denmark was provided If one is interested in the Royal Families or WWII history, this is a good book to read Much of the book I found interesting, but, at times, I was bored with the descriptions of gowns and jewels.I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book was seven and half hours long Gildart Jackson did a good job narrating the book Jackson is a British award winning actor and audiobook narrator This is my first experience listening to Jackson narrate I will keep an eye open for books he has narrated.

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    4.5 Audiobook With the royal wedding approaching, I ve found myself listening to and royal biographies lately I m always searching for anything happening to do with European royalty, because one can only hear so much about Queen Victoria Finding George and Marina Duke and Duchess of Kent, felt like the perfect opportunity to learn about the Greek and Danish royal houses, even if it was only through their connection to the house of Windsor.Not long ago, I read about the wedding of George and Marina through the eyes of Rhys Bowen s fictional character Lady Georgianna Runnoch in Royal Blood, the fourth installment in the series Her Royal Spyness Obviously, that was a fictional account, but it was enough to pique my interest.I m fairly well acquainted with the life of Prince George, Duke of Kent However, I knew very little about his wife before hearing George and Marina, especially about her life before marriage Luckily for me, George and Marina focused heavily on Marina I m not sure if that was by design, since so much has already been written about the members of the House of Windsor, or if it was merely because Marina outlived her husband by than two decades Either way, it proved that I had chosen the right memoir for my interests.Christopher Warwick did a fantastic job of detailing Marina s European lineage and providing a plethora of anecdotal information on her family This was the only time I wished I had a physical copy of this book handy Whenever there is a long list of genealogy and the accompanying royal titles, I find it best to have at least a genealogical chart on standby I wish it was common for audiobooks to provide downloadable PDFs outlining such information It certainly would have helped me to cement what I was hearing Thankfully, I already knew enough to follow along and digest what I could.Warwick provided an even account of scandals of the time We ve all heard the rumors and Warwick addressed them head on This wasn t necessarily an overly flattering biography one paying lip service , but I appreciated that it acknowledged both the contemporary and modern gossip surrounding the couple It seemed balanced than most royal biographies today, though not particularly in depth.George and Marina was the perfect length to scratch an intellectual itch It held just enough information to satisfy my curiosity without boring me to death with unnecessary facts I would recommend George and Marina to the casual historian, but it probably wouldn t hold up to tougher standards Unfortunately, it seems to be the only audiobook available about the couple.Narration review Gildart Jackson sounded like he was pulled straight from the set of The Crown His accent and pronunciations were perfectly suited for a biography about old school royalty Clearly a seasoned narrator, Jackson s pace and timing kept me on the hook, something I always worry about with nonfiction titles The audio quality wasn t perfect, but I have to admit that it added a certain vintage vibe to the listening experience, like listening on an antique radio.

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    Marina was the big focus of this book with a few chapters in the middle devoted solely to George, and a chapter or two on their marriage She was quite racy after George s death for the time and for royal women I didn t like the lack of citations, as some statements without quotes seemed to be of dubious origin George s partying was addressed thank god which some royal biographers would probably have steered clear of Not bad if you are interested in them, but not for anyone looking for an entertaining biography

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    If you want to read about 7,000 people who share the same 8 names, do I have a book for you This was about the surrounding royalty than it was about Marina and George It obviously touched on their life together but honestly, it was 85% other people whom the book focused on.I find royalty to be obscene, ridiculous, and utterly fascinating, but this book casually brushed over some of the most important moments in the last century and read kind of like a royal gossip twitter feed It wouldn t have suffered from focus, a linear structure, and the world would be better with fewer Georges Edwards Elizabeths.

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    The book provided an overview of George and Marina s lives and their place within their wider extended families Warwick provides an especially detailed account of Marina s connections to Europe s royal houses, particularly the Romanovs Both of Marina s grandmothers made narrow escapes from the Russian Revolution Marina s fashion sense and George s flair for interior decoration are also covered I would have been interested to read detail and a broader range of sources about their Commonwealth tours, especially George in Canada during WWII and Marina in Ghana Interesting but could have been detailed.

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    Thanks to Rhys Bowen s Her Royal spyness series, I became interested in George, Duke of Kent, who I knew nothing about This was a fascinating biography and it was fun to see all the real characters that show.up in the fiction book If you are a fan of Royalty, this is a must read The Duchess of Kent, Marina, a cousin to Prince Phillip was a beautiful, much loved woman in her own right All of European royalty is interconnected , and the trials and tribulations of WW11 affected them all One of the reasons I love historical fiction, is because it leads me to learn historical facts.

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    Christopher Warwick s George and Marina is a competently executed biography of Prince George The Duke of Kent and his wife Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark I was not surprised that Mr Warwick failed to examine the controversial and contested elements of Kent s life To say the biography is white washed is to go too far I enjoyed the read and learned about two people who typically feature in biographies but rarely take center stage.

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    This was the biography of all the people AROUND George and Marina I don t really feel like I learned many details about GM s lives Not a lot to say I guess.It was a litany of names and dates and sadly I was confused from start to finish I am familiar with the British Royal Family and the various branches of that tree, but NOT the Greek one

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    This is quite short and rudimentary Just the facts, ma am, although they didn t avoid a couple of rather colorful anecdotes about George s alleged bi sexuality I do have the Greek royal family a bit straighter in my mind but I can t say I have been inside the head of George or Marina But a dual bio that s 169 pages long isn t going to accomplish that in the first place.

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George and Marina download George and Marina , read online George and Marina , kindle ebook George and Marina , George and Marina 21da0c6e3089 For Eight Brief Years, Before He Was Tragically Killed In A Mysterious Air Crash During The Second World War, Prince George, Duke Of Kent, Son Of King George V And Queen Mary, And His Beautiful Wife, Princess Marina Of Greece And Denmark, Were The British Monarchy S, Indeed, High Society S, Most Glamorous Royal Couple And As Golden Royal Icons They Are Still Remembered As A Young Man, Voraciously Addicted To Drugs And Sex, With Men As Much As Women, Marriage And Parenthood For The Impetuously Wayward Playboy Prince, With His Night Clubbing Lifestyle And Intimate Liaisons, Was Seen As The Only Stabilizing Influence Enter The Stylish And Sophisticated Princess Marina, The Cultured, Artistic And Multilingual Youngest Daughter Of Prince Nicholas Of Greece And His Russian Born Wife, Grand Duchess Yelena Vladimirovna As Duke And Duchess Of Kent, George And Marina Were The Crown S Most Glittering Representatives, Not Least In The Aftermath Of The Abdication Of George S Adored Elder Brother, The Briefly Reigned King Edward VIII The Man With Whom He Had Not Only Shared Both Home And High Flying Lifestyles, But Who Had Helped Cure Him Of His Addiction To Morphine And CocaineOn And Off Duty, The Duke And Duchess Lived Life To The Full, And After George S Untimely Death, Marina Continued To Do So During The Twenty Six Years Of Her Widowhood Revisiting His Best Selling Biography, George And Marina Duke And Duchess Of Kent, Christopher Warwick, In This Revised And Partly Re Written Study, Tells Their Story Anew