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Mercury summary Mercury , series Mercury , book Mercury , pdf Mercury , Mercury f9aa1e08eb Donald Believes He Knows All There Is To Know About Seeing An Optometrist In Suburban Boston, He Is Sure That He And His Wife, Viv, Who Runs The Local Stables, Are Both Devoted To Their Two Children And To Each Other Then Mercury A Gorgeous Young Thoroughbred With A Murky Past Arrives At Windy Hill And Everything ChangesMercury S Owner, Hilary, Is A Newcomer To Town Who Has Enrolled Her Daughter In Riding Lessons When She Brings Mercury To Board At Windy Hill, Everyone Is Struck By His Beauty And Prowess, Particularly Viv As She Rides Him, Viv Begins To Dream Of Competing Again, Embracing The Ambitions That She Had Harbored, And Relinquished, As A Young Woman Her Daydreams Soon Morph Into Consuming Desire, And Her Infatuation With The Thoroughbred Escalates To ObsessionDonald May Have Vision But He Is Slow To Notice How Profoundly Viv Has Changed And How These Changes Threaten Their Quiet, Secure World By The Time He Does, It Is Too Late To Stop The Catastrophic Collision Of Viv S Ambitions And His Own MyopiaAt Once A Tense Psychological Drama And A Taut Emotional Thriller Exploring Love, Obsession, And The Deceits That Pull A Family Apart, Mercury Is A Riveting Tour De Force That Showcases This Searingly Intelligent Writer At The Height Of Her Powers Jennifer Egan

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    Donald is an ophthalmologist living in the suburbs with his wife Viv and their children They have a quite life together until a new horse is housed at the local stable were Viv works The horse, Mercury, is a horse unlike any other, the kind of horse people dream about riding Mercury is destined to be a competition horse, and Viv becomes and obsessed with Mercury and the dreams she has for the two Mercury s owner inherited him from her brother, who died after being pulled deeper and deeper into his obsession with the horse Donald watches as the distance between his wife and him continues to grow, unsure how to fix the situation, until everything comes to a climax It s not a bad book but I just found it so ridiculous Maybe it s because I m not a horse person, and I really don t find horses to be that great, so I can not fathom how anyone could even care one tenth as much as half these people do about this god damn horse Like wow the horse is fast but who cares its just a horse my god, and if you want to be successful there are so many things to aim for, being the person who rides a winning horse seems like a pretty lame ambition to have I may just be biased though because again I don t understand what people enjoy about horses The writing and everything else was decent but I just could not get how anyone could get so paranoid and insane about a horse I think I ve made it clear enough what bothered me now, so I will just go away.

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    Meh Not for me.

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    Mercury by Margot Livesey is a 2016 Harper publication This book has cropped up on my radar several times in the last several weeks I have so many books in my TBR pile, I really didn t need to add another library book on top of that, plus readers seemed to have a mixed response to it Yet, every time I read the blurb, I found myself intrigued and , so I relented and checked it out The phrase compulsively readable came to mind when I started reading this book Donald s first person narrative sucked me into the story right away and I just couldn t stop reading As the clever cover art hints at, Donald is an optometrist, originally from Scotland, married with two children But, when his father passes away after a lengthy illness, Donald experiences intense grief, while his wife, Viv, seems to experience relief Not only that, a new love has entered Viv s life no, it s not another man it s a horse Viv also get a turn at telling her side of things, but her voice is not as heartfelt, or as poignant as Donald s and of course by the time she gets her say, I knew things about her that made it hard to sympathize While the book is placed in the mystery, crime, thriller category, it s not just about the crime It s about what leads up to it that makes the book hard to put down Donald is great at dropping little If only I had known then, what I know now statements that gives the reader hints and causes much speculation, creating an atmosphere of foreboding This is another one of those books, though, that if you are anticipating the usual thriller format, you will find yourself becoming very frustrated It is not until very deep into the book that the crime is revealed, along with the motive From there the fallout revolves around the couple s crisis of conscience For me, it s a portrait of a marriage, as much as it is about a crime The secrets they keep, the complacency and neglect that leads, in no small part to jealousy, obsession, and a need to recapture something lost, and eventually about accountability While this is interesting if you enjoy breaking down the complexities of marriage, it is a slow moving story, and the ending is not at all satisfying I have mixed feelings about the book, overall It started off strong, but lost significant ground during the last quarter of the book and ended up falling a little flat If you are looking for a traditional crime novel, this one might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it s worth a look if you are a fan of this author or you enjoy reading contemporary fiction or literature Overall 3 stars

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    If I said this book was about middle aged passion, you might expect the heroine to fall in love with a younger man, or even an age appropriate one But the heroine of Margot Livesey s latest finds her midlife passion for .a horse Hers is not a romantic liaison, of course, but it is a truly all consuming, drive you mad relationship that causes our heroine to make ill considered decisions, risk other valued relationships and even break with some of her most dearly held political beliefs I ve long been a fan of Margot Livesey for her quiet, wise observances of contemporary life, and Mercury doesn t disappoint It reminds us that even the most intelligent and careful among us can need to feel connected and committed to the feelings and creatures that make us feel most alive.

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    When I look through the new book shelf at the library, I always do it in hopes that something will surprise me and end up being exactly the book I want This almost never happens But it happened today with MERCURY, which I checked out this afternoon and finished by bedtime.I am a book person I read a lot of advance copies of books I pay attention to buzz I have heard NOTHING about this book, and yet it grabbed me from the beginning and would not let me go I don t know how this book flew under the radar but don t let the fact that you haven t heard of it deter you.This book is both my favorite kind of book and my least favorite kind of book I probably overlooked it seeing its plot about a marriage growing stale I get bored of books about tedious marriages stuck in middle aged meditations But I love books about regular people in normal circumstances who find themselves involved in something they never would have predicted through a series of mostly reasonable steps I love the way this kind of book builds, I love wondering what is the big thing that is clearly going to happen, I love a narrator that drops just enough hints to keep you going.Somehow Donald and Viv, the couple at the center of the book, did not bore me Sure, Donald is the exact kind of character I m totally tired of A man who loves his wife and kids, grieving the recent death of his father after a long illness, didn t reach the heights he d originally hoped in his career because of family obligations, living a comfortable life in a comfortable place Donald is the kind of character you hate in a lesser writer s hands And while I can t explain why Donald s narration immediately brought me into the story, it absolutely did Donald cares very much about people Donald feels good about the decisions he s made in his life Donald s greatest regret is giving up on a youthful penpal Donald sees his wife drifting away from him and doesn t understand Perhaps what s different about Donald is that eventually he does understand, at least a little Donald is forced over and over again to see life outside himself, to try to consider someone else s point of view, to let himself be upset by what he sees when he changes his perspective.Or maybe it s just that Livesey is so good at the subtle dropping of hints here It s clear quite early that something is going to go bad The horse, Mercury, will be at the center of whatever this something is But it s not at all clear what this something will be, even as the hints get larger It s excellently done I could not stop reading And even though the climax comes earlier than I expected about halfway through Livesey still keeps the tension up as Donald tries to decide how to respond to the big, terrible thing and what it will mean for everyone going forward.I have read at least one maybe two of Livesey s novels before and have not had strong feelings about them So I don t know if this is a typical novel from her or a big leap forward Regardless, I enjoyed it quite highly A great domestic drama that you can tear through and also pick apart at length Definitely recommended for book clubs There are similar elements to Fates and Furies here, but it s a much normal and realistic marriage at the center, which may make it accessible to some who found FF to be too much.

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    In a word nah It just seemed like an over exaggeration of events We meet Donald and Viv a couple with two kids living in Massachusetts Viv works at her best friend s stables when a new horse arrives, Mercury From there everything spirals Viv becomes obsessed with Mercury and the life she never had entering competitions and riding Granted I m not a big horse person so maybe I just can t relate Viv s obsession eventually leads to a violent climax The story was told from both Donald s perspective and then from Viv s I didn t really like Viv as a character for a start, then reading all the back and forths just got tedious It was an interesting premise but I wasn t gripped, and neither was I satisfied with the ending Main positives were its interesting take on gun crime in America and also the grey area when dealing with morality Is telling the truth always right even if it destroys the lives of others in the process Or keeping quiet despite knowing the truth to spare others even when the law is involved 2.5 stars.

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    If you are looking for your original everyday thriller, don t look here.If your looking for a challenging read that starts off kind of interesting, then gets intriguing where you get the hang of the authors style of writing then this maybe for you.It s put in the Thriller category however, it could easily be in Romantic suspense, as it s about marriage, secrets, lies and uncovering human desire at its raw.Donald and Viv.Donald tells us his POV of things and how he sees things.Viv has her turn too.Viv owns the local stables where we meet Mercury Vic s desires come to the fore as does her obsession Her infatuation leads her astray.Donald has 20 20 vision but Viv has changed, he s failed to notice His life is threatened from a secure life to an unsecure future Donald is too late.Viv s desires are imminent.This is definitely not my usual read but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.3.5 from my thoughts.New author to me.Thank you to Sceptre hodder for my copy.

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    Though there is a horse cover of this novel, the horse doesn t actually factor in as much as one would imagine I m OK with this I m not really a horse or horse book fan What I wasn t OK with was the extremely slow plot development, the plethora of characters, or the fact that these two married people seemed to be living in different worlds, neither of them expressing to the other their discontent.Viv and Donald Stevenson have been married nearly 10 years, have two kids, and vastly different careers Donald left his surgical career after the death of his father to become an optometrist Viv left a fast paced job in New York City to work with horses at a friend s stable What was once a pleasant relationship becomes filled with secrets and comes to feel perfunctory Viv falls in love with Mercury, a horse that seems to give her a new lease on life and a chance to capture her lost childhood dreams The book starts off very, very slowly To be honest, it didn t ever truly pick up speed The characters all felt boring to me The only one who had a modicum of personality, Donald s friend Jack, lost it after he started a relationship with a woman Even the Stevenson children do nothing to bring levity or humor to this droll story.One thing that bothered me a lot is the extremely heavy use of foreshadowing Several times a chapter, the narrator would say something like, But how could we know what was to come later or, Looking back, I wish I would have known It took me way out of the story and I just plain didn t like it I would like to just experience what is going to happen as it s happening, thanks very much.As a married person, I can see how the tedium of everyday life can cause stress on a marriage But if you want to make it work, why not talk it out Viv and Donald ignore each other, speak under their breath, and do nothing to make the other aware of how they re feeling in any way Instead of trying to talk to each other, they hide in their work and confide in others I guess this does happen, but as a happily married person I found it very sad and immature.I finished only about half of Mercury and couldn t complete the rest It just didn t grab my attention on any level.

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    I think it was a slow start, and I wasn t sure where it was going It s not until the end of Donald s first narrative that I started to become interested And when Viv gave her account, I wanted to stand up and applaud I love the way she mentioned things that Donald had mentioned, conversations from her point of view Even old memories It felt very real to me, they felt very real to me then And when Donald came back, it was a nice welcome I had missed him Overall I think the book does very well with both perspectives I can see why it had the ending it had, again it felt very real to me and that s what I thoroughly enjoyed It was unexpected I m not giving it a five star writing because though the writing was very good, there were a lot of names and I kept having to stop myself and think, okay who is this person Once that even happened with thier pet And I ve never complained about not being able to keep track of my characters ever before It s possible it s just me But it also doesn t get a five star because it took a long time for it to become a page turner, though it was worth the wait Just not five stars.

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    I m not a horse person I didn t grow up wishing for a pony in my backyard, or even reading elementary chapter books about horse clubs I suspect my toddler is a horse person the look of complete delight when she rode her first pony just a few weeks ago, all but gives it away but I m not So it was very hard for me to understand why Viv did what she did We get an account from her, but filtered through Donald s perspective, which makes it even harder, at least for me, to get to the heart of this book I kept thinking but it s just a horse It s a slow, measured book, fitting for Donald, a measured, reasonable protagonist I ve read other novels by Margot Livesey, and enjoy her writing style, but Donald was a tad too colorless for me It s also not a traditional mystery, which is unfortunate, because it s been marketed as one More than anything, it s one man s struggle to understand the world around him, and his place in it There s absolutely nothing wrong with that sort of novel I just wasn t expecting it.

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